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Soul Purpose Revealed

I have wondered why my spiritual support team haven’t shared with me what is my soul purpose, what is my unique gift for myself, humanity and the Earth. How many of us are still wondering, “What am I here for? What’s my destiny, my purpose and direction?”

I asked myself those questions over several years.

When I felt into it, it wasn’t time to know. Maybe I wasn’t ready yet or it would get in the way of something that needs to happen first.

On new year’s eve night, I opened up my channel, invited communication and my soul group came through.

Unprompted, my soul purpose was explained, that many souls are choosing to transition from Earth to the spiritual realms on the other side.

And my soul has chosen to be here to support their transition. I was asked to step up and prioritise my role as an end of life soul guide.

I would never have imagined this was my soul purpose, had you asked me only a few years back. It was thanks to my soul integration in 2018 that I embodied all the skills and tools being held by my soul to enable me to do this work. Since then, I’ve been honing those skills and now I’m ready to fulfil my soul’s purpose.

The souls who are choosing to cross to the inner planes are not doing so consciously, it’s their soul, not personality or mind that’s bringing on the conditions that enable their death. These souls are Truth Makers and their transition is enabling an opening to truth for us all.

I honour every soul. I honour every death, for we often only see this profound transition from the limited perspective of loss and yet, it is so much more. It’s a birth as well. It’s returning to our natural state as an energy being. It’s returning home.

(Image: ‘Freefall’ art by Amenet Drago)

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A Beautiful Death

I feel called to return to the subject of death.  And I almost feel like apologising because I know it’s not anybody’s favourite subject.  But we really, really need to be talking about it.  We really need to understand it better and reframe it for ourselves and each other.  And I believe it’s through a spiritual filter that death is best understood.

And that’s not easy, for many, ‘spiritual’ means there’s no evidence, no logic and no validation.

Well, validation is personal, so maybe you have your own spiritual validation to call on, I know I do.  Logic is subjective and what is logical to one is illogical to another.  And evidence presents itself through experience, and when they’re outside the realm of all we are taught to believe, we question our experiences.  But, in the end, that’s tantamount to questioning our own truth, and I’m not doing that anymore.

So, death.  I so wish we were taught about this holistically from the cradle.  Because all that we learn on this subject from an early age in our culture and society is messed up. 

One problem is, we don’t know what death is.  We don’t know what happens to us, it’s like there’s a big black hole of nothing at the end of what we call our life.  And, of course, that’s frightening.  That’s frightening for us and frightening to not know what happens to our loved ones when their time comes.  And then, we all have some experiences of loss, of grieving, of being left when someone we love is gone.  And how hard is that road.

We cannot find the answers in the material world for death.  Materially, there’s an animated body with a personality and consciousness that’s living its life alongside us one minute, and then next, there’s a lifeless body with no glint in the eyes, no movement in the limbs, no breath in the lungs and no beat in the chest.  We only need take one look and we know that person isn’t going to be interacting with us anymore.  In fact, we take a look and we see they are simply not present anymore.  They are gone.  Which just goes to show it wasn’t ever about the body, it wasn’t ever about the material.

Something I say from time to time, we think of ourselves as physical beings but only our body is physical.  We are also our personality, emotions, thoughts, consciousness, ego, soul, memories, none of that is physical.  Strange then, when most of what we are made up of is energy that we don’t think of ourselves as energy beings first and foremost. 

And death is all about energy. 

I’m not here to convince you that there’s life after death.  That, even when the body is an empty shell, our personality, emotions, thoughts, consciousness, ego, soul, and memories continue to exist and express as energy but without being visible because they are no longer contained in the body.

I will tell you this, I’ve had some funny experiences in life, seeing things, hearing things, knowing things, even smelling things.  And not so that I needed to go see a mind doctor.  Maybe you’ve had some experiences like that too, maybe you haven’t.  Maybe you just heard about so many experiences others had, many, many others.  Maybe you read up about all the different cultural beliefs and ideas about life after death, maybe you decided there’s got to be something in it. 

Well, I’ll tell you one thing, whatever happens when our loved ones walk through that door called death, it’s going to hurt us hugely to lose them, they are not going to be there anymore in the same way, no matter how you look at it, and that’s always going to be hard.  But grief is human, it’s natural.  It’s going to hurt a lot and it’s going to take time to get used to them being gone.  And even if you’re a psychic medium, someone who gets to talk to spirits who have crossed over all the time, you are still going to experience a heart-wrenching bereavement when your nearest and dearest pass through that door.  And there’s nothing much we can do about that except understand and support each other.

And, of course, each death is different, there are circumstances that can make that process harder and easier.  We need a death doula in every town.  A person, maybe a shaman, who can support the process for the soul and for the family.  And I guess that’s what I do, that’s what a psychopomp is.  A death doula.  It’s such a feeling of honour to be this, to be present with a family and a dying soul at such a profoundly intimate time.  There is nothing like it. 

It’s usually so peaceful, like being in the most incredibly holy sanctuary, church or temple to be with the soul at the time of transition.  Loved ones in spirit are present, sometimes, angels and even Archangel Azrael is present.  It’s a beautiful moment and it’s as if the person who is passing finds such deep peace at the last.  I think, sometimes, they need to find that peace in order to finally let go. 

I have come across frantic souls who passed quickly and tragically without knowing it, whose souls are scared and don’t know where they are or where to go, they didn’t have time for their soul to prepare them.  It’s been such a blessing to be there for them and enable them to understand and adjust.  Then, that deep peace descends and they calm down as they see the light, yes, there is a light, that’s where the deep peace is coming from.  It’s a door opening, or perhaps, more accurately, a crack between the worlds.  To stand at that crack and feel that love and peace, be bathed in that light, let’s just say I am never going to be fearful to be there for myself when the time comes.        

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Death is Our Teacher

Death is a subject close to my heart.  Being a psychopomp, a fancy Greek word meaning one who guides souls, death is ever present as a part of my role.  A psychopomp travels energetically using shamanic skills to connect with those who are in the process of departing through the transition we call death.  I help people and animals to pass over and also guide souls who are stuck, such as we might call hauntings, supporting them to move towards the light, enabling them to cross into the realms of spirit. 

I have found that the role of the psychopomp is all about those who are left behind, those sitting on the sidelines whilst a loved one is going through the process we call death.  Many times, I am present to support them, to help them let go, to be reassured, to move through their grief. 

Everyone is touched by death, sooner or later, we all lose someone we love.  And it’s hard.  It’s even harder that we belong to a culture that is not comfortable talking about death.  We are all concerned, not only with the grief of loss, but our own ageing and eventual demise.  How do we understand it, how to we prepare for it?  How do we talk to our children about it?  The truth is, so many don’t really know how or what to say and there are such discrepancies about what happens next. 

Personally, I feel very sure about what happens next, having had a lot of evidence from a young age to support my understanding, but this is the kind of evidence that cannot easily be shared. 

Recently, I’ve been working on a project with my niece, Psychic Medium and Rune Witch, Chloe Elgar.  She is someone who is very much in touch with death and embraces it along with life.  We have been exploring some of the energies death brings us.  That inspired me to consider running an online workshop on the subject of death because I really see there’s a need for us all to explore this together.  But then I thought, who will come to that?  And I let the idea fall away.  Then, a conversation led me to reconsider.  I was talking to a mother who was watching her twelve year old son struggling with the idea of death, and just as this was unfolding for him, his beloved one year old cat was hit and killed by a car outside his house.  He was devastated.  He is really getting an initiation into death from the energies on his path, it seems.  As we talked, I realised we do need to have workshops on death.  We do need to know how to help children manage the emotions and the ideas it brings, and not just children, we are just as much in need as adults. 

And from there, my next online workshop project was born.  Expect a few posts on this subject as I plan and develop the content of this new and, I feel, vital energy workshop.  As always, I will be calling in light beings from the inner planes, channelling their wisdom and supporting a deep state of awareness for participants to receive deep transformation in the understanding and embracing of the wisdom death offers us.      

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This is the First amenet drago: Soul Mastery | Shamanic Nature Monthly Newsletter



Saturday 12th June – 17th July:


Runs on Saturdays for six weeks.

A powerful ONLINE course where you will learn everything you need to know about your soul, where your soul came from, what your soul is.

You will understand the reasons we need to activate an integration with our soul.

A sacred soul initiation will take place for you on the inner planes.

You will be introduced to the sacred sanctuary of your soul, a place you can go to anytime.

You will see your soul from the perspective of the divine source, an experience that is deep and profound.

You will meet your soul family, all the beings who support, love and guide your soul.

You will learn your soul’s name and symbol.

You will find out and explore your soul’s purpose on the Earth.

Still booking: Here
Choose between 10.30am or 7pm BST for 45 minute session
£45 for the six session course


Saturday 31st July:


A powerful ONLINE workshop for people who have received their sacred soul initiation.

It is possible to do this workshop without having done the Soul Integration course because there’s a soul merging activation in the Twin Flame workshop.

However, the Twin Flame workshop is a continuation from the Soul Integration workshop and the energetic downloads will be more powerful and fulfilling if both are attended.

You will find out and understand just what your twin flame is.

You will be led through an activation to merge your soul aspects and ignite your twin flame.

You will be able to choose to activate your twin flame as a relationship with another human being, either one you have not yet met or by enhancing a relationship you are already in.

You will visit activation chambers on the inner planes to embody your twin flame energy and activate the divine union that your twin flame enables.

Booking page not yet available, watch the website for developments or wait for next months’ newsletter.
£10 for the TWIN FLAME ALCHEMY workshop


Saturday 28th August:

First monthly Zoom workshop: ‘LOVE: A SKILL FOR LIFE’

Dive in deep to the love vibe and find out how to combine breathwork, finding your inner peace and activating the power of your imagination whilst bringing in the energy vibe of love fully into your being, for yourself and others.

Find out just what you can achieve when these skills are powerfully combined.

There will be a regular online Zoom workshop taking place at the end of each month, each time on a different subject.

Each workshop will take place in the energetic, will utilise channelled information from ascended masters and archangels and take place in a state of deeper consciousness to consolidate the energy within you.

Booking page not yet available, watch the website for developments or wait for next months’ newsletter.
Monthly ONLINE workshops are all £10 per session.


Don’t forget, there are free audio meditation tools available here.

You will find a selection of meditations and activations, including simple tools for soul integration and twin flame activation.

There’s a meditation from Lord Merlin that increases self-love and works with the energies of abundance.

There’s a cleansing and purifying activation if you’re feeling a little sluggish or just feel you need to clean up your energies. This comes from my soul group, the Andromedans, using their amazing light technology.

The basic meditation techniques were devised from channelled information from Lord Buddha, and you can’t get a better meditation teacher than that.



There are no Shamanic Nature Trance Intensive Retreats going on during this Summer because of the issues presented with running a five day retreat with three facilitators and up to nine attendees during Covid restrictions in the UK and because such a lot of change has been going on for me personally.

I hope very much to get this transformative retreat up and running at the first possible window of opportunity.



I am actively engaged in providing shamanic healing, energy extractions, soul retrieval and psychopomp work and you simply need contact me personally from my contact page to discuss this.

I will communicate with you via email to ascertain what you are looking for, then I will make an enquiring journey to my guides to ascertain if I’m the right person to help you and whether this is the right time for you to receive shamanic healing. If it is, they usually tell me what you need me to do.

I will report back to you and we will decide if you wish to go ahead and agree payment. It’s not easy to give set costs up front as the needs required are varied and personal. But you are never obliged to go ahead until we have agreed together.

We will be in personal communication throughout, so we can discuss the details of your healing and what will happen as we go along. You will be supported for up to two weeks after the healing.

I work at a distance usually. When we have fixed a date, then I will send you a payment request via Paypal.

You will receive a recording of your healing, giving you a full account taken in real time. You will also receive a crystal holding the energy of your healing, if you wish to provide an address for postage.


It’s been quite a year so far, I left Ceredigion and moved home to live in neighbouring Carmarthenshire in mid May.

Now, I live in a village called Mynyddygarreg, which is quite a mouthful, it’s right next to Kidwelly, known for its picturesque castle.

Kidwelly is an ancient place on an estuary, established as a borough in 1115 and occupied long before that. Kidwelly is the place where Princess Gwenllian died. She is a heroine of Welsh historic legend, somewhat akin to Boudicca. Gwenllian was a warrior princess with fiery passion in her heart. Her story is amazing and will have your eyes streaming for sure, if you ever wish to check it out.

From my house, I have a view of the sea in the distance and can see the tide coming in and going out through the estuary. It’s lovely to know what the tide’s doing every time I look out of the window. The view below is one taken from the balcony in my garden. You can see Kidwelly castle with the estuary and sea behind it.

The picture above is taken from the same spot, looking north instead of west. The early morning mist is nestling in the valley bottom and you can see the way my house and garden are raised and surrounded by trees in such a way that I feel like I live in a tree-house, which is lovely.

The nearby town of Carmarthen (Welsh: Caermyrddyn) translates as ‘Merlin’s Stronghold’ and is the acclaimed birthplace of the famous magician. I am tickled pink to be living here because Lord Merlin, whose energy exists on the inner planes, is my primary spirit guide and frequently communicates through my channel. On one occasion, he appeared before me and I touched and felt his hand before he de-materialised it. And, yeah, it was a bit spooky but not scary because his energy is so loving. Lord Merlin has a close affinity with Nature and his speciality is Divine Magic, a subject I intend to run an online workshop on soon, with his help, of course.

A huge ‘thank you’ from my heart to yours, to all who are following this blog and supporting me in any way. Thank you for letting me know when my posts are of interest or value to you, it really makes a difference to have such a connection with you.

Your presence is my reason for being here.

Love and blessings,



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Being A Psychic Medium

Our light shines like a beacon across the cosmos.  We are like fireflies in the night.  Each insect is going about its own business, seeing only the little world in front of its nose, assuming fireflies have noses.  When you see a landscape at night covered in fireflies, it’s magical to perceive such beauty, little tiny lights, dipping, blinking on and off, sending signals of love into the night sky.

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if we could see our light bodies?  Fireflies we are.  And we can fly, not only are we fire, we are flying fire, beings of light that are not tethered to the Earth. 

For myself, I fly in my imagination, I can fly everywhere and anywhere in my imagination.  We can enter a deep state of meditation, an altered state of consciousness and move through the frequencies of our brainwaves to something that is so expansive that imagination and reality merge.  We are entering a world of divine magic and have the potential to travel with our energy to another place.  When that happens, we may find it difficult to tell the difference between what’s fancy, what we imagine, and what is a ‘real’ experience on some level. 

Have you ever heard of remote viewing?  Some people can use their minds to travel to locations and perceive what is there whilst sitting in a room hundreds of miles away.  They recall events that took place, objects they saw.  There’s well documented information about remote viewing experiments carried out by the US military.  They gave individuals co-ordinates where nothing is marked on a map, co-ordinates of secret military installations.  For a person to be able to describe that installation would be impossible unless there was something really going on.

I equate the remote viewing phenomenon as a parallel to what happens for me when I’m doing energy healing.  I connect to the energy of a person through their name, essentially.  Sometimes it helps to have a photo, but it’s not necessary.  The essential part is my connecting in with my guides, my soul and soul group and aligning with the Divine Source and Mother Earth.

I ask my spiritual support team to take me to the person, and they know where we are going ahead of time.  I find myself experiencing the energy of that person, sometimes I feel myself travel, other times it just happens that there they are in front of me. 

I don’t believe that I’m visiting their physical body, I’m visiting their energy body or light body.  We all have an energy body and it’s free to move about and travel.  My energy body is visiting their energy body.  Our energy bodies are integrally linked to our complete selves, which includes our physical selves.  When I’m having an experience with their energy body, their physical self and conscious self isn’t present so they aren’t necessarily going to pick up on what is going on, although I’ve noticed sometimes people report feeling warm and blissful at the time, also becoming sleepy is common. When people meditate and deliberately tune in during my healing, especially the shamanic intensive, they can receive all sorts of insights, sometimes we receive the same images at the same time. 

Whatever I provide for that energy body, such as cleansing, purification and downloading of healing templates, all that energy is received by the physical person because I ground the energy to be experienced in the life of the physical person as well as at every other level. 

Twice, I’ve been doing healing with a person and arrived with my energy body to find that their soul was passing into the light.  You might say, “well, your healing isn’t very good then, is it?” Quite often, people ask me to do healing at the point at which somebody is seriously ill, and there are times when there’s nothing I can do to make them better because it’s their time to go.  But it is a blessing to be there at that moment because there’s so much one can do in the energetic to support their soul during the process of leaving their body.

I have found myself in a situation where somebody was transitioning to the spirit realms and there were angelic presences and loved ones in spirit present.  My presence, as a living person, meant I had the capacity to offer something that the non-living energies couldn’t, to pray, to appeal for the absolution of the soul.  We have the capacity, as living humans, to ‘ask and you shall receive’.  That’s a part of the free will of humanity.  Because we have free will, it’s only when we ask that spirit intercedes.  So, as a psychopomp, a person that helps soul transition, I am able to act on behalf of the transitioning soul by carrying out prayers and providing absolution for the soul, which means clearing karma and updating soul contracts, calling for support and making it possible for that person to have a beautiful, peaceful and loving passing into the light.  Also, to ensure that their loved ones in spirit are called in, if that hasn’t naturally happened. 

Sometimes, It also involves working with the living relatives, visiting their energetic bodies to support them with the process, clearing emotions that might be holding back their loved one from passing, supporting them in understanding what’s happening with their loved one, having a conversation between the loved one and their relatives.  There’s literally a conversation that sometimes needs to happen, which the relatives are not able to perceive consciously but the soul of the person passing can communicate with me, and this happens with animals too.  I can find out where they’re at and what they’re going through, receive any messages to pass on.  Then, I can travel to the family members and share that information with them energetically.  This is received at an unconscious level and translated into physical reality as a state of peace or acceptance, to some degree, so that they feel ready to let go of their loved one.  That change can be witnessed.  For instance, quite often I am called in by one member of the family, but most family members don’t know that I’m involved.  They are likely not aware of what a psychopomp is or what they can do.  When it comes to connecting with their energy body, since I don’t have their conscious permission, I ask for the permission of their soul.  They don’t know we had a conversation about their grief or that I shared with them the comforting words of their departing loved one.  Despite this, I have been told by the family member who engaged me that the feelings and behaviours of the other family members changed after my visit, becoming more peaceful and accepting. 

When I do a healing and find that a person is going through the transition we call death, after I return from supporting their soul, I think, “Oh my goodness, wow, that was an incredible experience but was that coming from me or did that really happen?” and then I’m waiting to hear from the relative who engaged me.  I’m not going to go to a relative and say, “Hey, I just visited your mother, aunt, uncle, and guess what, they’re actually dying right now.”  I’m not going to do that, that would be irresponsible.  So, I wait and in every case the relative has come to me and told me that their loved one just passed away.  That kind of confirmation feels very much like the same kind of experience one might have with remote viewing.  I can tell you, when this stuff happens, I’m probably more shocked about it than anybody, it never ceases to amaze me. I trust it now, but it still amazes me, every time.  

When you do distance healing for people, when what shouldn’t work evidently does, you have a choice, accept it or walk away.  I have done my fair share of being sceptical, questioning, denying, being embarrassed about it, hiding it and generally feeling like a wacko, and now I cannot deny it any longer and don’t need to justify it to myself or anybody else.  Working with souls as they pass over, whether human or animal, is one of the biggest blessings of the work I do.  It feels like such privileged and important work to be involved with.

This information is shared because I didn’t come across much information about what psychic mediums feel, sense and do when I was learning to interpret my early psychic experiences. I hope it’s helpful and affirming to hear this if you are on the path too. What I say here doesn’t say anything about anybody else’s experience, only mine. I truly believe that what I do is something anybody can do, if we choose it.