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Loving Our Inner Children

Adults of any age, twenty, forty, even ninety, can act like children sometimes.

And I don’t mean in a fun and carefree way, I mean when we’re upset.

We go back to that childhood feeling of vulnerability when we had much less resources to call on in dealing with emotional upsets.

We act like children when one of our inner children is activated.

Maybe we’re petulant, maybe we don’t listen, we shout or scream, we get tongue-tied and can’t express ourselves. Maybe we lash out, blame others, cover up and say things we’re going to regret.

We’re far from our clear thinking adult self at those times and that’s because we’re feeling hurt and back in that feeling from our childhood.

We don’t have one inner child, we have one for each wound or trauma experienced.

Most of us will have many wounded inner children, each carrying a belief such as “I’m not worthy; I’m not lovable; people can’t be trusted.”

Every time something happens to trigger one of those beliefs, the little child who suffered the original wound and created that belief comes to the surface.

Then, when we’re hurt and emotional, it’s easy to find ourselves acting like a hurt child again at such a time.

And if someone in your life is acting that way from time to time, that’s probably why.

Give them a break and give yourself a break, we all do it, unless we heal those inner children and relieve them of the burdens they are desperately trying to address.

To heal, we go within, find our inner child.

Listen to our child, really hear our child.

Acknowledge, validate, love and embrace that child,

Then, we heal and integrate our inner child into our heart space, finally letting go of what was never our burden to carry. And that’s such a beautiful thing to do.

[Image: ‘Surma Tribe Mother With Baby’ photograph by Francisco Mendoza Ruiz courtesy of Fine Art America]

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Power Play and Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be hard and that’s something coming to the fore at the moment. It’s so easy to let things slip, then it’s difficult to do a u-turn and put a boundary in place.

And we can feel confused about how to communicate what we want in the best way.

There are times we are going to upset other people and that’s okay.

Have you ever come across a bully? Most people have and where there’s a bully there’s a person or people being bullied.

Have you ever wondered what determines that one person holds all the power and another person is powerless? It’s like a silent agreement between them.

The bully has made control and power their own. The bully feels entitled and lacks empathy.

The bullied is holding victim consciousness, feels guilt and apologises for their needs.

There’s a bully in my environs and although there’s talk about how troublesome they are, people continue enabling their behaviour.

It’s a two-way dance, it takes a mutual agreement. We do have the power to change that dynamic.

The bully in my environs is sometimes confronted but then, the same old dynamic quickly returns. In this dynamic, the souls are learning about personal power, not only the one who is controlling and manipulative but those struggling to stand up for themselves, to find and uphold their boundaries and embody their sense of empowerment. And this means learning how to love, honour and respect oneself.

Are you setting and protecting your boundaries?

Are you involved in a power play with anyone?

What are you learning from them about yourself?

Does that make you feel like changing in any way?

(Image: “Goddess: Yin Yang” by Amenet Drago)

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Feeling Hurt

Epiktetos, a Greek philosopher who lived from 50AD to 135AD once said:

“Another person will not hurt you without your cooperation. You are hurt the moment you believe yourself to be.“

How are we complicit when someone hurts us?

In what ways do we enable the other person to influence us thus?

Where is the hurt we feel coming from?

It cannot happen without our consent and our emotional response is the soul agreement we have with the other.

Their words or actions activate something that already exists inside us and then we feel hurt.

We created that, not them. Because we carry the potential to be hurt.

We are receiving an opportunity to perceive the hurt we are carrying.

It’s only when a belief we are carrying that isn’t true changes that the patterns change.

The belief is very old and very deep. It’s absolute and so deep we may not realise it’s there.

Hurt is the signal that alerts us to the presence of a false belief within us.

It’s our inner child that’s hurting.

What does our inner child need that’s missing?

To be loved, to be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged, to know that they are truly worthy.

So you see, when someone hurts us it’s a gift, a chance to meet our hurt inner child and remind them they are loved, heard, seen, valued and so, so worthy.

Image: “Understanding My Hurt Feelings” by Ananda Amenet Reid

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Being Seen, Being Strong, Being Vulnerable

Listen, nobody is saying it’s easy being born into this world, growing up and living your best life. And if we are wise, we know that every stumble, every hurdle and every chain rattling around our ankles is there for a reason. We are here to learn and grow into our best selves and it’s when life brings forth challenges that we are forced to bring our best self to the surface.

As little children, many of us were not seen or heard, not by our parents, our teachers, our siblings, friends or society at large. Not because of who we were, but because others didn’t know how to see us. And some of us felt like that all the way through growing up and into adulthood. If you’ve grown up resonating with; “I’m not important” or “I’m not worthy” or “I don’t matter”, then you know what I’m talking about.

Putting ourselves out there does not come easy to us, from a young age, maybe we got used to staying in the shadows, being a pleaser, getting out of the way. So, good for you if you’re learning to step up now.

And do you know someone who’s loud? They’re giving off an aura of “Don’t mess with me!” Maybe they’re so strong you hardly ever see the person underneath, no vulnerability showing. They are tough and ballsy. Maybe they come over as unpleasant, aggressive and downright full of themselves. It’s normal to want to avoid such a person and maybe we’re the one who’s built that wall and we see how people perceive us as scary but we don’t know how to be any different.

Believe me, the tough ones are likely terrified of being outed as not good enough. They’ve been hurt and built a strong defence. It takes a brave and persistent friend to find out they’re not that hard, scary bully, that they have a centre as gooey as caramel if you get past their defences and a big heart lies hidden within.

There may come a time in your life when you start to change. Instead of being timid, you find your inner lion and start roaring. Or maybe you allow the cracks to light up your inner beauty and start bringing your impenetrable wall down. If you do, you will know that vulnerability is one of the most powerful gifts we have. When we change, we find ourselves learning to find that centre-point where authenticity shines. We may go a little too far the other way before we pull back to our true selves.

Let’s remember, we all encompass, deep inside, that same innocent, vulnerable little child we once were before the world messed with us. We are all truly beautiful and had we lived in a world that embraced love, peace and truth as the three principles of humanity, we would have grown up as the best versions of ourselves from the start. It isn’t our fault that we don’t live in that world, this world exists to bring out the best in us through the choices that we make and the actions we convey. We can choose to embody love, peace and truth for ourselves and the next generation. When we do find our best, authentic self, we can totally own it because it was totally down to us.

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Bringing In The Soul

Last weeks’ posts were all about persona, it is, after all, a sticky subject.  If persona is strongly present, we will probably either fail to recognise it or we’ll engage in the subject big style, only to announce we got it all sorted and healed in a few short weeks, because that’s the kind of tricksy customer we’re dealing with.  Truth is, it cannot be done in a few short weeks, it’s more likely to take years of dedication and staying with the work.  For myself, I worked for a couple of years on inner child healing, only to feel I was not really getting anywhere.  Then, I received a message from my guides telling me I had to make 44 inner child healings to clear myself.  Now, that’s a lot of work and it takes time, dedication and sticking to the programme.      

Most of us were not parented without some kind of wound being transferred, because that’s the kind of world we live in.  We are the ones who are now waking up to all this, previous generations have been handing down the wounds and traumas from one generation to another without a clue.  And think of what our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have been through in their lives, two world wars, the fear of nuclear annihilation, perhaps being immigrants, so many sexual, physical, emotional abuses that went unrecognised.  No wonder so many adults learned to be emotionally unavailable, critical, judging, and sometimes, just downright dysfunctional as parents.  They lived in a different world where so much was carried without support or recognition, so much went unheard, unseen and unacknowledged.  They are not perpetrators, they were victims themselves.  Bless them all, every one of them.  May we now find the means to heal ourselves, heal our daughters and sons and stop the ancestral wounds from being perpetuated.

The biggest hurdle with being in persona is that persona hears all this and doesn’t accept it because persona’s job is all about bigging us up, continuously feeding us the narrative that we are ‘more than’.  We want to believe we are not broken, not failing, not ‘less than’.  Persona sees this wound stuff as a deficit, a need, as being ‘less than’.  Persona is wrong about that, it’s the opposite, if we see that this is an active issue for us, then, we are ‘more than’ not ‘less than’.  We have ‘more than’ a fighting chance to become our best selves.  Whereas, as long as we stay in persona, we will keep cycling through the patterns, living from those untrue beliefs and, deep down, believing we are unworthy.  And really, everything we believe is untrue, we were always good enough, always worthy, it was never about us.   

And we must never forget, we are, through some kind of divine dichotomy, always healed, always whole, always complete and always perfect, because wherever we are, whatever circumstances we had to live through as children, whatever wounds and traumas we carry, our soul chose this life for a reason.  It’s our path, it’s perfect for who we are.  We are not trying to fix ourselves or get somewhere, we are simply continuously moving forward on the path of fulfilment.  We are already experiencing fulfilment and through increasing the love that we are, we are increasing our fulfilment, and this is a never-ending story.  We are not here to heal because we are not broken, and we will find our path in our own time, if it is the will of our soul.  And that’s where soul work comes in. 

Imagine how much more powerful we are, how empowered our life path is when we are integrated with our soul, when our soul is fully present in our body, in our lives in every moment, with all the many gifts our soul holds for us.  Such wisdom, love, power, freedom, peace.  When we are releasing the dissonance of the fears and traumas from our past and the past of our ancestral line, through our own healing, then, being as one with the entirety of our soul is as though we just super-charged ourselves and our lives.

Click the link to find out about my six session Soul Integration online workshop, coming soon.  Check it out, book your place, feel free to contact me for more information.      

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“What’s it to be: What is Right or What is Easy?”

Hello! Time for this Friday’s Transformational Question. BTW, it’s not just questions that bring us opportunities for transformation, every moment we are alive has that potential. Isn’t that magical?

“What is right or what is easy, which are you choosing?”

Relationships, work, principles, choices, dreams, future plans. Are we listening to our heart, that is, the voice of our soul, our intuitive guidance?

(Just to clarify, sometimes when we say ‘our heart’ we mean heart versus head, and that means coming from our emotions, which can often be the gut response. That’s not a good idea, our ego and persona work from there. In my case, when I say ‘listening to our heart’ I’m never referring to heart vs head, I mean from our heart chakra, which is where our soul speaks from. This is a different kind of listening. To recognise the difference, when you listen to your heart chakra, you feel peaceful, still, calm and you have a comfortable feeling about it because it’s coming from love. You feel that this is the voice that is honouring your truth, leaving you to feel like you are loving yourself. And by ‘right’, I mean what is right for you, your path, not for anybody else.)

Do you know how to listen like that? And when that voice says, “what is right isn’t the easy option” do you hear, do you listen, are you ready to take the harder route?
Or do you ignore your inner voice?

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The Treasure You Seek

This is the last post of the week on persona and this is the one where we look at what to do about it.  For most of us, we have a proportionate amount of persona and the rest of what we project as our self is our personality-ego, which is our true face, as projected by our soul.  We know that our soul is our true state but our soul is so much more than the sum of this one single incarnation as the person we are in this life. Personality is the authentic expression of this current self as a physical person on Earth and it comes from our soul.  Persona is a false casing, a mask that covers over our personality that we made when very young when we found that our true self was rejected by our main care giver(s). 

So, there are two means to increase the fulfilment of our spiritual journey that we are talking about here.  One is to remove persona and become our true, original personality, this is the person we would have been if we had been loved, kept safe, been approved of, heard, seen and validated by our care givers as a child in the early years.  The other is to invite our soul to become fully integrated into who we are as a being and connected into every moment of our life.

If we take the first part of that, how do we chip away at that hard, tough carapace that persona has built around us?  If we have a small amount of persona, then we know our authentic self very well, can access it and increase it, we can even choose to carry on using persona completely safely, when in certain situations, such as when at work or in performance, knowing that we are utilising persona and knowing when we are putting that mask down again.

The more persona we have, the longer it will take to chip it off and the more persona will try to sabotage our efforts to protect itself.  However, once we have accepted that this is our situation and embraced the need to change, to heal, to remove persona, as long as we stay committed to that, we will move swiftly towards freedom and every step we make will improve our condition. 

If we have become mostly or all persona, instead of our original personality, our first task is to really see it.  To really believe it and to really choose to work on it, for as long as it takes.  We have a lot of chipping away to do.  The first myth I wish to dispel, that persona feeds us, is that there will be nothing of us left if we let persona go.  This is simply not true.  We will feel like sheep must feel when they have endured the first shearing of the year, we will stand there, naked and trembling, we will feel like a weight has been lifted off of us but that weight also felt like the cosiest comfort blanket ever.  We will also feel the light and love inside of us for the first time and realise, for the first time, what authenticity feels like and how our previous state really was a prison.

There are two paths to follow to remove persona.  The first is to heal the wounds and traumas that we suffered in early childhood, before the age of seven usually, because they are the source.  The second is to integrate our soul into our being because it brings in so much love, so much wisdom, so many skills, tools abilities, all of which will strengthen, heal and add to our fulfilment.  And it brings in the truth of our being and a deep connection to the divine source. 

When it comes to healing the inner child wounds at source, there are free resources online for this here or just find Jen Peters’ free videos on youtube. Look out for her free abandonment wound healing too, it is so important to cover this.  Do the work.  If you are light on persona, light on early trauma, you will have less work to do.  If you are heavier on trauma wounds, you will be using these tools over and over again, I recommend every time a behaviour pattern is triggered.  If you are mostly or completely persona, really, you need some help from a dedicated specialist in the field and although I’m not promoting her, Jen Peters is one I know of.  Seek your own, but make sure you get the right kind of help. 

There are also numerous resources out there for integrating your soul into your being but, of course, I’m only going to talk about the Soul Integration work I am soon to offer.  This is something I have been passionate about since I had my own soul integration in 2018, it’s not exaggerating to say it changed my life.  I am finalising an online six session 45 minute weekly workshop on Soul Integration with a sacred soul initiation and download.  It will be released at a special introductory price in June.  


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Recognising Persona

Here are some ways we might recognise the presence of a strong persona in our lives:

We may be accomplished at self-image and appearance. This means making efforts towards a polished appearance in public or with significant others and investing in quality products for make-up, hair, clothes, shoes, accessories. It means people regularly compliment us on appearance which persona values. Persona is making sure we present the best image for ourselves to maximise our perceived image and personal story as one of accomplishment, success and distinction.

More self-image and the appearance, this also impacts environment; home, car, what we do for a living, they are an extension of us, so we make an effort to ensure they look and sound impressive. It’s a part of the efforts persona makes to appear worthy, in contrast to the way we feel deep inside.

Friendships and social contacts are often enabled by social media. These are important because they validate us and provide the acknowledgment we inwardly crave. Alongside choosing what makes us feel special, we are also choosing friendships and connections with people who we feel are special and talented too, if possible. We are attracted to people who we would like to associate ourselves with because they fulfil the narrative we are creating.

Seeking praise. Some people in persona enter the performance arenas or public fields; writing, singing, comedy, spirituality, politics, acting, giving presentations. Anywhere we receive praise or feel special because that helps feed the continued need for approval we didn’t get in childhood. And, of course, this happens on some level in whatever arena we find ourselves in. We are constantly seeking to impress with our talents and abilities, we are often driven and successful people who may rise through the ranks. Strong persona people are often found in elevated functioning roles, (presidents of powerful nations perhaps, or just as high as we can get.)

Skills and accomplishments are important, we will probably have one or more talent, hobby or skill that we use to elicit praise. Art, music, cookery, crafts, performance, writing. Whatever it is, we are keen to showcase such skills to feel that sense of worthiness, which is never enough because the inner wound is always there.

Storytelling is key. We concern ourselves strongly with creative ways to tell our narrative, maybe posting, blogging, selfies that are staged and edited. Maybe the unique clothes we wear or other aspects of our appearance. Whatever we use to create our story of self, it’s so important, it feeds the persona and builds that thick protective shell which hides the truth from ourselves and others.

We may often feel that others don’t understand us, that we are hard-done-by or under-valued. We may feel exclusively different, a loner, someone who is so individual that nobody really gets us. This is because our persona is telling us we are especially worthy. This powerful sense of specialness feeds our narrative to offset and hide our deep feelings of unworthiness which is coming from the wound we carry.

Having an overly affectionate manner or being extremely friendly and effusive is common. Persona tends to emphasise affection and praise towards others in order to encourage the same back, which helps feed our unmet needs. We are looking for the affection, love, admiration and approval that we didn’t receive in early years and this is especially true in significant relationships. This is an unconscious behaviour coming from the persona.

We are prone to be highly sensitive. We may pick up the signs and signals of others so clearly, like an empath. This is because we had to learn to read people very well since early childhood. We would have been hyper-sensitive to the moods, words and behaviours of the significant adults around us as a child. We did this in order to protect ourselves and it became a survival skill. Now, as adults, we are really good at reading people, it comes as second nature and we pick up on other’s emotions too, better than they do themselves even.

We commonly have a tendency to be a rescuer, a fixer or feel that we are always there for others. This becomes a key way to feel important and valued for us and it’s a distraction from doing our own healing work which we might be in denial about or keep sabotaging, even as we think we are doing it.

Emotional and physical exhaustion can be a problem, we have moments when we feel overly tired and exhausted because keeping persona going is such hard work. We may find we are overwhelmed with our commitments, keeping on top of our social diary, keeping our narrative going on social media, creative projects and self-image. All this may be quite demanding at times. And we probably have some health issues that keep plaguing us because that hurt and suffering, the deep wound and trauma, it’s got to come out somehow.

Perhaps, deep down, we know something’s wrong, we are just too scared to unpack that feeling and look at it. But there will be moments when this uncomfortable feeling will surface. Perhaps we dismiss it quickly. If we are doing the work already, we might even realise already that our sense of worthiness is a big issue for us.

Is this post starting to feel uncomfortable, perhaps a little bit threatening? Then maybe there’s another clue.

The above list gives some indications to recognise persona, but remember, that includes all of us to some degree. This list is only meant to give a rough idea. The first hurdle for persona is denial, and it’s a big one. If you said ‘yes’ to most of those statements above and you’re still reading now, I’d say you have the insight to overcome it and are already well on your way and going in the right direction.

One thing I want to tell you, right now. If this is you, you are truly beautiful and completely worthy. There is an authentic you underneath persona that is just incredible, so magnificent, you would hardly believe it. It is there. It is the truth of you. It is reachable and you can claim it.

Are you ready to take persona off, like a cloak that has been covering up your natural beauty with a painted image of beauty?  You can do it because it’s the only way to your personal power, supreme liberation and the truth of your being.  It’s what you’re here for, not just here reading this but here on Earth. 

I can’t tell you that doing this is going to be completely safe, but let’s face it, compared to what you’ve been through, you can do it and it’s so worth it. You have all you need to survive. I can’t tell you it won’t kill you because that’s exactly what it’s going to do. But once you ‘die’, you will emerge anew and your life will become the life you have always hoped for, always dreamed of, always been your true destiny. And you know there is no other way. So, get someone to be there alongside you, whether family, friend or expert support. The time has finally come and you so deserve to be free at last.

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Breaking Down Persona

Persona feels comfortable, like a warm onesie that has the magical ability to look like our idea of the best outfit ever. It’s our personal safety blanket. It is concerned with image, how others see us and how we see ourselves. Whereas, our authentic self isn’t in the least interested in how we appear to others or what they might think of us.

Persona invests in building a desired false story and narrative around us. It uses every means available and these days, social media makes the job easier than ever. An intelligent persona will actively promote the opposite of its truth, appearing self-effacing, empathetic, sensitive, kind, loving, confident and empowered, even affecting spiritual mastery, when the truth is, persona is only ever interested in itself, in feeding the hole within. Deep down, a person in their persona has little or no sense of self-worth but probably won’t know that consciously, in fact, they might believe the opposite about themselves. Everything is calculated to deceive others and ourselves, especially ourselves. We are as clueless as anybody else that we are in persona and not personality, the more we are persona, the more clueless we are.

Please understand, those unfortunate ones amongst us who lost their entire personality in early childhood are victims of deep traumas and wounds that nearly all of us experience in childhood. Only, they had it worse. How bad a trauma experience is to a little child cannot be judged by others, only by the child themselves. To some, moving school or a parental divorce is a trauma, to others, it’s not so much, it depends on so many factors; the resilience of the child, what else is going on in their lives, how well they are supported, how well they are heard, validated and loved. We cannot judge how severely traumatised a child will be from any given information of what was going on.

As a mental health professional (retired), my experience has been that, in childhood, everyday insipid trauma can be pretty much invisible and accepted at the time. And it can cause heavy damage. Criticism, put-downs, not being heard, not being loved, not being liked, not being valued, being controlled, and robbed of one’s sense of self, whether or not other forms of abuse are present, all this becomes constant reality for that little child.

So, when a child who has not yet developed their cognitive processing abilities is faced by this, they try to change, to be what that care giver, the primary influence in their lives is asking of them, imposing on them. They diminish their true selves more and more each day in their search to be what they need to be, to be loved, approved, accepted. But they can never win. Because that care giver is carrying their own trauma from their childhood and doesn’t know how to behave any other way. The child grows up with the new persona they create to survive. That persona replaces their personality, in some cases, personality is replaced completely, there is nothing of the original personality left, only persona.

By the time that little child has grown up, their coping mechanisms may have wiped out many of their early years childhood memories to protect them from the truth. They no longer have an explanation for the way they feel, except, they rarely or ever do feel the pain of their deep wound because persona has taken over. They have developed a complete persona and don’t know any different, don’t know that isn’t their authentic self. The last thing their persona will ever let happen is for them to realise because that would be the hardest blow of all for them to take.

Or would it?

Some believe that people who have lost their personality altogether, who are entirely persona are, more or less doomed to remain that way. This is because the strength of persona means it’s almost impossible to ever face or believe that we are persona and not our authentic self. We would need to accept this and then commit to years of healing, remaining committed all the time, overcoming self-sabotage, deflection and hi-jacking by a powerful persona at every turn. When the entirety of who we are is persona, it’s going to do everything in its power to stop us from waking up to the truth, thinking it’s doing so in our best interests.

We are not persona, we are soul. Nothing is lost, nothing is ever lost, even when we are all persona, our natural personality is still inside of us, our soul is still with us. Our authentic self is not gone, it can never be removed. Nothing was removed, it’s just that the hard shell, the carapace that is persona doesn’t leave any way for personality to shine through. There is always a light, the soul is ever present and as strong and powerful as ever. Everyone can remove persona, everyone can chip off that carapace and remove the shell. Everyone can reclaim their authentic self. It can be done.

To remove persona is the same journey through ‘death of self’ that the shaman takes, to completely ‘kill’ the self, the persona, and reveal what lies beneath, our beautiful truth. We can all take this path to break down whatever it is that we have constructed that needs to be eradicated. Such an initiation may lead to total collapse of self, often creating chaos initially.

We are like a phoenix chick being reborn from the ashes and our persona is the cracked and broken eggshell, falling away and burning up in the white-hot embers. We rise, our wings outstretched in the splendour that is the beautiful and worthy person we always were, our soul, our authentic self. Freedom is possible and authenticity can be embodied.

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Overcoming The Power of Persona

Self-sabotage is a difficult subject to tackle, it’s a kind of self-denial, so we are fighting ourselves and may never even realise it.

It’s our persona that does this. Personality is who we are, that is, personality is the projection of us that our soul creates as our presence in this incarnation. Ego is a part of personality, although ego may not be such a bad guy, my post ‘Ego is Not the Enemy’ looks closer at this.

Persona is not our true personality at all but it appears to be. We build a persona or personas to protect us from the knocks we learnt to expect in early childhood, when we found that who we were was not deemed acceptable in the eyes of our care givers, and persona has been attempting to protect us ever since. This is another powerful reason for integrating our soul into our being, inviting it to be fully present in every moment of every day.

Persona is built from our wounds and trauma and is the hardest of nuts to crack. Can you tell the difference between your persona and your authentic self? It can be difficult. There are times when it’s possible, for instance, if we are different at work or socially, compared to at home, that’s down to our persona.

Having a persona can feel like it’s a choice, our public face, and that’s one of the ways it deceives us to protect itself. There’s no choice with persona, it is hard-wired to protect itself at all costs, by many means. Not only from everyone else but from us. Then, we cannot tell what is the ‘real’ self and what is not. We cannot tell who we are. We think we know, but we don’t.

How on earth are we going to overcome this problem? We are all trying to heal and be our authentic selves, right?

Most difficult of all, sometimes, when we were scarred by trauma in our early years, some of us ditched our entire personality and became our persona, then, there is nothing of the original personality left. When we were told or shown, over and over again, that we are not good enough, not acceptable, not lovable, not worthy as a little child, we simply didn’t have the skills to process it before we were seven or eight, so we tried to adapt, to please. We may have ended up entirely becoming a new projection of self ditching all that was our authentic and natural self which was rejected by our significant care giver(s).

When personality is overwhelmed by persona, we are really up against it, there’s little chance to fight persona because we are deceiving ourselves all the time and don’t know it. We don’t know we are not our personality, it seems a terrifying truth to face, one that our persona protects us from fiercely. The soul is present to help us but the soul only gets on board when invited, otherwise, soul is an observer. So many people don’t know this and never do the soul-work that enables them to break free of persona. Apart from not being our persona, we are not really our personality either, we are, in truth, our soul and our life becomes so much richer if we embrace that.

Imagine if you were entirely your persona, how would you know? For the most part, you would not. From my early childhood, I lost touch with my authentic self, I did have an uncomfortable feeling about not being my true self at times but initially, I didn’t know what that feeling was, why it was there, what it meant or what to do about it. I didn’t know any different, I was really in the dark.

What changed for me was engaging with an incredible amount of light work, dumping huge quantities of light into my broken down self. I opened myself up to do that and as it continued, I accepted more and more light as my heart and channel opened more and more. The consequence was I changed, I became empowered, found out who I am, realised myself you could say, and it’s still unfolding. It changed everything and, yes, it did mean a lot of the things that kept me ‘safe’ had to go. They were illusions, patterns that kept me locked into my persona, and persona fights tooth and nail to stay. But persona has to go, rather to be naked and alive than clothed and living dead.

I believe there are different ways to break down persona and we each find our own. One thing’s for sure, it won’t happen unless we are 100% committed and we can’t get committed unless we realise what’s going on in the first place.

For me, it all started with a sacred soul initiation and that’s why I am feeling the call to bring that powerful tool to others now. Persona comes from a deep wound and the solution has to go deep as well, getting right to the root inside us where the hurt stems from. I believe light and love are the means by which we break that rock-solid carapace that is the persona. Once we create an opening, we need to pour in self-love as if our life depends upon it. Self-love, more than anything, is our salvation.

This is the beginning of a week of posts about persona, there’s a lot to look at here. Please look out for more posts every day as we unpack it and find out how to move forward from it.

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