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Levelling Up and Coming into Alignment

I’ve recently finished a four part webinar on working with energy templates.  Oh boy!  This work is marvellous and I can see I’m going to be working with this for some time.

I called forth the energy template that is my soul’s fulfilment and asked what needs to be acknowledged.  Two energies came forward.  The first was lack consciousness and secondly, a concern with what others expect or say of me.

I need to address these energies and integrate them into my being so that they move from disharmony to harmony.  So that lack moves to abundance and I am claiming my truth rather than giving my power away.

As I worked with the templates, I saw a vertical and horizontal line connected in the middle like a cross.

The vertical line of the cross represents alignment.  I may wobble on this line and move out of alignment instead of remaining in harmony and centredness.  Sometimes, I feel abundant and am less in fear of lack in my life.  Sometimes, I am in my power and truth and less focused on what others think.  And sometimes, I wobble offline.

The horizontal line of the cross is levelling.  Unresolved issues are trauma from the past and they look for opportunities to find what is missing to achieve levelling. For me, that’s always been love. It’s like water flowing in and filling up to the required level.  Lack consciousness and concerning myself with what others think are there because of unresolved issues that are still teaching me what I need to acknowledge and integrate in order to heal. 

This healing is a horizontal and vertical experience. As we heal, we level up (fill up with love) and achieve alignment with the divine source. We become lined up as well as levelled up.

Even though I’ve been working on this issue for years, there’s still a deep part of me that’s trying to find love outside of me.  That part created and feeds lack consciousness deep within me.  It also created a need to read and respond to my perceived expectations of others.  By recognising this and acknowledging it, I can heal.  I come into alignment and find my level because I’m filled up with the love that I felt was missing and this time it’s coming from myself.  In working with the energy templates, I call forth the energy of abundance.  I call forth the energies of truth and personal power that exist within me.  

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Are We Opposing Our Opponent?

There’s a lot of energy coming into my awareness at the moment about opposition.  Not in my reality but I’m aware of it around me, so I feel it’s asking to be written about.

The kind of opposition I’m talking about is bullying, not children, adults, but I suspect they are coming from a wounded child-like energy inside.  There are two types, actual face to face aggressive behaviour towards another when unprovoked and online thoughtless nastiness expressed through comments in community group posts, so these are people who live in the same community with each other.  Maybe this is something you’ve noticed around you too.

There’s a lot of opposition and polarity going on due to Covid, mostly around those that are inoculated and those that are not.  Before that, we had Brexit.  There’s a lot of opposition energy coming up in the world and I do feel this is a releasement.  It has to be expressed, noticed and then released through love.  Many people are stuck in the expression stage and they are not noticing.

Another area where this is manifesting is in the opposition between politicians/consumerism and the fears that a lot of people carry about the so-called ecological destruction of the Earth.  When we carry anger, fear, guilt, frustration or any kind of emotion expressed towards a situation, send it love.  This is another interface of opposition energy and another manifestation of fear, which we can get nowhere with but we end up creating more separation and worsening the energy.

When we respond to our opposer, we create an interface into which our opposer crashes.  There is a clash.  Opposition tends to be met with opposition, like two bulls coming together with a powerful collision.  It’s not going to improve the situation, is it?  In fact, it does the opposite, it makes the energy of aggression spike drastically and it becomes impossible for either of the opponents to back down or step away.  

What will happen if one of those bulls were to step to the side?  Then, the charging bull is going to be so full of momentum that he might run into a wall.  In any case, he’s going to miss his mark, not hurt his opponent and think hard about doing that again.  Maybe there will be a few more charges before he gets it, but if one opponent removes themselves from the situation, then there can be no clash, no aggression, no victim and no situation.

So, how does this translate to people?  A step-aside could mean physically walking away.  It could mean staying but instead of moving into opposition with the opposer, we stay calm, we stay in ‘adult’ mode.  Moving into opposition means becoming angry, reactive, taking it personally, and that means shouting back or perhaps getting hot-under-the collar tearful or emotional.  We go away feeling worse, not better.  And all of that emotion is a ‘child’ response.

Staying calm means we don’t personalise because it’s always about them and not about us.  We don’t respond or get angry, which is coming from our inner child who comes forward with those feelings from traumatic times when our child-self felt that way.  Instead, we notice and choose to remain in adult-self.  Adult-self stays calm and speaks like an adult.  We call them out, calmly, for what they are doing.  We demonstrate that they have missed their mark, we are not hurt or even ruffled and then we walk away.  In my experience, that usually leaves the attacker speechless because that just doesn’t happen to them and they don’t know what to do.

What about when we just cannot move away?  Perhaps it’s a neighbourly dispute.  We get creative and consider how else we can remove ourselves from the situation.  Can we remove our fear, our expectations?  Are we seeing them as the powerful one and ourselves as powerless?  How can we change that narrative and create a new self-narrative where we empower ourselves and disempower them? 

Can we be an energy-ninja and manifest an energy of invisibility around ourselves?  I use this and it works, it’s as though we are no longer going around with a target on us, we go under the radar.  Opposition is a template we carry inside ourselves.  Lack of opposition can be our template instead, if we embrace it.  The best advice I can give is don’t oppose. Don’t personalise. Stay in adult mode and don’t get emotional. And send out love to your opponent because it’s going to be healing for you and them if you do.       

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The Power of the I Am Presence

Within each soul and extending from the divine source, the I Am presence energy exists.

Integrate with your I Am presence through the power of positive self-talk.  Bring this transformative tool into your meditation time and into your everyday life. 

I Am statements are activations that allow us to connect with purer aspects of ourselves, aid our spiritual awakening and enable the most beautiful inspiring, loving and healing vibrations.

I Am statements are what we already are, although we have not fully realised or embodied them yet. With I Am statements, we are waking ourselves up, we are inviting those energies to come to the fore. We are sending out a prayer for what we wish to embrace from within ourselves.

Here are the empowering I Am statements that came through for me during my most recent vision quest:

I am ready.
I am completely claiming my full power.
I am accepting and embracing my potency.
I am channelling the light of the Creator into the Earth for humanity.
I am energised.
I am me.
I am listening to my heart.
I am recognising my insights and intuitions as the truth and wisdom they are.
I am humble before the greatness of the Universe.
I am ready to be taken apart and put back together again.
I am trusting myself completely.
I am incomparable.
I am healed from all past limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
I am healed.
I am spirited.
I am my healed and integrated inner children.
I am my inner crone.
I am a force.
I am the raging storm and the still peace at its core.
I am one who sweeps through the world surrounded by a vortex of supreme energy.
I am my best self.
I am my truth.
I am following the path laid before me by my soul.
I am walking boldly through the deepest night.
I am playful.
I am creative.
I am harmony.
I am a shining light.
I am a blazing fire.
I am seeing with eyes of enhanced love.
I am expressing the gifts of my heart.
I am listening to my heart.
I am acting from my heart.
I am walking meditation.
I am divine abundance.
I am bliss.
I am serenity.
I am light. I am love. I am truth. I am my power.
I am one with my soul.
I am one with the Creator.
I am complete.
I am gifting myself to all.
I am letting go.
I am carrying the secrets of my ancestors within.
I am the I Am presence.
I am one with all.
I am eternally now.
I am my best self.
I am ready to embrace the truth of my being when I am low and my days are a struggle, when my energy and creativity is not flowing.
I am ready to embrace the truth of my being when I am filled to overflowing with the love and light of the divine.
I am ready.

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Being Fulfilled

It is always important to recognise where we are not being an expression of conscious presence in our reality and the way that we act and react.

It is important to recognise where we are being an expression of conscious presence as this allows us to understand, acknowledge and recognise what it is like to be an expression of the divine.

Being an expression of the divine is a natural aspect of our being, something we can achieve without thinking about and yet there is a need to contemplate it, to become familiar with it.

Our purpose is to recognise our truth, power, and wisdom within our being, to bring forward a new way of being.

It is not a new way of being for our soul, but it is a new way of being for our personality.

To describe this new way of being, we can use the word fulfilment.

Accessing, feeling, sensing, acknowledging and experiencing fulfilment is the key.

With every experience we embark upon, every feeling, thought, action and reaction, it is important to acknowledge the energy of fulfilment.

Ask yourself, am I experiencing fulfilment in this moment?

To achieve this, there is a need to contemplate and meditate on what fulfilment would be like for you, within your being, within your reality, within all aspects of your existence upon the Earth.

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Being Our Truth

There is nothing more fundamentally important, when it comes to being your truth, being your authentic self, being you, than embracing your soul within the totality of your being and receiving your soul’s wisdom, skills, talents, abilities and gifts. Be yourself. Your truth. Your power. Your wisdom. Your expression of divinity on the Earth.

Learn to recognise the difference between when you are being true to yourself and when you are not. Being true to yourself is the most natural expression of your being, and yet, conditioning and judgement led us to second guess ourselves and diminish our truth ever since we were little children. Now, there is a need to relearn what it feels like, looks like. To trust ourselves above the expectations and conditions of others, of society in general. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know.

In this sense, we are bringing forward a new way of being, being our truth. This is not new for our souls, but for our personalities. When we accept this, we experience fulfilment. Have you ever made a big decision, gone against society, your parents, your partner, your closest friends, maybe your boss? I mean, made a decision that was hugely frowned upon, expected to have big consequences, judgements, repercussions? It would have been so easy to have towed the line, done what was expected, but you didn’t. You followed your truth. It’s not easy, is it? How did it turn out for you? A disaster? Or did you feel the peace that comes with knowing you did the right thing, the only thing you could have done. You stayed aligned with your truth.

Most of us are not living our truth.  Most of us are in the wrong job, the wrong place and the wrong relationships.  We may even be creating toxicity for ourselves in our lives.  We may be carrying unhealthy physical, emotional or mental conditions because of the decisions we made to do what was easy rather than be true to ourselves.  Maybe, we became trapped in those limiting conditions.

It’s time to start to embody our truth in every moment. Start to recognise the feeling of being in our truth and stay in it more often. We don’t have to do this alone, as our personality, we have a soul, our soul is a master of truth, our soul is never not truth. That’s how you know you have not aligned with your soul fully yet, if you are not yet living your truth or feeling your way towards being your truth, you are ready for your sacred soul initiation to take place.


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Oh Dear!

Oh dear, what a difference a day makes.  Monday, somewhat past the eleventh hour, my solicitor introduced a number of troubling issues about the house I am buying.  I’m in a chain of five houses and we are in the week we were all hoping to move, seeing the week drift past as my solicitor introduces these troubling issues.  One by one, they are removed as I pay attention and address them.  Leaving one.  Apparently, my house has a deed of covenant dating from when it was built with pages and pages of clauses, several of which the present owner has breached.  That’s not so much the problem anymore, there’s now indemnity insurance in place for that.  But his solicitor was supposed to get the local authority to draw up a new deed of covenant for the exchange of sale between us, and this hasn’t been done.  The consequences?  I currently have no idea, all I know is my solicitor sent me a report and it said, due to this, I am STRONGLY advised (her capitals) not to proceed until this is resolved.  This is one big unresolved problem to slap into my lap when my buyer is waiting to exchange contracts this week, a week later than planned. 

I’m feeling a bit mad.  I’m mad at the solicitors for doing nothing to chase this up or put something in place to sort it and for not bringing this to my attention sooner and for not taking my calls or talking to me, except by email.  And I’m even a little mad with my husband who spends every five minutes shouting, yes, shouting into my ear (with the same stressy anxiety I feel too) telling me what I need to do about it. But mostly I’m mad because I’m feeling out of my depth and don’t have enough information to understand the situation right now. (Feeling a little overwhelmed here.) Actually, I’m feeling powerless and under-supported, even undermined, fairly or unfairly. 

So, I wrote an email to my solicitor and told her if this thing isn’t resolved this week, I’m pulling out of the sale.  Then, I lay down on my bed and fell into a deep sleep and had the most crazy vivid dream about a huge snake that crawled up my body.  When I woke up, I realised that pulling out of the sale is a stupid thing to do.  I knew it was emotive, reactive and a bit petulant, even so, I did intend to stand by it.  Now, I realise the cost of doing so is ridiculously high for me to follow through.  I could say something real hardcore here, but instead, I say “Oh dear”.  

I say I have no choice, but of course, we do all have choices, even when we think we don’t.  I can decide that my line has been crossed, my boundaries have been disrespected and that is more important to me than the money and the inconvenience.  I can still walk away.  And I can still see myself doing that, it’s almost as if the house has been tainted by the behaviour of others for me now.  Babies and bathwater keep springing to mind.  But I am so past fed up of being treated like a door mat, and this is not just about this situation but about me and my life and who I am and about standing up for myself, because I’m worth it.  How are we ever going to claim our sovereignty if we don’t draw that line and stand up, set our boundaries and uphold them? 

Okay, another day, and what just happened? Was that ego muscling in on my soul’s territory? I think the signs are there; personalising, feeling hurt and getting defensive, yep. Check, check and check. This morning, being Wednesday and the next day, I’ve had a little chat with my ego and we have calmed down. Now, would you believe it, my solicitor is telling me there’s nothing to worry about, excuse me? What were the capital letters all about yesterday, when nothing has actually changed?! Deep breath, letting go, moving on and moving house again.

In the dream, I was afraid the snake was going to bite me and so I tried to attack it to get it off my back.  The snake was too big to fight, it was bigger than a boa, and that didn’t work.  So, I found my balls and put my fear away.  I decided to walk out into the garden and let nature draw the snake away, and it worked.  After the snake was free from me, it transformed into a large greyhound.  Not entirely sure how this relates, although I can see some parallels, I’m hoping the greyhound represents a speedy process to move house from here on in. If anybody has any thoughts about my dream, I would be delighted to hear.   

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“Are You Ready?”

“Are you ready?”

Here is our Friday Transformation Question and, “ready for what?” you might well ask. 

Everything and anything.  What are you choosing to create within your life, within yourself and within the world?  Are you ready for change?  Are you ready to expand?  Are you ready to heal?  Are you ready to unleash the magic?

This is a question I ask myself all the time, not even consciously anymore. When I say out loud those powerful words, “I AM READY!” then, I feel uplifted and empowered to make it happen, I dive in.

‘It’ could be any possibility I have been pondering, waiting to feel ready for. Maybe it’s taking on a powerful new inner planes light download, codes or activation. Sometimes, you have to get your ducks in a row to be ready for that.

It may be making life changing decisions, I knew for a long while it was time to stand on my own two feet but there was a inordinately huge raft of ducks to be got in order for that to happen. Whatever it is, big or small, the day comes when I wake up and say “Yes! I am ready!”

What is waiting for those powerful words to be heard in your life?  What are you choosing?  What is cooking in your kitchen?  What is waiting for your ‘when is now’ moment?  Are you ready?   

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Four Ways to Tell Your Soul From Your Ego

Ego and Personality are interconnected, the clue is in the word ‘personal’.  What is personal is ego, what is personal is of the personality. 

When we experience soul integration, we begin to embrace our soul as our sense of self instead of the ego/personality.  The more the integration evolves within us, the more our sense of self changes. 

What are the differences between being our personality/ego and being our soul?  Here are four ways to tell the difference:

  1. EGO comes from a sense of separateness.  As our personality/ego, we view ourselves as a separate entity within the world, we are therefore subject to the views of others and find it difficult to move into a state of sovereignty with ourselves.
    SOUL is never separate and always perceives self from a state of oneness with all.  Soul is beyond personality, soul constantly exists beyond space and time, soul is energy and therefore perceives itself as energy, the same energy that everything is made of.  Soul is never anything other than a pure expression of the divine source, therefore soul is always sovereign.  From the stance of being integrated with our soul, we are always in our sovereignty, always embodying supreme liberation and our personal power. 
  2. EGO personalises.  Our personality/ego takes things personally, something most of us do many times a day, in little ways or big ways.  Because of that sense of separation, ego perceives that the words and actions of others are personal, therefore, we are subject to taking offence.  When we personalise, we respond in one of two ways, either we put ourselves down or we big ourselves up.  Either way, we are covering for a low sense of self-worth.  Personalising is all about low self-worth.
    SOUL never personalises because of soul’s constant awareness that it is interconnected to all that is.  If a person says something cutting, whether intentional or not, soul observes but takes no offence.  What is there to be offended about?  Soul doesn’t have a self-worth problem, it simply isn’t relevant because soul is complete and fulfilled and is never seeking the acceptance or admiration of any other.  Soul’s self-belief is beyond question because soul is its own source of love, acceptance and approval.  Soul is sovereign in all areas.
  3. EGO experiences hurt feelings.  A sense of separateness and tendency to personalise leads to hurt feelings.  Ego/personality is wont to experience hurt feelings commonly due to identifying as a separate, vulnerable being.  Why would we be hurt if we didn’t believe what was being said?  Or fear there is some truth there?  Why would we value the opinion of someone who could hurt us?  Ego is not confident in its own self-worth.  Ego cares about what others think of us because we haven’t embraced our authentic self yet.     
    SOUL does not feel hurt in any situation because soul knows that nothing is personal, since nothing is separate.  Even in the face of the greatest offence, soul is unflappable and does not perceive an attack.  Soul is only ever authentic and therefore would never accept and believe the voice of another over and above their own inner true voice.  Soul only ever hears the inner true voice inside.  When we are soul, we are sovereign, we are true to ourselves without question.
  4. EGO defends itself.  Ego/personality spends most of its time trying to defend the persona.  Persona is the construct of self we create to protect ourselves, it is not our authentic self.  Ego believes this is necessary to protect us from harm and from realising all the traumas and wounds of the past that could hurt us if we accepted them.  Ego, therefore, does everything it can to deflect, deny, blame, avoid and otherwise defend.  Defence is all about lack of trust in ourselves, about coming from a place of separateness.  It’s all about caring more about what others think than owning our truth.   
    SOUL has nothing to defend.  Soul is only ever authentic at all times, soul is the self’s truth.  Soul just is.

When we undergo soul integration, we are inviting our soul into our body space to fulfil the role that our ego/personality is struggling to achieve.  Our soul is much better equipped for the job and brings so many rich gifts, skills and tools with it.  Our soul is all that we are and ever have been, throughout every incarnation.  As we integrate more and more with our soul, we lose those experiences that are coming from ego/personality and become a being that is living in the physical upon the Earth as a soul, a being of light and love who transcends the limitations of the ego and embodies the authentic truth of our being. 

The Soul Integration workshop is about to be launched here soon. This is energy work that goes deep and downloads all you need to embrace and embody your soul in every aspect of your life. You will claim the full spectrum of your soul, all the skills, talents and abilities that your soul holds for you. You will uncover your soul destiny and connect with your soul family. You are walking a pathway upon the Earth and it’s sometimes a struggle to move through that pathway. By connecting with your soul, you are empowered, all that you are is empowered, to manifest and exist fully, absolutely and completely upon the Earth. Time to be your best self.


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“I Am Sovereign”

“I am sovereign.” These are the words of one who is embracing the truth of their being and it is an empowering daily affirmation to repeat this short, powerful statement. To be sovereign is to be one who is the source of their own needs. This person can truly say “I unconditionally love myself” and feel no sense of guilt or selfishness, for they are aware that to do so is a huge part of what makes them healthy, healed and whole.

Sovereign is a word that has a great deal of power. It encapsulates our personal power, our liberation, self-worth, authenticity and our ability to see ourselves as divine expressions upon the Earth.

Sovereign means we answer to ourselves and nobody else. We need no permission from anybody for anything we feel, speak, do or are. No permission for the decisions we make, the creations and expressions we choose to bring forth. Nor do we need acceptance, approval or acknowledgment from anyone outside ourselves. We no longer seek to fix or heal the relationships with our parents when we didn’t get our needs met, we know that the only healing to be done is the wounds we carry within us. We are no longer trying to be responsible for anybody except ourselves.

Sovereign means we truly own ourselves, value ourselves, we own our inner power and have no fear to express it in every moment. We stand at our centre, speaking and acting from a state of centredness. To say “I am sovereign” is a powerful way to claim all of this and more.

Here’s a story about sovereignty, it was written down around 1388 by Geoffrey Chaucer, although it was probably already an old tale. It is from The Canterbury Tales.

The story is about a knight who raped one of Queen Guinevere’s maidens. The penalty is death but the queen decides to give the knight a year to find the answer to a question, if he tells her the correct answer within that time he will not die, otherwise, he’s toast. The question is “What do women want?”

This is a moral tale that’s all about the empowerment and sovereignty of women. The knight can only succeed if he learns a fundamental respect for women.

The knight sets off and everywhere he goes, he asks men and women the question. He gets a different answer from everyone but the knight doesn’t think any of the answers are the truth the queen is after.

It’s nearly the end of the year and the knight is returning to the castle to face his death. On his way, he sees a group of twenty-four maidens dancing and as he approaches they disappear, replaced by what the book calls “a lothly lady”, meaning she was old and very ugly upon the eye. She promises the knight she will tell him the answer if he agrees to give her what she asks of him.

At the castle, the knight tells the queen, as instructed by the lothly lady, that what women want is sovereignty. This is the correct answer and the queen spares the knight’s life. Then, the lothly lady tells the knight that what she wishes in return is to marry him. The knight is appalled at the prospect but has no option and they are married.

As they go to the marriage bed together, the knight is upset and reluctant. The old lady asks him if he would prefer an old and ugly wife who would be entirely faithful to him, or a young and beautiful wife who won’t be faithful. She tells him she will be whichever he chooses. The knight ponders this and says, “I will accept whatever you decide, my dear.” She declares that his wise answer has honoured her sovereignty, she therefore becomes a young, beautiful and faithful wife. He leans in to kiss her and as he does, he is looking at the most beautiful young woman he has ever seen. Lesson learned.

When we don’t learn our life lessons, sometimes, the lothly lady will come knocking on our door bringing us kick-ass challenges to face that turn our world upside down. Sometimes, it takes that for us to get it. She is the Goddess in her Crone aspect.

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name?

Do you like your name?

Does it resonate with you?

You probably didn’t choose it, but it’s the most personal thing about you.

Some of us get our names changed as we go through life; nicknames, adoption, marriage, but we rarely get a say in what we’re called.

Unless we decide to change our name.

Changing our name isn’t easy. Often, other people find it challenging to accept, family and friends may struggle to use our new name and may be judgemental about our changing it. When we are in our power, when we embody sovereignty, we no longer go to others for permission when it comes to our sense of self. I spent most of my life limiting myself because of the perceived judgments of others and yet, when it came to it, when I said, “This is me and this is my new name, please use it”, the response was so much more accepting than I expected. I had found the personal power, not only to claim my own name but to be respected for who I am.

If we change our name, we can end up with a name we actually like, that fits who we are, who we’ve become. A name whose energy resonates for us and as us. It surprises me that more people don’t do it, it’s a wonderful way to claim our power, our truth, ourselves. We can be creative, colourful, expressing our personality and values. We utilise our clothes, hair, car, home, so many elements of our life when identifying ourselves, surely our foremost personal identification is our name.

Early last year, I went from Amanda, a name I never felt was really mine, to Ananda. Amanda means ‘love’ and Ananda means ‘blissful love’, it felt like levelling up. I didn’t get to choose my new name, I received it from my teacher and guide, personally, I would have gone for something more exotic and less like my old name. I use a number of goddessy name options as avatars in various places online, I expect we all do something similar, Ananda was not amongst them nor a name that had occurred to me. To be honest, my new name sometimes causes confusion, people mis-hear or mis-read it and end up still calling me Amanda and I correct them.

I also removed my second name which was Jayne and pretty much redundant, adding a second first name, Amenet. I received this name during my soul initiation with the knowing that it’s the name of my soul. Over the past year, I have found myself identifying with the name Amenet more and more as I integrate with my soul.

Three days after I finished painting my shamanic drum, I received a new name through my channel. I had already painted this very name on the side of my drum without realising the significance. The new name was revealed as my complete soul name, Amenet Drago.

I’m not going to change my name legally again yet, but I know it’s coming. In the meantime, I will start using Amenet Drago as I set up my new service, so you will see my name change on this site when the time is right. This name is not of my choosing either but feels so deeply personal and empowering. When I say it as my name, I seem to momentarily sense the ancient expression of my soul. Words contain power and names even more so. I feel like I am finally becoming the truth of my being and my name is an outward expression of that truth.

Do you like your name? Do you identify with it? Have you changed your name? If you were to change your name, what would you choose? If you’re thinking about it, what’s stopping you?