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Giving Up and Embracing

These, I am giving up

Speculation, opinions, assumptions

Expectations, judgements, gossip

Deflection, manipulation, resistance

Control, perfection, intolerance

These, I am embracing

Acceptance, patience, stillness

Trust, candor, silence

Compassion, composure, peace

Allowance, openness, love.

In every way

Towards myself and others

In each moment

Let this be my stance

Let it be effortless

So let it be

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Moving On The Spiral of Life

Have you ever noticed that life takes place on a spiral?  There are circles of life but we are never in exactly the same place twice.  Have you ever said, “I’ve been here before” when an old wound re-opened, a trigger got re-triggered? Maybe, like me, you say; “Not this again, I thought I’d dealt with this one!”  Yeah, and that’s ego talking, not wise soul, who knows it’s come around again on the spiral and is not the same as before because we are not the same as before, our life is not the same as before, now it comes with a renewed chance to do something differently, let something go, let it heal.   

Spirals are helpful, they remind us we are growing, constantly growing, and that the point is not to reach the end but to keep moving on the spiral.  We cannot get to enlightenment or ascension or completion by moving from A to B, because those experiences are not like train stations, they are always with us, we only arrive once we see that, so it can only happen on the spiral because the spiral keeps taking us back around and through ourselves, over and over again, but never to the same place.  It keeps letting us find what we already are.  And isn’t that beautiful?

Right now, I’m in a position in my life where I’m apparently waiting, waiting, waiting.  I’m waiting to sell my house so I can move out of my relationship and be on my own.  I’m waiting for clarity on the next steps of my soul journey.  And I’m following guidance that is taking me on another journey, as I sense a special person coming into my life.  We were connected from the moment that all souls were born, for this person is my beloved counterpart, my aspect of self, in truth, they are my soul and I am theirs. The higher self of this person is with me always for our energies are interconnected, even when our currently expressing, incarnated physical bodies are not. Some call this a twin flame.  I have had a kind of knowing for a long time that a part of my call to service is to attain a state of unity with a person who is my eternal beloved.  I know we have lived many lifetimes, always together but sometimes physically apart, bringing us to this moment. We are destined to be together once more in this lifetime and to create total union at the highest vibration for our souls and physical expressions to experience. And this is all happening on the spiral. 

When we are on the spiral, there are signs, we get messages from the universe to let us know we are in the right place and to keep the faith.  Synchronicities, repetitive numbers, a song we keep hearing, an animal or insect that turns up in unexpected places.  These are unique for each of us, depending on what is meaningful.  These messages not only tell us we are on the right path, they remind us to stop and smell the roses, to not rush by looking for the perfection that is already here.  When we are on the spiral, we don’t need to rush or feel impatient, we don’t need to lose hope that we are going to get there, we are already doing it.  The spiral is the journey. 

There are reasons why we appear held up, sometimes we are waiting for others whose paths are going to coincide with ours.  Maybe we still have something to learn, release or move through.  There may be something you are doing that has got to grow first, some project, creation, idea or dream. Whatever it is, it is no less important or valid than the place we are trying to get, because the spiral is ever expanding, there is no arrival, only continued unfolding.     

It is on the spiral that each new experience is coming into being.  Have you noticed how something can appear as though it is so far away and then, all of a sudden, it is right before us?  That is the magic of the spiral.  The difficulty is coping with the waiting when you can’t see it coming and it doesn’t look like we are moving forward at all.  We are, we always are.  And then, out of the blue, you are there.

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom and Lord Merlin: 1

“Greetings magnificent beings of light, you are in the presence of Lord Merlin and the Elemental Kingdom who wish to advise you towards your future pathway.  Your destiny awaits and yet, to avoid being over-whelmed with the immensity of your destiny, we unfold one part of your forward journey at a time.  To be presented with more may feel like a burden that stops your forward momentum.  There are changes coming forward in your conditions and for this to manifest and materialise, your sensitivity and awareness, your confidence and trust in your intuition is of paramount importance.  Listen to the voice of your heart and the insights that are being downloaded into your energies, into your mind through your channel, for they are speaking to you of actions that will be required by you in order for the next steps of your journey to unfold.  However unusual or impossible the ideas that come forward may seem, you are asked to simply begin by making one step towards them, following through with one more step and then another.  Movement will escalate towards an unstoppable progress that attracts all the conditions that are required and abundance is manifested to bring forth all the resources for your progress to be met. 

Beloved child, we are overseeing your journey and progress and wish you to know that all is destined and pre-ordained, your soul has agreed and accepted all that is to come and is waiting eagerly, has been waiting eagerly and sometimes impatiently, for this period of time to unfold.  We are loving your soul, your energy and commitment.  Have patience, for all that brings you doubts, worries, questions and feelings of insecurity and unworthiness, all this is dissolving very quickly now, your energy will soon return, your battles will ease as soon as your conditions of acceptance are realised.  Let your journey begin now.  Your guides and teachers are with you, you are safe, you can let go safely.  All is well, we are walking with you and guiding your way.  Your loving teachers and guides are present.  So be it.  Thank you.”