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Wishing Ourselves Away

Every time we wish we were different from how we are, we are wishing ourselves away.

Imagine what happens if we keep doing that, we lose all connection with the truth of our being.

Wishing we were richer, smarter, more attractive, slimmer, younger, wiser.
Wishing we had more friends, find our true love, win the lottery or are healed of all that ails us.
Wishing the world was safer, that the future was brighter, that we hadn’t lost someone we love.

No, this is not the way to our truth.

Let there be no regrets, no disappointments, no judgements, no “what ifs”, no “if onlys” and no “I wish…”

Just accepting, allowing, enabling ourself to be our self, the circumstances to be what they are, the world to be what it is. Acceptance doesn’t mean we don’t keep choosing anew.

Let’s embrace who we are and where we are, for it’s only then we will find peace and it’s only when that happens we will collectively create peace on Earth.

[Image: ‘Fedelm The Seer’ gouache painting art by Amenet Drago]

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Your Magic Wand

I am so excited today to share some wonderful information and understanding that came my way whilst the 8/8 and Lionsgate portal energy was streaming through the ether yesterday.

I opened an email that came through from Master Djwhal Khul, channelled by Natalie Glasson.

And this is Divine MAGIC!

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand to make all your problems go away?

What if I told you, you already have one?!  Sounds too good to be true, how often has something come by your radar and made your heart soar with hope, only to come crashing down when you realise the limitations of what you found?  I know, I’ve been there too.  There are no limitations this time, this is rock-solid gold.

So, what does your magic wand work for?  What does it do?

You know all those habits you really don’t want to be doing anymore because you know they don’t serve you, but you keep finding yourself doing them, nonetheless?  Well, it banishes those for a start.

All those thoughts that won’t go away, the ones that bring you down, make you second-guess yourself, limit yourself, all those repetitive, unwanted thoughts?  Gone!

Feelings that hit you, like sadness, loneliness, feelings that feel like a stab to your heart?  Never again.

All those situations that are no longer serving you, they are toast.  I know you’ve tried and tried to extricate yourself and even come to accept it’s not even possible, but now you can be free.

In fact, any situation that is causing you distress, any dissonance in your life at all.

Yep, you can believe it, you have a simple, fast and sure-fire way to freedom and PEACE!

Now, when you hear about this, I know you’re going to say, “Is that it?  Is that all?  Well, that won’t work!”  Believe me, the simplicity of it is a foil against its power and effectiveness.  Don’t be fooled.  Open your heart, try it, what have you got to lose?  Actually, you’ve got a lot to lose, all the stress, distress, chaos and worry in your life, for starters.  You don’t WANT to hold on to those now, do you?

Okay, this is what came through.  Before we were born, we each made an agreement, every single one of us.  We agreed that we would cultivate inner peace for ourselves and others.  And our soul, soul group and guides (we’ve all got a spiritual support team), they all agreed to send us a surge of inner peace every time we ask.  This is called our Inner Peace Agreement.

So, how does it work?  Simple!  The moment you notice dissonance, notice those pesky thoughts or feelings, notice you are focusing on a problem, redirect your attention towards your inner peace.  Just actively choose to focus on inner peace, easily and effortlessly.  Invoke the agreement, simply say, silently or aloud; “I am activating my Inner Peace Agreement” and you WILL receive support.

Then, just breathe it in, breathe inner peace into your being and breathe inner peace out.  If there’s a situation or problem, simply send your inner peace to that situation when you breathe out.  You will be amazed how peaceful you suddenly feel.  You will notice all those thoughts, feelings, issues and problems just drop away as you are bathed in such blissful peace.  And please understand, it’s not just escapism, every time you do this, you are dissolving the thoughts, feelings, patterns, behaviours, problems at source.  For good.  Just keep doing it.  It’s so easy, so simple, so quick to do and quick to act. 

And remember that agreement you made?  It was to bring yourself and others inner peace?  Well, every time you activate it for yourself, you automatically ARE bringing it to others too.  And if you know somebody who’s having problems, somebody you know could do with activating their inner peace, share this with them.  And if you don’t think they will be open to it, simply ask their soul, their soul group and their guides to activate inner peace for them. 

When you invite inner peace to flood through your body, you are allowing the divine source and the highest energies of enlightenment to course through your being.  Don’t engage with your stuff, don’t try to work things out, just breathe in and out your inner peace.  Magic!  Inner peace dissolves confusion and opens your intuition.  You will find solutions you had never before dreamed of to problems you thought were insurmountable.  And imagine what kind of a world we make when everyone is radiating their inner peace, for themselves and others, right alongside you. You can bet I’m with you, my sisters and brothers.             

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Message from the Andromedans: 1

‘Let this message be heard with hearts that are open and ready to receive our words, for we come forward with great wisdom.  We are the Andromedans.  We are bringing forth many loving vibrations and frequencies for the Creator’s purposes upon the Earth and this message is brought to you as testament to our committed loving support for your planetary ascension and your personal ascension.  Let your hearts be open to receive the light vibrations we are sending to you now through the many levels and dimensions, for your strengthened support. 

We understand your confusion and uncertainty about the condition of your world and your planetary leaders who are facing many challenges to their authority, for many amongst you upon Earth are beginning to see with new eyes, to see with clarity, the truth of a greater understanding when all that is illusion is dissolved away.  It is troubling and difficult for many who are releasing fears and experiencing processes of letting go which feels to be bringing dark and negative energies into your life. This is not so, it is a necessary part of the process of increasing the light and embracing the love upon your planet. 

Your planet is ascending to higher vibrations, vibrations of love, light and unity that embraces the truth of existence for humanity.  For you are light beings and in every human body there is a light being housed as a means of expression upon the manifested world that the planet Earth brings forth for you all.  Your understanding of reality appears as a fixed and immovable expression of solidity but your reality is a construct of your own making, your collective making and your individual making.  For you have the power to create.  You are the energy of the Creator manifested within a physical body and walking upon the Earth. 

As you awaken to a truer understanding of energy, of reality and of your own nature, you will see that the world of physicality that you have hitherto understood as your reality is merely an illusion.  And many of your most significant priorities such as finances, relationships, working lives, possessions, these are not your true focus.  Instead, your energies will begin to realign with love.  The energy of love opens your heart, opens you up to experience an expanded understanding of reality, yourself and all those around you.  For you are interconnected beings who will begin to co-operate with each other when the energies of love grow strong upon your planet.  You then have no reason to fear any other human being just because they come from a different land or speak a different language or live through a different interpretation of belief or culture.  These are not reasons to fear another, these are merely the many colours and shades of humanity’s expression.

As you begin to understand that every other being on the planet is your brother or sister, is your kin, is, in fact, a part of you, then you will embrace each other in truth and love and walk together in harmony and unity.  Through this process we support you.  We send energies to enable the process to unfold, along with many who are supporting Earth at this present time and ongoing.  Your future is unfolding towards a new expression.  As the vibrations upon the planet and within the atmosphere are raised, so will the energies of each and every being upon the planet be raised, until there is a different experience of reality for all.  It is already occurring and continues to unfold.  We are the Andromedans and we continue to support your ascension.  Our love and vibrations are sent for your energies to embrace.  Thank you.’