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Get Out of Your Head!

One of the most powerful lessons that has felt transformational for me in the past year or so is getting out of my own head.

For years, this was a huge bug-bear for me, I was always getting in my own way, over-thinking, messing with my own head. And for most of that time I didn’t realise it. Then, when I did, it was like witnessing a car crash, I could see it happening but seemed powerless to change course.

Recently, I realised I don’t do it much anymore and have to stop a moment and wonder, “When did that happen? How did that happen?!”

And, to be honest, I’m not sure what the answer is. I just don’t need to over-think or over-analyse my conditions and emotions anymore and if I start, I notice and say to myself, “Not going down that road, let’s just stop right there,” and in the next moment I’m reminding myself of better ways to see things, which brings me back to balance.

For me, staying out of my head is synonymous with remaining balanced and centred in myself. Maybe that’s what changed, I found my centre and just stopped doing it. I have to cite positive self-talk as my natural go-to when it starts up though, literally being my own unconditional best friend and putting myself back on track asap.

When I feel into it, I see that the kind of situations where this happened the most were the same ones that came into my life to show me how much inner child healing I needed to do. Well, I have done so much inner child healing now that a great deal has changed for me and perhaps, very likely, this is one of those changes too.

Inner child healing is like magic, it’s one of the simple techniques that gives me an instant, noticeable result. I do a twenty minute healing journey and, hey presto, the next time a trigger situation materialises, I’m not triggered, I’m not behaving, thinking, feeling from my hurt inner child, because that inner child has been healed and integrated into my being. That said, I have found that I have a lot of those healings to do because I carry a lot of lost, hurt and stuck inner children, all capable of being triggered again and again until they’re found, healed and brought to a state of wholeness in my heart. One time, I received a message from my spiritual support team that I had another forty-four inner children to heal. Yikes! I thought. And yet, even after healing the first one or two I had noticed myself being less triggered. To date, I’ve healed at least twenty-two and am feeling hugely proud of myself because it really has been a life-changer. Whenever a trigger situation comes up, I go through it again based on the situation and rescue another beautiful inner child. I use the free tools provided on YouTube by Jen Peters and can vouchsafe that they work for me. If this is something that resonates, you can find her website here.

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5 Reasons Why Grounding Will Change Your Life

You are an energy being.  You are always holding energy in your being, your body. 

When you move through the supermarket, the busy street, the café, bar or just a busy house full of happenings, you are picking up energy.  Some of that energy is enriching, some is nourishing and acting as wonderful fuel that fills up your chalice with love.

Much of it is surplus to requirements and some is not servicing you at all.

Energy can leave you spaced out.

Energy can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

It can change your core body temperature and make you over-heated.

It can express suddenly and unexpectedly as intense emotions such as sadness or anger that aren’t your own.

It can make you unstable, unbalanced and uncentred.

It can make you agitated.

It can manifest as physical sensations and symptoms of illness.

You may have thoughts that are not your own, perhaps unsettling ones.

It can make you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually out of alignment.

Many people suffer unnecessarily because they don’t know how to ground or how important it is to do so.

Grounding is like dumping the excess energies that you pick up and that don’t nourish or enrich you.

Grounding is like taking your trash out so that you don’t have an unhealthy and unsanitary being and environment.

Grounding is anchoring your energy so that you are stable and balanced and centred.

Grounding connects you with Mother Earth and enriches your relationship with her.

Grounding is the means by which you can manifest all your heartfelt intentions into your life, when you send those intentions down into your Earth Star chakra to anchor.

It is the most simple thing to ground your energy at any time or place.  Simply take a moment to notice the energy in your body, you don’t have to do more than just be vaguely conscious of it and then send it down into the Earth.  You can do this by pushing it through the soles of your feet or your root chakra. 

Send it into the Earth to your Earth Star chakra, which is about 30 cm below your feet.  If you’re lying down, picture yourself standing and see yourself sending it down below your feet. 

That’s it.  If you want to make it more complicated, you can see your Earth Star chakra filling up with the energy to overflowing and then the energy flowing into the Earth in all directions.  Use your breath, as you breathe in, connect to the energy in your being, as you breathe out, push it down into your Earth Star chakra and into the Earth.  And you can also send it further down and give it to Mother Earth who will take it for you and transform it into love and light.

This is how you keep yourself centred and balanced.  This is how you keep yourself healthy and stable.

Do this daily or as often as you feel the need, it takes a couple of seconds.