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Winter Solstice 2021: The Sun Stands Still

At 15.58 UK time (GMT) today, it’s the very moment of Winter Solstice 2021.

At exactly that moment, the sun stands still between its going and coming, leaving and returning.

The word ‘solstice’ means ‘sun stands still’.

The sun stands poised at the extent of darkness, gathering itself for the reappearance of the light.

This is the moment of renewal.

We rekindle the spark of light in ourselves and each other.

We are reconnecting to the light that is within and without.

You may think, in many ways, that these are dark times for Earth and humanity

But there has never been so much light shining throughout the Earth as now.

Gifted by the divine, increased with deepest love by archangels, ascended masters and star beings who are on the journey with us.

Let your heart embrace the renewal of the light,

Now, more than ever before.

This is a time of year when many people across the globe are opening their hearts to love,

To giving and receiving,

Sending cards of loving gratitude to each other.

Gathering together in celebration with family and community.

This is the time to tune into that powerful vibration of love,

To connect with the tremendous Christ light that begins to flow down to Earth and humanity from the moment of the solstice.

So, I ask you now,

At the moment of solstice at 15.58 GMT today,

Draw all the light into your being and send it to the leaders of the world, those who are visible and those who are invisible,

The ones that shape the future, they can create peace.

Together, we will open their hearts and minds.

Together, we will seed love,

Together, we will transcend fear.

Together, we will change the world.

My blessings to you this festive season,

May love pour into your heart,

May your heart open to receive the loving light that’s waiting to enter,

May the infinite blessings of the divine source pour over and through your being, cleansing, healing and enriching you.

My gratitude is with you, thank you for being present in my life,

Amenet Drago

(Image: “The Green Bough of Renewal” by Amenet Drago)

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Seeing in the Dark

Have you ever thought, how far can you see during the day compared to at night?

So much further, right? Not so…

At night, we can see the Andromeda galaxy with the naked eye, which is about thirteen million trillion miles away.

And during the day it is the bright light of the sun that limits our distant vision.

Who says you can’t see in the dark?

Embrace the dark, it is when we see in the dark that we see furthest.

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Message from the Celestial White Beings: 1

‘Beloved ones on the Earth, whose light shines like a star in the heavens, your light is precious to us.  We are the Celestial White Beings and we wish to come forward to speak with you today about your beauteous light, which is always present and always accessible to you. 

You may sometimes feel that your light is concealed, perhaps it feels dim.  There is much support available to you now, to purify and cleanse your energies, enabling your light to shine like a beacon, like a shining sun.  Please call our name, the Celestial White Beings, and we will provide a purification, cleansing and healing for your energies throughout the night whilst you sleep, with your permission.  When you activate this request, you may expect blockages and limitations to come to the surface ready to be released, and when they do, you may experience some resistance and pain.  This is natural, for you have built many protective layers around your core, your heart, from where the light that you are shines.  And then, it is as though a fog obscures your light.  Sometimes, you will experience periods of time when your light is burning bright and you feel full of energy and positivity.  But then, there will be moments when all that you experience is fearful thoughts and sad feelings and life seems difficult for you.  You do not feel your light is shining, however, deep inside, your light remains the same, at all times.  We wish to support you in dissipating the fog that obscures your beautiful light. Whenever you notice energies of pain, sorrow, anxiety, worry, fear, coming to the fore, expressing through your thoughts and feelings, let them surface, do not fight against those feelings and thoughts.  Allow them to be expressed and then released.  Allow them to be felt and heard, and as soon as you do this, take a deep in-breath, drawing into your being the light of the Universe, and as you breathe out, through your breath, release the feeling or thought that troubles you, just let it go as though you are giving it back to the Universe.  Send it off with your love and gratitude for all that it has brought to you, to teach you with the intention to help you.  However painful and discomfiting that feeling or thought is, its intention was to protect and support you.  You are no longer required to hide your beautiful light.  You no longer need to close down your protective structures around you, so that your light is neither seen nor felt.  Instead, allow yourself to release the blockages and limitations that obscure your light so that you may shine like a beacon, allowing your light to stream through your being and out into the world for all to experience.  Then, your light will keep your energies open and receptive to the flow of the Universe.  When you are receptive to the flow of the Universe, you are existing in the vibrations of divine abundance and your soul’s destiny, your soul’s purpose, your soul’s path is before your feet.  We are the Celestial White Beings, our love is always present for you to experience simply by calling our name.  We are expressing our blessings to you, may your light shine forth.’

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 9

“Greetings beloved child of light.  You are given this gift of love today with great energy and truth, to be expressed throughout your being and shared with all.  We are here to support you, we are the Elemental Kingdom, we come forward as your loving guides to unfold your destiny as a beacon of light and love expressing our truth with clarity and purity, with love for all.  Be assured that your efforts are rewarded.  What you give, you receive.  Let your focus be to create an empty space, receiving into that space our words that will flow as you create a space for them.” 

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 8

“Greetings and love are extended to you.  We wish you to experience the unique vibrations of the different elements, fire air, earth and water.  Even the insects contain these elements, as do you, each holding a stronger energy of one or more of the elements; those that fly, those that live on or under the earth, those that contain fiery elements such as ants with their acid and those that carry poison or have a sting and those who are drawn to fire. And the water insects, the ones that love to be on or near water. 

Be open to the energies of all the elements within you, earth, air, fire and water.  Be open to all the elements that are in the environment, the landscape around you.  Begin to understand, to experience, to feel all the energies, whether one predominates or whether they work together harmoniously; water droplets in the atmosphere, the breath, the wind, the air is always present and there are fire energies of heat, combustion, decay, transformation of matter, warmth and light. 

We are asking you to bring together all we have taught you into your natural attitude towards nature every time you experience it, whether in the garden, your home or as you go further afield.

We wish to address the circumstances of covid-19 that are impacting your life and lives of many upon the Earth.  It is true that the Earth and nature have experienced a level of peace and tranquillity, a sense of serenity, from the lack of human activity in many places.  However, many elementals enjoy and are joyous to experience humans amongst them and in their environments because many humans are respectful and bring loving positive energies and vibrations into landscapes. Such are gardeners and those that work in locations tending trees and plants, many are beloved by the nature beings that surround them as they work.  Elemental beings and the energies of nature do not wish for a world where humans are not present, they wish for a world of co-operation, communication and understanding, a world of co-creation where all is created together through the energies of love and divine truth.  So, we welcome the return of humanity into the spaces where they have not been present for a while.  We know that some humans will continue to be disrespectful of nature, continue to cause disruption and disharmony.  There is hope, we are opening our hearts to you all and more and more of humanity is listening to our voice.  Do not despair, we are excited as we move forward together, working in harmony with one another. 

You are at the beginning of the journey, you are in the low hills, you are learning to open up, to gain understanding, confidence and trust in us and we in you.  Our current intention is focused on pioneering and heralding our presence amongst you.  We are the Elemental Kingdom, we thank you with love and gratitude, so be it.’