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We Are Here to Embrace the Dark

There’s been a fundamental shift, can you feel it?

We’ve levelled up, again.

Things have just got even more deep.

The new energies coming in are bringing a deep message, not a new one but it’s opening up at a whole new level. 

Darkness, it’s time to embrace this, properly and completely. 

And as we are still within the energy of All Hallows Eve, Hallowe’en, Samhain, Calon Gaeaf, the Night of the Dead….however you name it, this is the time of the darkness and yet, the light remains.

The message here is do not see darkness as bad, negative, wrong and light as good, positive and right. Devaluing one undermines the other. They are paired, like twin flames of each other. They are lovers, they complete each other.

If you’re struggling with your inner darkness, or with a sense of darkness all around you, know that this is not there by accident. The darkness is waiting to be let in, to be invited, to be embodied so that you, as your soul, ignite the light within. For, do you not know? Throughout infinity, light is birthed from darkness. Darkness is your friend and comes to enlighten you. Darkness is the primal mother of all-there-is. She is constant, embracing, she is not to be feared. If you fear darkness, it’s because you don’t truly see it, you haven’t got to know it. If you fear darkness, it’s just going to keep turning up until you love it. Because you are here for this. This is your soul’s calling. You asked for this at some level. This is your healing and your fulfilment.

What is darkness to you? How is it showing up in your life? What is your response to darkness, your feelings and thoughts, your beliefs about darkness? In what ways can you see darkness as your friend, your teacher, your guide?   

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Let the Sun Come into Your Life

Have you ever woken up in time to see the sun rise and been in awe of the new day? Just to see the sun being rebirthed anew each morning, it’s a miracle, it’s magic, it’s divine magic. I know it happens every day and we expect it so we get complacent, but just stop a moment, because it’s momentous.

The day is such an amazing gift, without the sun, we are in the dark. There’s nothing wrong with the dark, the dark is extra specially mystical and magical. The dark brings mystery and power. I love stepping out of my house at night and just standing in the chill night air, feeling the stillness, the silence, the scents of wood smoke and maybe hearing a distant fox bark or nearby owl. Maybe you have a dog and go for walks in the dark first thing or in the evening, because right now in the UK, you would have to be walking in the dark before working hours or after you get home, we are losing the light at those times right now.

And that’s another magical gift, the changing seasons and their relationship with light and dark. Such a profound influence on our lives, as we adjust to dark evenings that used to stay light until 9.30pm and be bright before 6am. Now, it’s a different matter and it makes me feel cosier somehow, wrapped up by the dark. But I love the light, I love the heights of summer and the desire to be outside so late and up so early to enjoy the long days. I love to go for a swim in the nearby sea at dusk or dawn, my two most favourite times for swimming in the sea, you usually get the beach all to yourself and it’s so still.

Even the most dark and dismal day is so much lighter than the night. From my home, I see days that are nothing but thick misty fog. The view disappears and everything is swathed in purple tinted mist-grey softness. As I write this, it’s the middle of the night, I can hear a determined wind outside. I am already thinking about tomorrow, I shall go into town. I can plan, confident that the sun will come up, no matter what the weather brings, and I hear my little neck of the woods is expecting severe flooding from 6am tomorrow morning, or I should say this morning, since it’s after midnight. But the sun will come up and I am not taking it for granted. I am offering up my gratitude to Grandfather Sun and sending my love for such consistency. For the warmth and the light and the joy that the sun brings us each and every day.

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The Angelic Presence Share Understanding of Their Light and Ours

“We are giving our light and love to all who seek it and who make space within their hearts, within their beings.  We are the angelic presence.  Our light is a guide for many.  We shine into the darkest of nights, into the shadows.  And in illuminating the darkest corners, light creates shadows, for shadow and light play together, they are intertwined in their expressions of being and cannot be separated upon the Earth, and yet, we ourselves exist as pure light.  We are beings of light that wholly embrace our pure light energy, and thus, we are present for humanity and for all creations of the divine source. 

We wish to inform you about the purpose of your light, for it illumines your true being, which is an energy that abides within.  For you are not your body, you are not your personality, you do not truly exist as the shape which you perceive when you look in a mirror or the face that looks back at you from the glass.  You are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings, you are not your actions, you are not your wounds, you are not your history, you are not your story. 

You are, like us, beings of light.  You have chosen to express in a dimension that allows you to appear through these conditions in order to experience that which your soul desires to learn, so that your soul may absorb all understanding of the divine source.  You are simply experiencing opportunities to realise the divine source in every moment.  And yet, you are an extension of the divine source. 

Imagine that a drop of water, cast off by an ocean wave, is trying to comprehend the nature of the ocean it perceives all about it.  The water drop is unaware that it is the ocean, temporarily suspended in apparent separation, and yet there is no separation.  The air is filled with fine droplets of water and it is an illusion that the drop of water is singular.  It is a condensed mass of the ocean that appears singular, but there is no space between the drop of water and the ocean that does not contain fine water droplets, just as there is no separation between you and the divine source. 

It is a beautiful understanding to absorb and embrace, and it is the truth of you.  It is the essence of what is you when you look within.  There is no body, there are no organs, there is no blood, there is only divinity.  And that divinity is love and that love is light and all that you are is that divine love and light, the light of love.  That is our nature too, we, the angelic presence, we are the same.”

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Darkness and Light: Embracing our Whole Selves

Light and darkness has been surfacing a lot lately and I started pondering, what do we mean by light and darkness?  What is it?  As I asked the question, the answer came.  It’s time to take a deeper look. 

I perceive myself and you as a light-being, a soul made of light. The light that we are is an extension from the source. Let’s imagine that the light from the source, of which we are made, is white light. As we live our lives and experience ourselves and the world, we manifest and create our reality. Sometimes, what we create is vibrating in harmony with the source, let’s call that pink light. We also create experiences, energies and expressions that are limitations, boundaries, blockages. Not negative, they simply do not harmonise with the source. The dark side is anything that creates separation from the source, our wounds, our sense of separateness, not accepting our truth, all created by ourselves. Let’s call this blue light. Darkness and light, the blue and pink light, are both made from the source but have been created by us because we have free will to use the source and manifest our own creations.

We are inclined to shun our dark side when we would do better to accept and explore it, welcome it. Through acceptance, what is dark transforms to light. It is a teacher, we are learning who we are, unfolding our truth and the dark energies we create are showing us the way. If we ignore the dark side of ourselves and simply try to bathe in our light, we are shunning a big part of who we are and if we do that, we become unbalanced.

We exist in two worlds, the physical and energetic, and we exist with two kinds of energy, the dark and the light.  When we focus on the light, we expand, we experience the limitless quality of our existence, connect with our divine nature and this is enlightening, but that is not all we are.  By exploring our limitations and blockages we can be guided by the energy, accept our physical nature and recognise that working with the dark is what reveals the light. 

When we go into our darkness, we bring our light to it. Let’s not be afraid of our dark side, let’s embrace it, it is a valid and important part of who we are. Whether we created our darkness or someone else did, let’s accept it and hold space for our darkness to heal and integrate. By recognising and accepting our darkness, we are healing ourselves.

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A Gift For You

This poem came out of a poetry dive, in a yurt in the woods with a circle of beautiful, open-hearted women. And I ask, whose voice is speaking and who is it for?  The voice is one of many that lives inside me and it speaks for you and for me, after all, we are the same.  But especially, I gift it to you.  May you find something you need in it.

Whatever comes, comes
Whatever flows, flows
Whatever gives, receives

Believe in yourself
Believe in yourself
You are beautiful
You are worthy
You are the world
And the world is you

This is the beginning
Always the beginning
Burgeoning beauty
Steps forward from here

The flow of love
Meanders from your heart
Only the dark forbids it
Nothing yields
Nothing ceases
Always flowing

Build your boat
And flow with it
For the waters are rising
They are rising

Rising to the heights of the moon
Rising beyond the stars
And everything sparkles
Like moonlight at play on water
Like diamonds fallen from the stars
And there are wings

Hear them rustle
Hear them whoosh with the air
They unfold, they flutter and stretch
They extend in magnificence

And you are away
Into the night sky
To the stars
To the void
The void that is the womb
The sacred womb

Your bones are old
They are old bones
As old as time
As full of stories as the stones

These bones know
They know all that can be known
They are broken and bent
They are bound sticks
They rebuild you
You are new

Reborn in the night
Of stars and starlight
Wings extended
Bones mended

Blood flowing
Womb growing
Into the void
The dark void
The void that is the cave
The cave that is the night
From whence came forth the light