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Let the Sun Come into Your Life

Have you ever woken up in time to see the sun rise and been in awe of the new day? Just to see the sun being rebirthed anew each morning, it’s a miracle, it’s magic, it’s divine magic. I know it happens every day and we expect it so we get complacent, but just stop a moment, because it’s momentous.

The day is such an amazing gift, without the sun, we are in the dark. There’s nothing wrong with the dark, the dark is extra specially mystical and magical. The dark brings mystery and power. I love stepping out of my house at night and just standing in the chill night air, feeling the stillness, the silence, the scents of wood smoke and maybe hearing a distant fox bark or nearby owl. Maybe you have a dog and go for walks in the dark first thing or in the evening, because right now in the UK, you would have to be walking in the dark before working hours or after you get home, we are losing the light at those times right now.

And that’s another magical gift, the changing seasons and their relationship with light and dark. Such a profound influence on our lives, as we adjust to dark evenings that used to stay light until 9.30pm and be bright before 6am. Now, it’s a different matter and it makes me feel cosier somehow, wrapped up by the dark. But I love the light, I love the heights of summer and the desire to be outside so late and up so early to enjoy the long days. I love to go for a swim in the nearby sea at dusk or dawn, my two most favourite times for swimming in the sea, you usually get the beach all to yourself and it’s so still.

Even the most dark and dismal day is so much lighter than the night. From my home, I see days that are nothing but thick misty fog. The view disappears and everything is swathed in purple tinted mist-grey softness. As I write this, it’s the middle of the night, I can hear a determined wind outside. I am already thinking about tomorrow, I shall go into town. I can plan, confident that the sun will come up, no matter what the weather brings, and I hear my little neck of the woods is expecting severe flooding from 6am tomorrow morning, or I should say this morning, since it’s after midnight. But the sun will come up and I am not taking it for granted. I am offering up my gratitude to Grandfather Sun and sending my love for such consistency. For the warmth and the light and the joy that the sun brings us each and every day.

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Soundscape: A Parliament of Rooks

Hello! Today, it’s my second soundscape post. The first brought you the sound of the sea at full moon and today, I bring you one of my local sounds of Spring, the sound of the rooks courting and building their nests in my neighbourhood rookery. And yes, the collective noun for rooks is a parliament, isn’t that cool? They do sound a bit like the hectoring and hullabaloo of the politicians in the House of Commons, Westminster, London.

Best appreciated by hearing their wonderful sounds, not all can appreciate the sound of the crow-type birds, I am one who embraces crows, as a rule, being as a crow is one of my personal shamanic animal guides. The rooks nesting near my home have reminded me that it is the attitude we take to the things we might call problems that determines whether they remain problems or are transformed into blessings. So it is that I count the noisy rooks as one of the many blessings in my life.

Of note, I mention near the end of the recording that it’s a February morning, it wasn’t, it was last Friday, a March morning. Quite often, being retired from the day job and in lockdown, I don’t remember what day of the week it is, but that’s the first time I actually got the wrong month! I take it as a good sign, it means I’m living in the now, where months don’t exist. Happy Spring everyone!

A Parliament of Rooks

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Embracing Spring and Understanding Life and Death With The Angelic Presence

“The Earthly plane is such a beautiful place, such a beautiful experience.  There is a great deal of detail that is available upon the Earthly plane that is not experienced through our expression of being, that of the Angelic Presence.  For, upon the inner planes the sharpness of detail that you experience is not present, our experience is of a soft, diffuse light, akin to seeing from within a fine mist of light particles.

There is so much wonder in the incredible unfoldment of life that exists upon the Earth.  This is a special time of year for experiencing and witnessing life unfolding.  As the sun increases and the days become longer and warmer, so the animals and plants upon the Earth are busily increasing their energies and expressing their transformational gifts as they engage with the potency of life. 

We ask you to be witness to the many miracles of life that unfold before you this season.  To see them with new eyes, as if for the first time.  To be aware of the incredible delicacy and joy of life and even the vulnerability which sometimes creates what you might call death.  And this is simply a moment when the manifestation of physical life upon the Earth has not been fully realised or sustained, for there is no death.  When you see the lifeless body of an animal or bird, you will see that only the protective shell is present.  The spirit, the soul, the energy of consciousness that is that being has not died.  And it is only from the point of view of witnessing upon the Earth that it appears to be a sorrowful event. 

We are always present at such times through the many means we have.  We support animals, we support plants and trees and we are present for humans, of course.  We are always supporting the processes of life and the transition that is death.  Our love holds these profound extremes in synthesis, in harmony and balance, for without one, the other cannot exist.”