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A Sacred Grove

Yesterday, I set off from my home on foot to walk up my mountain and there I found what I’ve been looking for ever since I moved to this locality six months ago.  I found my sacred place in nature where my own special tree was waiting for me.

I finally reached a place I’ve been meaning to go.  It’s an old quarry, a sunken world, now totally reclaimed by nature.  More than that, it has become nature’s temple. 

This sacred grove is isolated, on private land that I have unrestricted access to, it sits far away from paths or human places.  It is left entirely in peace.  It’s a wet, soggy hollow with woods of oak, willow and hazel, some birch on the higher slopes.  On one side hangs a high cliff-face of earth and greenery.  It abounds with bracken and bramble, ferns and moss.  There are sparkly drusy quartz-covered stones, glinting in the undergrowth, bedrock long since quarried and abandoned.  Corvids hold court here, the jackdaws, rooks, crows and majestic ravens are all around, calling and swooping through the woods.  Also in attendance are robins, blackbirds and little jenny wrens.

It was exciting when I finally came upon the narrow entranceway that led down into the wide amphitheatre of lush green mystery.  Three oaks called to me as I passed, on each I saw the face of its accompanying tree spirit.  I knew the moment I approached the third oak that this is the one that’s been waiting for me.  All the trees are bedecked from head to toe in moss, a veritable green world, this is. 

Having formally approached up to the edge of the canopy, I asked permission of the oak to draw near.  I placed my hands on the broad trunk and bent my forehead to the bark, giving my name and asking the tree for his, which was received.  I sent my love to this tree, and through it, to the great oak consciousness.  Then, I sat at the foot with my back to the trunk and opened myself to the energy of nature, but not before opening my mouth and throat to sing of my power from the depth of my lungs.  As shamanka, my song lets the spirits of this sacred place see me, know me and feel my authenticity, integrity and power. I am demonstrating my right to be here. My raw notes rang out loudly, echoing through the grove, unheard by human, but a wind appeared from nowhere and met my song, letting a shower of oak leaves fall with each piercing note, ceasing to stillness only as the last note trailed away. 

Eventually, I moved further down the wide corridor of the grove into further wetness until I reached the opposite end.  Thank goodness I wore my wellies.  From there, I climbed up to find the sky and summit as I tried to find a shorter way home, but it was not to be.  All in all, I was up on the mountain for just short of five glorious hours yesterday.  Now, I sit cosy in my little tree house, knowing my sacred grove and beloved oak tree await me for another day and another adventure.            

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This is the First amenet drago: Soul Mastery | Shamanic Nature Monthly Newsletter



Saturday 12th June – 17th July:


Runs on Saturdays for six weeks.

A powerful ONLINE course where you will learn everything you need to know about your soul, where your soul came from, what your soul is.

You will understand the reasons we need to activate an integration with our soul.

A sacred soul initiation will take place for you on the inner planes.

You will be introduced to the sacred sanctuary of your soul, a place you can go to anytime.

You will see your soul from the perspective of the divine source, an experience that is deep and profound.

You will meet your soul family, all the beings who support, love and guide your soul.

You will learn your soul’s name and symbol.

You will find out and explore your soul’s purpose on the Earth.

Still booking: Here
Choose between 10.30am or 7pm BST for 45 minute session
£45 for the six session course


Saturday 31st July:


A powerful ONLINE workshop for people who have received their sacred soul initiation.

It is possible to do this workshop without having done the Soul Integration course because there’s a soul merging activation in the Twin Flame workshop.

However, the Twin Flame workshop is a continuation from the Soul Integration workshop and the energetic downloads will be more powerful and fulfilling if both are attended.

You will find out and understand just what your twin flame is.

You will be led through an activation to merge your soul aspects and ignite your twin flame.

You will be able to choose to activate your twin flame as a relationship with another human being, either one you have not yet met or by enhancing a relationship you are already in.

You will visit activation chambers on the inner planes to embody your twin flame energy and activate the divine union that your twin flame enables.

Booking page not yet available, watch the website for developments or wait for next months’ newsletter.
£10 for the TWIN FLAME ALCHEMY workshop


Saturday 28th August:

First monthly Zoom workshop: ‘LOVE: A SKILL FOR LIFE’

Dive in deep to the love vibe and find out how to combine breathwork, finding your inner peace and activating the power of your imagination whilst bringing in the energy vibe of love fully into your being, for yourself and others.

Find out just what you can achieve when these skills are powerfully combined.

There will be a regular online Zoom workshop taking place at the end of each month, each time on a different subject.

Each workshop will take place in the energetic, will utilise channelled information from ascended masters and archangels and take place in a state of deeper consciousness to consolidate the energy within you.

Booking page not yet available, watch the website for developments or wait for next months’ newsletter.
Monthly ONLINE workshops are all £10 per session.


Don’t forget, there are free audio meditation tools available here.

You will find a selection of meditations and activations, including simple tools for soul integration and twin flame activation.

There’s a meditation from Lord Merlin that increases self-love and works with the energies of abundance.

There’s a cleansing and purifying activation if you’re feeling a little sluggish or just feel you need to clean up your energies. This comes from my soul group, the Andromedans, using their amazing light technology.

The basic meditation techniques were devised from channelled information from Lord Buddha, and you can’t get a better meditation teacher than that.



There are no Shamanic Nature Trance Intensive Retreats going on during this Summer because of the issues presented with running a five day retreat with three facilitators and up to nine attendees during Covid restrictions in the UK and because such a lot of change has been going on for me personally.

I hope very much to get this transformative retreat up and running at the first possible window of opportunity.



I am actively engaged in providing shamanic healing, energy extractions, soul retrieval and psychopomp work and you simply need contact me personally from my contact page to discuss this.

I will communicate with you via email to ascertain what you are looking for, then I will make an enquiring journey to my guides to ascertain if I’m the right person to help you and whether this is the right time for you to receive shamanic healing. If it is, they usually tell me what you need me to do.

I will report back to you and we will decide if you wish to go ahead and agree payment. It’s not easy to give set costs up front as the needs required are varied and personal. But you are never obliged to go ahead until we have agreed together.

We will be in personal communication throughout, so we can discuss the details of your healing and what will happen as we go along. You will be supported for up to two weeks after the healing.

I work at a distance usually. When we have fixed a date, then I will send you a payment request via Paypal.

You will receive a recording of your healing, giving you a full account taken in real time. You will also receive a crystal holding the energy of your healing, if you wish to provide an address for postage.


It’s been quite a year so far, I left Ceredigion and moved home to live in neighbouring Carmarthenshire in mid May.

Now, I live in a village called Mynyddygarreg, which is quite a mouthful, it’s right next to Kidwelly, known for its picturesque castle.

Kidwelly is an ancient place on an estuary, established as a borough in 1115 and occupied long before that. Kidwelly is the place where Princess Gwenllian died. She is a heroine of Welsh historic legend, somewhat akin to Boudicca. Gwenllian was a warrior princess with fiery passion in her heart. Her story is amazing and will have your eyes streaming for sure, if you ever wish to check it out.

From my house, I have a view of the sea in the distance and can see the tide coming in and going out through the estuary. It’s lovely to know what the tide’s doing every time I look out of the window. The view below is one taken from the balcony in my garden. You can see Kidwelly castle with the estuary and sea behind it.

The picture above is taken from the same spot, looking north instead of west. The early morning mist is nestling in the valley bottom and you can see the way my house and garden are raised and surrounded by trees in such a way that I feel like I live in a tree-house, which is lovely.

The nearby town of Carmarthen (Welsh: Caermyrddyn) translates as ‘Merlin’s Stronghold’ and is the acclaimed birthplace of the famous magician. I am tickled pink to be living here because Lord Merlin, whose energy exists on the inner planes, is my primary spirit guide and frequently communicates through my channel. On one occasion, he appeared before me and I touched and felt his hand before he de-materialised it. And, yeah, it was a bit spooky but not scary because his energy is so loving. Lord Merlin has a close affinity with Nature and his speciality is Divine Magic, a subject I intend to run an online workshop on soon, with his help, of course.

A huge ‘thank you’ from my heart to yours, to all who are following this blog and supporting me in any way. Thank you for letting me know when my posts are of interest or value to you, it really makes a difference to have such a connection with you.

Your presence is my reason for being here.

Love and blessings,