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The Power of the I Am Presence

Within each soul and extending from the divine source, the I Am presence energy exists.

Integrate with your I Am presence through the power of positive self-talk.  Bring this transformative tool into your meditation time and into your everyday life. 

I Am statements are activations that allow us to connect with purer aspects of ourselves, aid our spiritual awakening and enable the most beautiful inspiring, loving and healing vibrations.

I Am statements are what we already are, although we have not fully realised or embodied them yet. With I Am statements, we are waking ourselves up, we are inviting those energies to come to the fore. We are sending out a prayer for what we wish to embrace from within ourselves.

Here are the empowering I Am statements that came through for me during my most recent vision quest:

I am ready.
I am completely claiming my full power.
I am accepting and embracing my potency.
I am channelling the light of the Creator into the Earth for humanity.
I am energised.
I am me.
I am listening to my heart.
I am recognising my insights and intuitions as the truth and wisdom they are.
I am humble before the greatness of the Universe.
I am ready to be taken apart and put back together again.
I am trusting myself completely.
I am incomparable.
I am healed from all past limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
I am healed.
I am spirited.
I am my healed and integrated inner children.
I am my inner crone.
I am a force.
I am the raging storm and the still peace at its core.
I am one who sweeps through the world surrounded by a vortex of supreme energy.
I am my best self.
I am my truth.
I am following the path laid before me by my soul.
I am walking boldly through the deepest night.
I am playful.
I am creative.
I am harmony.
I am a shining light.
I am a blazing fire.
I am seeing with eyes of enhanced love.
I am expressing the gifts of my heart.
I am listening to my heart.
I am acting from my heart.
I am walking meditation.
I am divine abundance.
I am bliss.
I am serenity.
I am light. I am love. I am truth. I am my power.
I am one with my soul.
I am one with the Creator.
I am complete.
I am gifting myself to all.
I am letting go.
I am carrying the secrets of my ancestors within.
I am the I Am presence.
I am one with all.
I am eternally now.
I am my best self.
I am ready to embrace the truth of my being when I am low and my days are a struggle, when my energy and creativity is not flowing.
I am ready to embrace the truth of my being when I am filled to overflowing with the love and light of the divine.
I am ready.

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Change Your Reality For the Better…Instantly

I say this to you with love;

Please be careful of your self-narrative,

What you say to others about yourself, your life and your conditions,

What you say to yourself about the same.

Realise that the story you tell is the reality you create.

And it doesn’t matter if the situation is outside your control or not.

When you talk about all that troubles you and when you talk about the positives, both can empower your narrative and disempower you.

When all or most of your positives are a response to your problems, then you are still feeding the problems, coming from a place of empowering your problems.

Ask yourself, how much do I think, talk or act in a way that fixes my reality into limitations, disempowerment and negativity? And at the same time, do I empower someone else to have power over me? Do I create a narrative where they have that power over me?

How can I change it? Let’s swap things about.

From an empowered state, how does my story sound different? My story, same story, different way to frame the narrative. How can I see myself as the empowered one?

And if there’s someone else in my story that I’m giving my power away to, how can I reduce the power that I give to them by changing my narrative and my actions?

Marie is experiencing a long-standing physical illness that can’t be treated. She is also in the middle of a messy divorce and will soon have nowhere to live.

Marie’s narrative might be “everything is such a mess, nobody wants to listen to my problems, what am I going to do? I suffer so much with the pain I have to bear every day, I am persecuted relentlessly by my ex and I’m going to end up on the streets. Nobody cares about me.”

Or maybe this could be her narrative “yes, the pains have been growing recently, I know this is likely because there’s been a lot going on so I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow for some advice. I won’t let it get me down, I find that going for a little walk and keeping up with my exercises makes a big difference. Yes, he’s been in touch again refusing to sign the papers but I’m leaving all that to the solicitor, that’s what they’re for. I know I’ve got to find a place to live very soon so l put it out on social media, and do you know, I’ve had so many kind offers. People are so kind and I’m feeling blessed.”

Same situation, different response, different narrative, different story, different reality. Which Marie is empowered and which is disempowered?

What about you? Tune into your conversations with friends and family, tune into the narrative you create for yourself inside your head, what reality are you creating?