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How to Stop Worries, Anxieties and Depression

When I stop the world, I get into the stream of divine consciousness that the Welsh call Awen.  This word is not one that translates directly, but to me it means divine inspiration.  It’s like being an open channel most or all of the time. It’s a wonderful time to be creative and creative hands are healing hands. From the ancient wisdom of the elders, I learned that our hands are energetically linked to our heart and when we are moving and using our hands, we are healing our heart.  

To stop the world, I lean back into silence and solitude.  To begin with, my ego fights back, gets all antsy about being isolated and lonely.  But then, I stop engaging on that level and stop the world.  I sink into the peace.

Feeling lonely is only an emotion, an attitude, a state of mind, a choice, a judgement.  Like many other emotions, it’s not real. 

Stopping the world is a wonderful superpower to have.  You stop time.  You do this whenever you meditate or engage in any activity that brings your consciousness to a deeper level, like painting does for me.  And it’s maybe dancing, reading a book, listening to music or something else for you, those times when you drift off into a no-time zone. Because when we’re immersed in one thing in the now moment, we are stopping the world.

Stopping the world is another way to describe what I call conscious presence, when we’re totally aware and focused on the now.  That’s how you stop time.  Take your attention to what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste or touch right NOW.  Remain in the now moment with your perceptions and you stop time.  Focus completely on an object before you or study the back of your hand in minute detail, every crease, every hair, every freckle, every pore. There is no past or future when you do this. Therefore, there are no anxieties, because they are worries about what’s going to happen, and there’s no depression, because that’s ruminations about what has been.  In the now, everything is fine.    

When I stop time, then I find myself naturally existing within that stream of consciousness that feeds my soul.  Circumstances have led me to be out of contact with others, alone in my world most of the time, long enough to let go and let the power of that creative flow pour into my being, flood my mind, engage with emotions and coalesce as ideas and realisations.  Gosh, it’s so much better when my ego gives up and stops complaining.  All of a sudden, there are no problems, no obstacles, they just melt away.  Loneliness becomes peace, isolation becomes stillness, loss becomes bliss.

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Surfing the Wave of Self Love

I’m hearing from several of my sisters that life is not easy at the moment.  There’s stuff coming up that needs dealing with, so much is presenting, so much to take on board.  Sometimes, it feels relentless, sometimes, we wonder if it will ever end, if we will ever find peace and stability again.  Yes, we will, we do.  But it’s a mistake to think that’s the goal.  Progress is not getting to a point where the difficult stuff no longer happens, progress is being with that stuff and being stable and finding peace when we are still experiencing it.  It’s not life that changes, it’s what we take to it.  It’s us that changes. 

When we’re in the thick of it, when the chaos is swirling all around, our thoughts and feelings are all over the place, we are so confused, we sometimes cannot tell the difference between truth and illusions.  We need to be able to hear our higher self guiding us but we can’t hear the voice, we are unable to differentiate the voice of our ego-personality, our wounded self, from our higher self at times like these. 

This is what we can do.  Write down the questions that are going around your head.  Maybe it’s about what direction you are being prompted to move forward in.  Maybe it’s about who is in your life that’s not serving you.  Maybe it’s about healing from the past.  Physical, emotional and mental conditions are your body’s way of letting you know there’s unresolved pain that needs your attention.  There will be themes, specific situations that trigger more pain, whether physical or psychological.  They are telling you what it’s about.

Although we have days that are really tough, we also get a break, days when we seem to be coping again and can get on with our life.  It’s easy to just fall back into life and forget about what just happened, but don’t.  Because you wrote those questions down, go to them now and spend a few moments letting what comes up be captured on paper.  You can allow your higher self to come to the fore now because you’re not triggered.  You can trust your intuition to give you your truth.  All you need do is move yourself aside, and that means moving aside your judgements, expectations, limitations and opinions for a few moments in order to see what your highest self has to say to you. This is a great skill to have and a wonderful way to gift yourself more of the love that you are.

I also wish to let you know this.  No matter how it feels, you are magnificent and you are in the right place, experiencing what is needed for your soul’s path.  It may not feel like it, but this is all okay.  This is all serving you and you are doing brilliantly.  You haven’t lost ground.  Things might feel like you have, but you haven’t.  If you’re walking through the dark night right now, you are on a difficult path but one that brings the biggest gifts and transformations. Believe in yourself, you are going to come out into the light again and you are going to level up. When you do, you will have gained such clarity that you will transform and become someone who embodies a new level of detachment and resilience.  You will then be able to surf across days like this, like riding a wave.

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5 Reasons Why Grounding Will Change Your Life

You are an energy being.  You are always holding energy in your being, your body. 

When you move through the supermarket, the busy street, the café, bar or just a busy house full of happenings, you are picking up energy.  Some of that energy is enriching, some is nourishing and acting as wonderful fuel that fills up your chalice with love.

Much of it is surplus to requirements and some is not servicing you at all.

Energy can leave you spaced out.

Energy can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

It can change your core body temperature and make you over-heated.

It can express suddenly and unexpectedly as intense emotions such as sadness or anger that aren’t your own.

It can make you unstable, unbalanced and uncentred.

It can make you agitated.

It can manifest as physical sensations and symptoms of illness.

You may have thoughts that are not your own, perhaps unsettling ones.

It can make you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually out of alignment.

Many people suffer unnecessarily because they don’t know how to ground or how important it is to do so.

Grounding is like dumping the excess energies that you pick up and that don’t nourish or enrich you.

Grounding is like taking your trash out so that you don’t have an unhealthy and unsanitary being and environment.

Grounding is anchoring your energy so that you are stable and balanced and centred.

Grounding connects you with Mother Earth and enriches your relationship with her.

Grounding is the means by which you can manifest all your heartfelt intentions into your life, when you send those intentions down into your Earth Star chakra to anchor.

It is the most simple thing to ground your energy at any time or place.  Simply take a moment to notice the energy in your body, you don’t have to do more than just be vaguely conscious of it and then send it down into the Earth.  You can do this by pushing it through the soles of your feet or your root chakra. 

Send it into the Earth to your Earth Star chakra, which is about 30 cm below your feet.  If you’re lying down, picture yourself standing and see yourself sending it down below your feet. 

That’s it.  If you want to make it more complicated, you can see your Earth Star chakra filling up with the energy to overflowing and then the energy flowing into the Earth in all directions.  Use your breath, as you breathe in, connect to the energy in your being, as you breathe out, push it down into your Earth Star chakra and into the Earth.  And you can also send it further down and give it to Mother Earth who will take it for you and transform it into love and light.

This is how you keep yourself centred and balanced.  This is how you keep yourself healthy and stable.

Do this daily or as often as you feel the need, it takes a couple of seconds.