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Waking Up

Quite often, the posts I write don’t represent where I’m at, they’re me working things out for myself.  It’s a part of a process where intellect is engaged, part of moving through the energy to realisation.  So, when I state something, it doesn’t mean I’m there yet, it means I know I’m working through that energy.

I watched a film recently, it was one I’ve watched at least five times, an old favourite I never seem to tire of.  Every time, it gets me in the heart, which is not surprising since it’s a film all about the heart.  And more than that, it’s a film about claiming your darkness, and I hadn’t really noticed that before because I hadn’t watched it just at the moment when I was ready to see it before.

As usual, this time, the emotions started to surface, ones I often struggle with.

And there it was.  After my recent post ‘Allowing Life to Be’, I realised what I needed as I watched the film.  I realised that those struggling emotions of yearning and desires and loneliness, a desire for a deep, abiding loving relationship that expresses as a sacred union at all levels, this is not a lack in me, not something to fight or struggle against, not a bad or negative feeling. It doesn’t represent a deficiency or failure. It’s okay, it’s a part of me.  It’s who I am, and all of a sudden I claimed it.  I embraced my needs and desires and moved the energy from dissonance to resonance. 

Then, I realised there was more that needed to be claimed, I needed to claim the darkness, the loss, abandonment, lack of love I’ve experienced, deeper than I’d ever claimed it before.  Instead of feeling it was something that had happened to me, that it was a problem, that it was the opposite of what I wanted, I claimed it all.  I claimed the darkness as mine. 

Now, I own it.  I can no longer be hurt because it’s something I allow as who I am.  All those emotions that weren’t love became love, love for myself.  I loved myself to freedom.

Guilt, resentment, blame, anger, sorrow, all became love.  And that love became peace.  The peace brought stillness and release, it brought acceptance and trust.  I accepted me and at the same time, I healed myself some more.    

Waking up is a series of moments of realisation, of claiming and acceptance of oneself.      

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Divine Union Is You

We live our lives with the illusion of separation and it causes us so much trouble and gives us so many rich experiences for our growth.

A double edged sword, you might say.

We are now fast-tracking our growth and healing and bringing that sense of separation to an end as we invite and embody divine union.

How do we do this? We activate and ignite our twin flame.

Your twin flame is an energy that sits at the core of your soul. Activating it is akin to connecting with the truth of our being. You see, we are divine. You are divine, you are divine now, always have been, always will be. You are never alone, you are a beacon of love, in fact, you are love incarnate. You are always everything that is, everything.

But the question is, do you sense, feel, acknowledge these deep truths about you?

If you do, you will never seek anything outside of yourself.
You will never feel lonely or as though you don’t belong.
You will never need healing.
You will always be complete and balanced.

And that’s just for starters. It’s time to activate your twin flame. Because your twin flame IS divine union. It is the divine feminine and divine masculine that you are, combined. Because we are all both.

And when you activate divine union at the core of your being, your soul, you BECOME your divine truth. You wake up to being the divine being you always were. You rock it.

Imagine going through life KNOWING you are divine. BEING your divine self.

To activate your twin flame requires an energetic activation process that I would LOVE to take you through on my TWIN FLAME ALCHEMY online workshop.

It takes place on FRIDAY 13th AUGUST at 3.30pm to 5.30pm British Summer Time.
It costs only £15

Not only will you ignite your twin flame but you will also receive a sacred soul initiation, integrating you with the full spectrum of your soul and entitling you to enrol on all future amenet drago : Soul Mastery workshops.

You will experience not one, but two energy chambers where you will meet your twin flame embodied as a person or persons and then manifest your twin flame into your life as a person who acts as a mirror for you and creates sacred, divine union with you, in the form of your choosing.

I can assure you, every one of my offerings is deep, profound, transformative and life changing. Go HERE to read what people have to say.

Honestly, are you crazy enough to say no to this?!?

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Twin Flame Ignited

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve got my second online workshop coming up soon.  The first one, a six week course, has only one week left to go and it’s gone down very well, I’m feeling very pleased and hope to run it again sometime. 

This second workshop was designed to be a follow-on because, when we are integrated with our soul, our twin flame is awakened.  So, the next stage is to activate it and enable the energies to be expressed. 

Now I’ve made this Twin Flame Alchemy workshop a stand-alone workshop because I’ve incorporated a soul integration into the programme. 

I’m aware that many people see the twin flame as another person who is our one true love.  This says a great deal about how so many people would love to find love and are still looking for that love outside themselves.  And I really get that. 

The twin flame is so much more than that.  Essentially, it’s the energy of divine union, of the divine feminine and divine masculine that exists within each of us, at the core of our soul.  And it requires to be activated.

The most fundamental value of waking the twin flame up is not to meet Mr or Ms Right, it’s to further realise the truth of our being as a soul, as a multi-dimensional being, and not just a body with a personality. 

That’s not all, more than anything, igniting this energy brings us further away from the illusion of separation and nearer to our awareness of being connected with all-that-is and of our own divine nature.  And the thing is, that’s the entire point of being on Earth and living our lives, to move closer to the truth, to realign with the divine source, of which we are a part.

When we wake up our twin flame, it is akin to fast-tracking our spiritual journey.  Everything speeds up.  That includes the cleansing, purification, the healing, the awakening, the recognition of who we are and what, ultimately, we are here for.  So, we find our path, we find our tribe and we find all the healing and growth that is needed to make that so.

How is it that the twin flame is a part of our soul and simultaneously another person?  It is energy.  Energy is beyond the manifest, it can be in more than one place, it can express in more than one form.  And it can be called into existence.  And when we activate the twin flame within our being, we are then able to ignite the alchemy that forms relationships.  Not any kind of relationships but sacred relationships centred upon divine union.  Relationships with other persons who are our soul.  Yes, that is the twin flame. 

Twin Flame Alchemy online workshop Sunday 1st August at 3.30pm BST



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Why Death is Our Dear Friend

Why do we need to visit death in order to understand life?

Why do we need to experience lack in order to understand abundance?

Why do we need to be abandoned in order to find the love inside ourselves?


How can we understand the light without knowing darkness?

How can we appreciate sound without comprehending silence?

How can we come to know our blessings unless we have suffered some misfortune?

So it is that misfortune is our wise teacher.

Silence is our welcome guest.

Darkness is our loving guide.

Abandonment is our great gift.

Lack is our secret treasure.

Death is our dear friend.

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The Harmony of Being

There are two parts of me that are learning how to work harmoniously together. There’s my personality and my soul. We need both and they need to communicate and co-operate when we live on this Earth. My personality has long since held the reins and now my soul is fully on board as well. My soul is choosing to do some things differently and I can see she is always choosing what is healthy and serves me most.

But personality has got comfortable with quite a few poor behaviours and habits, most of which developed from early childhood wounds and limitations. Personality doesn’t always want to give up foods that don’t serve me, attitudes that don’t do me justice or methods that keep me stuck. Personality is a bit stubborn like that and has a tendency to not want to step outside the comfort zone.

Soul is patient and understanding, there’s no hurry, no timescale in changing the habits of a lifetime. The less urgency and pressure, the better.

The way forward is love, to keep loving and reassuring my personality, letting her know it’s safe to change, reminding her she is loved, important and valued.

Personality is letting go more and more, realising there’s still a role for her. Accepting that soul is improving things for us all. Welcoming soul and her loving wisdom to the party.

We are learning to work together for our ongoing fulfilment.

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Tribe or Family: Being Seen in Our Truth

I’ve been wanting to make a really uplifting post this week, but instead the week has brought me a few strong and challenging scenarios.  The energy has been about loss, rejection and how my present situation is echoing wounds of the past.  Not an easy time to be light-hearted. 

These past few days have sometimes felt like getting a kick in the teeth, as though life is saying, “You have healing to do, my dear, you are not so far advanced as you think.”  Funny I should view it from the idea of there being a place to get to.  Funny how everything we know can go out the window when life gets complicated.  Wasn’t I writing about simplicity yesterday, and celebration only a few days past?  What happened?  Oh yeah, life. 

First of all, I made an error of judgement, I said something I shouldn’t have said.  By the time it was sent into the electronic world, it was out there, said, too late to recall it.  Oh dear.  I knew within a blink of an eye it was a mistake.  I saw the whole thing differently the moment the comment was winging it’s way through the ether.  So, I felt ashamed and berated myself.  I also had to do some serious thinking about myself and the way I was viewing myself and others.  The good side of it all is that if it hadn’t happened that way, I probably wouldn’t have received that piece of reality pie and although I nearly choked on it, I damn sure needed to swallow it. 

That wasn’t all, the very same day, whilst I was still chewing on that pie, I got a phone call that finished me off.  It was somebody ringing to offer me the gift of a lifetime, something many people would snap up and give a lot to have an opportunity for.  But I was not feeling that way because it was offered out of pity and from a place of superiority.  I was being railroaded into something that had a hidden cost and expected to be grateful for being treated this way.  The reality was, there was little interest in me as a person and the very close member of my family was acting out of their own deep-set remorse and guilt, to appease their own demons.  All they had to do was throw money at me and they thought everything would be alright.  I didn’t fall for it, I had enough self-respect to not fall for it but I did feel pretty hurt and upset by what was said and done for a while. 

I’m turning it around now.  Luckily, I have some incredible soul sisters in my life who support me.  They have validated my feelings and reminded me to honour the energy of what life is bringing me and honour my journey.  I know this is all about what’s going on inside me and not so much about what somebody else did to me or has going on for themselves.  I can’t make others see me, who I am or how rich my life is, not even members of my own family, especially not members of my family, maybe.  Funny how the ones who have known us the most sometimes are the ones that see us the least.  I find my tribe elsewhere, I count those who resonate with my soul as my family.  They are not always the ones we grow up with.

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You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful, yes, you. Inside and out, body and soul. Everything about you is perfect.

What are these words? Beautiful and Perfect? They are limiting values, judgements, yes? Opinions. How can this be true?

Open up your mind, your heart. Look again at the world around you and everything in it. Feel your love flowing out from your heart like a soft, warm sun, extending outwards. See everything from your centre, from where the sun of your love extends. Is not everything beautiful? Is not everything perfect? There is only this, there is only now, there is only the extension of your love into everything, for it is everything.

Stay in this moment as though you have stopped time here. Pause. Check in with your heart, yes the sun of your love is shining brightly upon all you perceive. What do you feel? What do you realise from this place? Everything is one thing in many colours, all is the colour of love.

With the radiant sun that comes from your heart shining bright, turn to look at yourself. You are love. The trees are love, the sky is love, people are love, everything is love and you are everything. You are not separate, you never were, the extension of your love unifies you with all.

Be aware that all this is emanating from your heart, you are the centre, you are the creator and the mover of love through the universe right now. And the first thing that you love from this motion, the first to be touched by this powerful love emanating from your heart is you.

This is exactly as it needs to be, love yourself first so you can create and express your sun. The greatest love you can ever give is to yourself. The greatest love you can ever receive is from yourself.

Are you not beautiful and perfect from the centre of your loving self?

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Are you receiving the love, light and energy of the universe every day?  Are you refuelling your soul?  Are you stopping to just breathe? 

Look me in the eyes and tell me the truth.  How much unstructured time every day do you spend on your phone, on your computer?  How much in front of the telly?  How often do you turn off the phone and put down the laptop to just be with yourself?  Enough?  Not enough?  Only you will know.

When we do, we are receiving, we are receiving the love and light of the universal energies.  We need to do that for our sanity, for our energy, for our peace.  It is there we will find stillness, balance, grounding, self-love. 

Receive, because it’s a two way thing, the universe is receiving you.  This is the flow.  Let go of any remaining feelings that stop you from caring for your own needs.  Time to nurture yourself, time to hold yourself and accept the restoration that the universe wishes to give you. 

So, now structure some time for you.  Go for a gentle walk, sit under a tree and just close your eyes and breathe.  Know what it’s like to do nothing at all, but to smell, hear, feel, sense the silence.  Stay with it for five, ten, fifteen, thirty minutes, let go of time altogether. 

Get something creative going that fills you with joy, make something, paint something, bake something, decorate something, reorganise a room, anything that fires your creative juices.

Let your body move, dance, sing, play an instrument, write poetry. 

Do something you used to love doing as a child but haven’t done in ages. 

Go find some buddies, borrow a little child or two (legally and responsibly, of course), if you don’t have your own.  They will teach you how to play, laugh, relax, let go.  They will fire your imagination and remind you that magic is real, if you let it be. 

Find your ways of receiving from the universe and then completely let go like you have never let go before.  Breathe out and let go.  Keep pushing the envelope, taking it further into joy.  Feel the universe loving you in these moments.  Feel you loving yourself.  You deserve it. Enjoy.