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Sacred Play is Divine Magic

The energies that have been coming forward recently and lighting up my life are a little unusual for me. For a long while, I’ve been embracing the dark, engaging with shadow work, even befriending death. And this is like coming out into the sunshine.

What’s been coming forward is sacred play. I was shown how we, as children are often not allowed to play. We are stopped from play so often by the fears, judgements and limitations that the adults around us carry. Maybe our play is discouraged because it’s considered inappropriate; “You’re a girl/boy, you shouldn’t be doing that. Why don’t you do this instead?” Or maybe circumstances meant we had to grow up quickly and take on adult responsibilities at a young age.

Whether we got to play freely and without limitations or judgements as a child or not, we usually received this message by the time we reached teenage years and young adulthood; “Playing is for children, grow up!”

Well, I have news for you. Play is for us all at every age. There are no restrictions and play is healthy, healing, loving and necessary for our holistic wellbeing. It works on every level, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Play is freedom to explore, be creative, let go, express ourselves safely, have fun, it feeds us body and soul.

Sacred play is playing consciously, knowing that play isn’t something we do because we are childish, but something we do to fulfil, complete and enrich ourselves in every sense.

Few adults know how to play with gay abandon without the use of alcohol or drugs. Those that do are often judged for it, as if they are being irresponsible. Maybe that’s why some people take alcohol or drugs, to get past the inhibitions and find a place where they can let go.

When we play as adults it may look different to child play. Sacred play is not recognised by the activity, it’s recognised by the sense of joy, merriment, curiosity, engagement, immersion, creativity, pleasure and freedom all coming together within any given situation.

Have you ever entered a room where two little children are playing together? Perhaps they didn’t notice you were there. But you watched and saw how deeply focused on the story they were, how creative with the ideas, words and possibilities they expressed. Whether a bundle of laughs or totally serious, they are so present in their play. Little children know how to play until adults interfere and start telling them what is acceptable and what is not.

We are still children inside, children who want to play. Each moment of our lives is held within our energy. That fearless, feisty little girl or boy you once were, until it was knocked out of you, s/he is still there waiting to come out to play. So let’s reclaim play, sacred play. Adult play doesn’t mean acting like a child, it means channelling the energy of that inner child through our adult filter, without the help of alcohol or drugs. We allow the energy to flow and yet, we are our adult selves. It’s an attitude. It’s trust, trusting ourselves and believing in ourselves. Embracing ourselves. Play is one of the fiercest ways to overcome mental and physical health issues. Sacred play is divine magic. And it’s such fun! It’s self-care and you deserve it.

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Body Fantastic






These are the needs our body craves, in equal measure.

Listen to your body and it will guide you.

Respect your body.

Your body is your most loving life-time companion

And if you treat it right, your body will initiate a self-reset

To its original blueprint, your best physical self.

Trust your body.

Love your body.

You are not your body, you are more ‘not’ your body than you are your body.

You are energy, you are soul, you are consciousness, you are personality, you are emotions, you are thoughts, you are memory, none of those are physical.

The only part of you that exists in physical reality is your body.

With your body, it takes time to manifest change.

But your body is amazing.  It’s talking to you all the time, notice the bodily sensations that tell you what to eat, when to move, how long to sleep, when to stop, when to go within. 

Your body is capable of so much more than you can imagine.    

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“How Are You Doing?”

Welcome to Friday and this weeks’ transformational question.  Actually, this week, it’s not so much transformational, but a question that wants to hug you better.

“How are you doing?”

Ask yourself this question from a place of self-love inside.  How are you?  Really?  Are you okay?  What do you need?  With this (or these) question(s), you are loving yourself and nurturing yourself and listening to your needs.  How often do we do that?  Not enough, hey? 

So, how are you, really?  And from there, what about a bit of self-caring?  What can you do this weekend to love yourself more?  To find time for you?  To spoil yourself, even?  Go on, be kind to you, be your own unconditional best friend and take some time to make you the centre of your world, for once.     

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Be True To You

Hands up all those who give healing to others, whether you do it for a living or because you have friends and family who need it and you can support them?  Now, keep your hand up if you remember to regularly provide for yourself a focused healing when you need it.  Who’s still with me?  I have a feeling we lost a few people there and maybe you were one of them. 

If so, you are not the only one who’s not so good at looking after yourself because I had to put my hand down too.  I’ve recently become more conscious of it, in fact, it keeps coming up on my radar, every time I speak to someone about including them in my nightly healing session, I remember to include myself, but do I ever?  Nope. 

Maybe, like me, you have a wingman.  These days, I’m lucky to have my very talented, Reiki Master soul sister in my life, we give each other healing regularly so we know we’ve always got each other’s backs, and I don’t have to ask, she checks in with me and if she picks up that I need a boost, she’s on it.  Therefore, I feel very blessed and looked after and her loving support is a huge privilege.   

Sometimes I get migraine aura and sometimes my energy’s a bit flat, what with separating from my husband and moving house during lockdown.  I do meditation once or twice a day to connect with my guides, soul, soul group, for integrating my healed inner children, to cleanse my chakras and regularly activate the templates and energies that are brought to my attention.  So, I’m probably ahead of the game. 

But I’m talking about something more, I’m talking about self-love being expressed through our actions.  I’m talking about caring about ourselves and showing it to ourselves.  In some ways I do, in others, there’s room for increasing the expression of loving myself.   

Sisters and brothers, I do believe we need to pay attention and find some time to be there for ourselves in different ways.  Think of all the times we put pressure on ourselves, not getting things done, not checking in with people often enough, not eating properly, not taking me-time when we could, not scheduling the things we love the most that make us feel alive before all the chores and demands of others.   

Here’s where I shine and fill my chalice to overflowing:

  • When I go out into nature most days and breathe, feeling the cold air on my skin, connecting with the sky and distant hills, walking along the windswept beaches or through the still and nourishing woods.
  • When I make time for something creative in my day.  This could be painting or drawing, making something crafty like painting a stone or making a mobile from driftwood.  It could be cooking something delicious that feels creative, rearranging a room or just the corner of a room.  It could be planting up a new area of the garden or decorating some plant pots.  It could be writing a short story or poem.  Let’s find our creative and let it flow, it really does feed the soul.
  • When I’m called to provide a full blown shamanic intensive healing for somebody it fills me to bursting with energy and gives me a deep sense of purpose.  It enlivens my sense of self-actualisation, I feel I am being my best self, all my gifts are called into service in a meaningful and fulfilling way and that’s food for my soul and enriching for all of me.
  • Recently, I decided to set aside two days at the full moon and two days at the new moon as a time of personal seclusion and self-focus.  I did this once so far, the first day was absolute bliss, one of the best days ever.  The second day I woke up with the worst migraine and spent the day in bed, but maybe that’s the kind of self-nurture my body needed.  My next two moon seclusion days start tomorrow and I’m super excited because of all the things I’ve got planned; drumming, naked voice singing, making a mandala out of natural materials like leaves, wood and stones in the garden and a number of activations and downloads of spiritual energy.  I think I’m going to download the Oneness Template.  And who knows what else is yet to come forward.  Yes, this is such a fulfilling, exciting and nurturing thing to do, total self-love in action. 

Here’s where I need to focus my attention to support my self-care better:

  • Putting my laptop, book or phone away and going to sleep earlier than silly-o’clock.  Getting plenty of sleep and then rising early enough to seize the day.
  • I still have work to do in developing my attitude and behaviours around food and nurturing my physical self. This is a big issue for me, after a lifetime of imbalance.  I get somewhere for a while and then lose it, swinging from success to failure, and even in saying that, I can feel I need to make some attitude changes.  I do sense it’s been waiting for inner child healing, it’s behaviour attached to beliefs from childhood trauma, but I feel I’m getting there slowly. 
  • Not putting pressure on myself for all the things I don’t get done.   
  • Getting out into the wider world for more exploring and roaming in nature, roll on the end of lockdown.   

How about you?  Where do you express your self-love and how do you nurture yourself?  Do you feel you are putting your own needs forward, in balance with everything else in your life?  What are your personal ways for making yourself feel loved and cared for, for feeding your soul?  Where might you be able to make some improvements?