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Making a Tulpa of Truth, Love and Peace

Have you ever heard of a tulpa?  Don’t quote me on this, but I would describe it as a conscious being that’s created from thought-forms that have been invested with intent and emotions.  Which is quite a thing!

So, where are they and how were they made?

A possible example might be when, for generations, people in a location perpetuate the belief in a being of some sort existing there, maybe in a house or wood or the larger environment. And credible people report seeing something that fits the expected appearance of the being. This may be animal or human-like. You could say the Loch Ness monster is a tulpa.

On the more negative side, it can be created through dark practices, like a thought-form as a curse or by black magic, creating a dark energy that begins to take on its own awareness.  The ancient tribal elders from around the world, the San of the Kalahari, Native American, Pacific and Antipodean tribal elders, they speak of evil sorcerers who created this kind of thing, good shamans gone bad. The Navajo skinwalker may be an example of this kind of being.

For myself, I have come across a being, like a nature spirit, that existed in a very old church and came into being because of the energy of many generations of prayer, condensed in the building over time until the energy formed into that little being, like a brownie, a being with conscious intent.

Tulpa is a very interesting word and I decided to repurpose it.

Right now, in 2021, so much energy is coming to us from the higher realms to support humankind to increase their experience of embodying three special qualities, they are love, peace and truth. 

I noticed that ‘Truth, Unconditional Love, Peace = Awake!’ spells TULPA.  Lovely, isn’t it?

Imagine if we all collectively made a tulpa of truth, unconditional love and peace?  And it became a conscious living energy in its own right?  Wow, right?

So, let’s break these qualities down.  Now, Truth is a big one.

I think it’s really difficult to live one’s truth completely in the kind of society we have built for ourselves.  So much has been created through deceit and lack of integrity.  We expect it of our politicians and we still vote them in.  We have accepted it as a part of life.

When it comes to truth, I’m not really thinking about others, I’m thinking about me. We all need to look at ourselves and be up front about how much honesty, integrity and authenticity we have. We cannot be our authentic selves whilst there is any dishonesty, falseness or misrepresentation going on in our lives, whether it’s with ourselves or with others.

If we look at ourselves we can see where we need to be doing a bit of cleaning up. If we are wont to say things we don’t mean, if we are being dishonest to anyone, if we don’t live our truth, settle for less, keep secrets for an easy life, it’s time to set some steps in place, starting small, to clean up our ways. I have been doing this and I must admit I was, at first, scared of coming clean about a few things. In every case, things never kicked off in the way I expected they would, the universe looked after me. Actually, I started with the big, obvious things, and now it’s the little general conversations where I need to ensure I consistently protect my integrity and honesty.

Unconditional Love is no easier than truth. Reason being, we tend to hold judgements and set standards and expectations and it’s really difficult to drop them. Especially as, in some situations we can see those as protective. So, let’s start with ourselves. Now, that’s a big one, to hold unconditional love for oneself. And then, extend it to our nearest and dearest. No judgements, no expectations, remember? Do unto others as we would have done to us. And do unto ourselves as we would have others do to us. That’s unconditional love.

Ah, Peace. If our life is chaotic, it’s because we don’t know how to find our inner peace. If we get confused or sad, being able to go to a place of peace is imperative. You can’t be sad with peace in your heart because love blossoms wherever peace is and love will lift you up. Peace, as I often say, is a place we go where only love exists. Love is the opposite of fear and fear is every emotion that isn’t love. When we learn to go inside to our place of inner peace and call peace into our energy, then, we enter love.

All of these energies, love, peace and truth already exist inside us. That means we can always find them inside ourselves and go there. We can ask our guides, our angels, the Creator or Universal energies, whatever your preference, to take us there, to send us their love or peace or truth so we can resonate with it, breathe it in. Then, we sit with it. Breathing it in and out. Sending it through our entire being. Grounding and manifesting it by sending it into the Earth through the soles of our feet to anchor, through our roots. The more often we do this, the more often our lives will naturally start to change, so there’s less chaos, less judgement, less expectations, less dishonesty or lack of integrity in our lives.

And it all happens with ease. That’s why TULPA is a really good way of remembering to embody and express truth, unconditional love and peace for ourselves and everyone else.

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Your Magic Wand

I am so excited today to share some wonderful information and understanding that came my way whilst the 8/8 and Lionsgate portal energy was streaming through the ether yesterday.

I opened an email that came through from Master Djwhal Khul, channelled by Natalie Glasson.

And this is Divine MAGIC!

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand to make all your problems go away?

What if I told you, you already have one?!  Sounds too good to be true, how often has something come by your radar and made your heart soar with hope, only to come crashing down when you realise the limitations of what you found?  I know, I’ve been there too.  There are no limitations this time, this is rock-solid gold.

So, what does your magic wand work for?  What does it do?

You know all those habits you really don’t want to be doing anymore because you know they don’t serve you, but you keep finding yourself doing them, nonetheless?  Well, it banishes those for a start.

All those thoughts that won’t go away, the ones that bring you down, make you second-guess yourself, limit yourself, all those repetitive, unwanted thoughts?  Gone!

Feelings that hit you, like sadness, loneliness, feelings that feel like a stab to your heart?  Never again.

All those situations that are no longer serving you, they are toast.  I know you’ve tried and tried to extricate yourself and even come to accept it’s not even possible, but now you can be free.

In fact, any situation that is causing you distress, any dissonance in your life at all.

Yep, you can believe it, you have a simple, fast and sure-fire way to freedom and PEACE!

Now, when you hear about this, I know you’re going to say, “Is that it?  Is that all?  Well, that won’t work!”  Believe me, the simplicity of it is a foil against its power and effectiveness.  Don’t be fooled.  Open your heart, try it, what have you got to lose?  Actually, you’ve got a lot to lose, all the stress, distress, chaos and worry in your life, for starters.  You don’t WANT to hold on to those now, do you?

Okay, this is what came through.  Before we were born, we each made an agreement, every single one of us.  We agreed that we would cultivate inner peace for ourselves and others.  And our soul, soul group and guides (we’ve all got a spiritual support team), they all agreed to send us a surge of inner peace every time we ask.  This is called our Inner Peace Agreement.

So, how does it work?  Simple!  The moment you notice dissonance, notice those pesky thoughts or feelings, notice you are focusing on a problem, redirect your attention towards your inner peace.  Just actively choose to focus on inner peace, easily and effortlessly.  Invoke the agreement, simply say, silently or aloud; “I am activating my Inner Peace Agreement” and you WILL receive support.

Then, just breathe it in, breathe inner peace into your being and breathe inner peace out.  If there’s a situation or problem, simply send your inner peace to that situation when you breathe out.  You will be amazed how peaceful you suddenly feel.  You will notice all those thoughts, feelings, issues and problems just drop away as you are bathed in such blissful peace.  And please understand, it’s not just escapism, every time you do this, you are dissolving the thoughts, feelings, patterns, behaviours, problems at source.  For good.  Just keep doing it.  It’s so easy, so simple, so quick to do and quick to act. 

And remember that agreement you made?  It was to bring yourself and others inner peace?  Well, every time you activate it for yourself, you automatically ARE bringing it to others too.  And if you know somebody who’s having problems, somebody you know could do with activating their inner peace, share this with them.  And if you don’t think they will be open to it, simply ask their soul, their soul group and their guides to activate inner peace for them. 

When you invite inner peace to flood through your body, you are allowing the divine source and the highest energies of enlightenment to course through your being.  Don’t engage with your stuff, don’t try to work things out, just breathe in and out your inner peace.  Magic!  Inner peace dissolves confusion and opens your intuition.  You will find solutions you had never before dreamed of to problems you thought were insurmountable.  And imagine what kind of a world we make when everyone is radiating their inner peace, for themselves and others, right alongside you. You can bet I’m with you, my sisters and brothers.             

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Divine Union Is You

We live our lives with the illusion of separation and it causes us so much trouble and gives us so many rich experiences for our growth.

A double edged sword, you might say.

We are now fast-tracking our growth and healing and bringing that sense of separation to an end as we invite and embody divine union.

How do we do this? We activate and ignite our twin flame.

Your twin flame is an energy that sits at the core of your soul. Activating it is akin to connecting with the truth of our being. You see, we are divine. You are divine, you are divine now, always have been, always will be. You are never alone, you are a beacon of love, in fact, you are love incarnate. You are always everything that is, everything.

But the question is, do you sense, feel, acknowledge these deep truths about you?

If you do, you will never seek anything outside of yourself.
You will never feel lonely or as though you don’t belong.
You will never need healing.
You will always be complete and balanced.

And that’s just for starters. It’s time to activate your twin flame. Because your twin flame IS divine union. It is the divine feminine and divine masculine that you are, combined. Because we are all both.

And when you activate divine union at the core of your being, your soul, you BECOME your divine truth. You wake up to being the divine being you always were. You rock it.

Imagine going through life KNOWING you are divine. BEING your divine self.

To activate your twin flame requires an energetic activation process that I would LOVE to take you through on my TWIN FLAME ALCHEMY online workshop.

It takes place on FRIDAY 13th AUGUST at 3.30pm to 5.30pm British Summer Time.
It costs only £15

Not only will you ignite your twin flame but you will also receive a sacred soul initiation, integrating you with the full spectrum of your soul and entitling you to enrol on all future amenet drago : Soul Mastery workshops.

You will experience not one, but two energy chambers where you will meet your twin flame embodied as a person or persons and then manifest your twin flame into your life as a person who acts as a mirror for you and creates sacred, divine union with you, in the form of your choosing.

I can assure you, every one of my offerings is deep, profound, transformative and life changing. Go HERE to read what people have to say.

Honestly, are you crazy enough to say no to this?!?

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Being Fulfilled

It is always important to recognise where we are not being an expression of conscious presence in our reality and the way that we act and react.

It is important to recognise where we are being an expression of conscious presence as this allows us to understand, acknowledge and recognise what it is like to be an expression of the divine.

Being an expression of the divine is a natural aspect of our being, something we can achieve without thinking about and yet there is a need to contemplate it, to become familiar with it.

Our purpose is to recognise our truth, power, and wisdom within our being, to bring forward a new way of being.

It is not a new way of being for our soul, but it is a new way of being for our personality.

To describe this new way of being, we can use the word fulfilment.

Accessing, feeling, sensing, acknowledging and experiencing fulfilment is the key.

With every experience we embark upon, every feeling, thought, action and reaction, it is important to acknowledge the energy of fulfilment.

Ask yourself, am I experiencing fulfilment in this moment?

To achieve this, there is a need to contemplate and meditate on what fulfilment would be like for you, within your being, within your reality, within all aspects of your existence upon the Earth.

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What Are You Choosing Now?

The world is dreaming you as you dream the world into being.

What are you choosing?

I keep coming back to this question, what are you choosing now?

Because this is a big question for us all.

Everything we are, everything we choose. Everything that the world is, we chose it. We are always constantly choosing what is. Individually and collectively.

All the mess in the world, it exists because we dreamed it up, we chose it and we keep on choosing it. All the mess in our lives, the same. We are far too worrisome, too anxious, too negative and too fearful to be choosing peace, love, calmness at this stage in our evolution as humanity.

We are sad, angry, frustrated, hurt, despairing, tired, unfulfilled, doubting, distrusting.

We are not living everyday joyous, abundant, compassionate, serene, loving, peaceful, calm, trusting lives. We would love to be doing so, but we’re not.

So, we really need to keep asking ourselves this question, “what am I choosing in this moment?” and make conscious choices.

We can choose peace, love, serenity, fulfilment, beauty, abundance. And we can keep choosing those powerful energies.

Even the most conscientious of people who really wish for all those things for themselves and the world are still choosing fear, doubt, distrust, they are upset with the state of the world. They are fearful for the future. They are hurt by the stories in the news and despairing for their children. What they don’t seem to realise is that their energy is the energy of negativity and dissonance and the fact that they are sending it out IS as much the problem as anything else. One of the energies they feel is blame. They blame the politicians, the powers that be, the industries, the corporations, the uneducated masses, the ignorant, the pharma, the consumer culture, they blame themselves, another energy is guilt. In sending out the energy of blame and guilt, WHO is sending out the energy of acceptance? Love? Peace? Balance? Trust? Who is holding these key energies for the Earth and us all every day? WHO?

The people who care, the peacemakers and activists, their kind of care is a problem, they look at the world, at their lives and see lack, hate, power-over, they see destruction of the planet, consumerism, greed, death. They send our their energies of fear, worry, sadness, anger, lack, guilt, blame, mistrust, and they action their thoughts and feelings by sending out the dissonance of conflict and opposition.

Don’t you see? If this is how we view the world, this is the world we create, this is the world we made.

The solution is inside us.

There is nothing wrong with Mother Earth, she is doing fine, she is not suffering, that is the illusion we project on her but really, it’s our suffering. She is the most powerful thing on the planet, heck, she IS the planet! There has always been change, there has always been extinction, that is not down to us and Mother Earth is not at threat, not even by us. Mother Earth is trying to help us though, because we are her children. We are family and she loves us. Mother Earth has solutions to everything we do, she can deal with plastic, in her timeframe, too massive for us to imagine, she can lock it up in the Earth. She is raising her core temperature herself, as she has many times before, she can rewild the concrete jungle and reforest the world in a few short years. She is not afraid to shake things up, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, fire and flood are moods to Mother Earth and she embraces death and life equally. She understands death better than we ever will, whilst living in our physical forms. She doesn’t equate death as a problem, like we do, she doesn’t judge.

We are the only species on this planet who needs to get with the programme. There is only one way to do that, only one solution, we each find it inside ourselves. It is not outside, but inside.

If we each turn inward and focus on the love in our hearts, we are already winning. Not only that, but the key is that what we focus on loving is not our soul mate, family, humanity or Mother Earth, it’s ourselves. We cannot truly love anybody or anything else authentically unless we have found that authentic love inside ourselves, for ourselves, first. It has to match, resonate with our inner truth, then, something magical sparks to life. And when each person does that and then turns outwards from that place within, they can choose to create the world, the life, that keeps eluding us. A world of harmonious resonance, loving, trusting, peaceful, accepting, affirming, fulfilling and alive.

Go inside and choose beauty, love and abundance. Choose acceptance. Start with yourself and work outwards. Don’t come outside yourself and try to change the world until you have changed yourself first. Yes, we need everybody, we all have different roles, we need activists and peacemakers, we need voices raised loud and strong, but they need to come from souls who have found the love inside themselves, who can access those pure, resonant energies of love and peace whilst putting to bed fear and distrust, as they change the world together.

Make yourself the supreme, independent authority and source of all the love you receive.

Seek and find within yourself, for it is certainly there, all the love, confidence, peace, nurturing, acceptance, approval, security, validation, power, beauty and the abundance that you could ever imagine, all coming from yourself, to yourself.

You are the sole source of all that.

Now, imagine a world where everybody is doing just that, and yet, at the same time, don’t trouble yourself with what anybody else is doing, just do you, beautifully.

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Let’s Do Simple

Recently, I’ve been wondering why we make everything so complicated.  Why can’t things be simple?  Surely, this is a matter of how we see things, interpret things?  Perhaps, ‘complicated’ is something we inadvertently choose?  Of course, we would love things to be simple!  What if they are, or could be?  But we get embroiled in life mentally and emotionally, and before long, we are tangled up in the crazy convoluted world of our daily lives. 

It occurred to me, the thing that takes us from calm and simple to crazy and complicated, is it longing? Is it because we are carrying a deep, intrinsic drive, a longing for something we don’t perceive we have? Peace, success, happiness, contentment, love, enlightenment, the end-game, something that we never seem to reach, no matter how hard we try, or what we do. Is this the yearning for connection that is oneness with all that is? To feel one with nature? With those we love? With ourselves? With the divine source. Instead, there is a deep sense of separation, of being an island, it is as though we are caged within a cage of our own making.

What if all the chaos in our lives only exists because we summon it?  What if we chose simple instead, can we even do that?  To be simple, we must be naked, honest, direct, trusting.  We must be vulnerable.  We must let go of our drama, our analysing and judging.  Perhaps, ‘complicated’ is easier to achieve than peace…   

My life has been getting somewhat complicated lately and when it does, I’ve been reminding myself that, actually, everything is real simple. And it helps because it is, once I stop and remember, everything complicated has a chance to fall away and I realise that the complexity was coming from inside me.

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Mother Earth’s Message about The Warrior’s Path

“All that is love surrounds you.  All that is love is within you.  I am Mother Earth, I greet you, beloved child of the Earth, my beloved daughters and sons, for you are one that hears my call.  I ask you to remain open and connected with me in every moment, every day, and I will support you.  My love flows freely and beautifully through our channel of connection. 

This message is for you, hear me, for I wish to ask you to express your understanding of my call to others.  Your call will be heard.  Your most expansive attitude is called for, it is important for many to hear my message. 

Please bring to mind the warrior’s path.  The warrior is a fighter and may fight for many reasons, for many causes.  You may fight within yourself or you may express your fierce attitude outside yourselves and upon others, towards a perceived enemy.  The warrior never shirks, for they embody their warrior spirit and many warriors stand together with others, creating an army, a force, an energy of fight. 

I wish you to contemplate, what is fight? Fight is an energy that may be in your hearts and sometimes it appears for good reasons, for good causes, sometimes it appears creating chaos and disharmony, suffering and pain. Fight, as an energy, is not in alignment with the divine source, fight is a dissonance, it is never in alignment with the divine source to stand in opposition, in any way, with another energy. However, it is not wrong to do this either, it is simply a choice and a path. We can fight from a place of love, but love does not express itself well through the tension that is created when we are fighting, love expresses best from a place of peace and stillness within. And our energies are constantly being directed, during 2021, towards co-operation, connection and harmony. Conflict and fight create a dissonance and an opposition with the unifying energies of oneness that are to be embraced for a stronger connection with myself, Mother Earth, and with the divine source.

Please contemplate the ways in which you are a fighter, whether it is in opposition to your own self, your behaviours, words and actions, your body, your emotions, your pains and conditions. These limitations are to be welcomed, to be embraced. And as you learn this, you learn also that the limitations that are imposed upon you throughout the world, forces and organisations that appear to create negative energies and imbalances, even upon my own body, the Earth, these are to be welcomed and embraced for the gifts they bring. They are creating opportunities for release and healing. They have a purpose, a value and where acceptance, openness, connection and co-operation are offered, then, the absence of an adversary allows the energies to flow, opening up to synthesis and unity. But in creating an opposition, an opponent, this is consolidating the energies of strength and power in resistance, in contention, creating a wider gulf and a stronger obstruction.

Let these words be heard, for many upon the Earth who love my energies, my expressions, my beautiful planet, my soul and myself, Mother Earth, many who wish to remain deeply connected with the divine source, are remaining in opposition to the energies of unity and oneness that are flowing through the Earth and humanity now. We are asking humanity to open their hearts, to accept and connect with even those they perceive as the enemies of all that is good.”

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Opening Up to Oneness

In my meditations of late I’ve been asking for, from within my being, a state of deep peace.  A peace so deep that only love can live there.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  To be at peace in any given situation or circumstance, to only experience deep peace.  Aaahhhh!  Yes.  Nice.

It occurs to me, in achieving such a state I would be letting go of all struggle, all baggage, all challenge, maybe even the desire to achieve.  I would simply become. 

Have you ever met somebody, and in getting to know them you see yourself reflected in them?  You recognise yourself, your struggles, your loves, your journey, your habits, your choices?  Maybe even your temper, your wounds, your fears?  They tend to be the people we either instantly love or hate, because we see either the best or the worst of us staring in our face.  When we recognise ourselves in others, we are really recognising the divine source, the unifying factor that is us all.  The blending of all beings into a source. 

Upon the Earth, this is an experience of connection.  These are the ones with whom we make the deepest connection and we call them our soul family, our tribe.  Connecting with another is accepting them, supporting them.  To do that well, we must first accept ourself, support ourself.  This is the energy of oneness, and I think it is akin to what I was looking for in finding that state of deep peace. 

It is a state of openness, of allowing our energy, our love and light to flow, to receive and to give our light to and from others.  Not only other people but all energies upon the Earth, all living beings.  When that light and love is flowing in connection like that, we are in a state of oneness.

Oneness is the absence of separation, the absence of fear.  It is openness and connection without judgement, without conditions.  In oneness, we embrace ourselves fully and learn to accept the dark and the light in equal measure, with the same spirit of surrender.    

Oneness is like a kind of a community.  Have you ever been to an event or a place where you really felt you belonged, where you felt a part of everything and shared a deep connection with everyone who was with you there?  Maybe something incredible happened that you all witnessed together?  When you come away from an event like that and everyone separates, you really feel a sense of loss.  You lose that sense of being understood, without words, because you all shared the same deep understanding.  You know you can’t talk to anybody else about what happened there, they just wouldn’t get it.  We crave to be with those with whom we can feel and connect so deeply as that.  That is what oneness is like, and it can be there all the time and with everybody.

Where is that missing from my life?  Everywhere.  Almost everywhere, there are those with whom I have experienced this within my life but it’s not always easy to stay in that place.  Why?  Too many wounds, too much growth surges, too many challenges that bring ego to the fore and steal the stillness that this kind of experience requires.  It’s often the simple surface practicalities that cause a feeling of separation; distance, emotionally and physically.  Communication breakdowns. 

Mundane normality steals away the magic; bills, chores, tasks, problems, commitments.  Ego.  Ego is a big one, ego can really put a damper on connection and openness. And fear, they go hand in hand.  It’s often lack of confidence, of worthiness, we don’t settle into that sense of belonging because we fear what somebody else may think.  We don’t have the courage, and it really needs to be there deep, deep down, where we don’t tend to peer inside of us, not just surface courage.

Think of all those times when we push people away, when we disregard them, refuse help, feel we have to do this on our own.  The times when we convinced ourself that there is nobody who gets us, who understands, nobody who cares.  All the times we feel lonely.

We are living in a period of time when many of us have experienced loneliness with Covid and lockdowns.  Imagine rewriting that experience whist bringing in the energy of oneness, of unity and connection.  That energy starts within us, it is that place of deep peace within.  It is the confidence, the self-belief, the presence to surrender to our own beauty and that of every being around us. 

How can I ever feel lonely?  How can I entertain that idea, unless by choice?  If I feel loneliness, then I must be closing myself down. I live in a house with a loving husband.  We are separating but we still love each other deeply and he would never refuse me a hug if I needed one.  He wouldn’t even ask for a reason.  If he sees me struggling, he will offer to cook something for me or suggest that we go for a walk on the nearby beach together.  And I have two very affectionate cats, they are always up for cuddles and attention, they never say no either.  How could I diminish their value and importance?  Their unique kind of connection is the purest of all.  No judgements, no communication issues, no holds barred, they are totally committed to open connection with me at the drop of a hat. 

What am I doing, thinking that I’m lonely?  Discounting my loving husband and my two adorable cats?  I’m creating limitations and conditions, aren’t I?  As if they don’t count, are not what or who I’m craving connection with.  I could have a deep and open connection with the beings in my household in every moment and they would certainly value and appreciate my reaching out.  I really need to open myself up to oneness every day and remember that oneness doesn’t pick and choose, we are all the same.  What if we are all closing ourselves down inside and feeling alone whilst creating the belief that the ones we are with are not the ones we want or who want us?  What if we take a risk and reach out?  Only now matters.  We might surprise ourselves and them.  I suspect we will find that we are all craving support and acceptance from each other, to give and receive, we are all waiting to be invited and somebody has to make the first move.                 

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Conversation with my Soul and Ego

Beloved Soul, please help our beloved Ego right now.
Our Ego is struggling with this situation and these conditions and needs to feel our love.
Our Ego needs to know that, together, we have got this.
Let us show our Ego that she is not alone.

Beloved Ego, please accept the help of our Soul.
Our Soul wishes to pour her divine loving presence over and through you.
She sees that you are struggling with troublesome thoughts and feelings right now.
She is ready to oversee the burden for you.

Be at peace, Ego, for we are a multi-faceted, integrated being.
We are one and you will never need to carry everything on your own again.

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Love: Fourth Skill for Life

You might wonder why we didn’t start this mini-series of Skills for Life with love, and you’d be right to think that.  Love comes first, love is the foundation upon which everything sits.  I bring it in now because when conscious breathing, finding our inner peace and focussing our imagination are in place, then love blossoms.  And wow, how it blossoms. 

Individually, these skills are mighty, combined, they are incredibly powerful.  Using them, all that we are can be fully expressed throughout our physical beings.  With conscious breathing, we calm our mind and body, we enter a deeper, more healed and expansive state of awareness.  Through the breath, we are utilising the focus, control and mastery required for manifestation, realisation and enlightenment.  When we enter our place of inner peace, we become still, balanced, aligned.  We open to love in the grandest of senses, the all-encompassing, unconditional kind of love.  When we bring in our imagination, visualising what we are choosing, when everything is together and coming from that place of love, well, can you imagine it?  There is nothing like it. 

From this place, there are no bad days because bad days are welcomed as teachers.  There are no difficult situations because we allow them.  There are no opponents, even our most difficult opponent is overcome.  And do you know who that is?  Yes, we are our most difficult opponent.  Nobody judges us as harshly as we judge ourselves, nobody puts us down and calls us names as shamelessly as we do to ourselves.  Nobody kicks us when we are down as much as we kick ourselves.  The kind of love we need most of all is love for ourselves.  That’s the foundation, that’s where it starts.  Love yourself first.  Don’t fight yourself.

Right now, in this moment, let your breathing become relaxed and slow.  Now, go to the place of inner peace that exists inside you and feel the serenity, let it permeate your entire being.  Peace is the complete absence of fear and fear is every emotion that isn’t love, whether it manifests as anger, frustration, shame, guilt, worry, anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, doubt, hate, bitterness, sadness, all of it is an expression of fear.  When you find peace, only love exists there.  There is nothing wrong with these emotions, they all bring their gifts, they are all guests to welcome, but you can have a break, you can find the peace and love inside you.    

Open your imagination to love, let love blossom throughout your being.  Using your imagination, see love in whatever form it appears for you.  Let it unfold as you focus on yourself.  Send yourself some loving thoughts, notice the loving feelings welling up for yourself.  Using your intent and will, send it all flowing into your heart chakra.  Fill yourself up every morning and then let your day begin.