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Four Ways to Tell Your Soul From Your Ego

Ego and Personality are interconnected, the clue is in the word ‘personal’.  What is personal is ego, what is personal is of the personality. 

When we experience soul integration, we begin to embrace our soul as our sense of self instead of the ego/personality.  The more the integration evolves within us, the more our sense of self changes. 

What are the differences between being our personality/ego and being our soul?  Here are four ways to tell the difference:

  1. EGO comes from a sense of separateness.  As our personality/ego, we view ourselves as a separate entity within the world, we are therefore subject to the views of others and find it difficult to move into a state of sovereignty with ourselves.
    SOUL is never separate and always perceives self from a state of oneness with all.  Soul is beyond personality, soul constantly exists beyond space and time, soul is energy and therefore perceives itself as energy, the same energy that everything is made of.  Soul is never anything other than a pure expression of the divine source, therefore soul is always sovereign.  From the stance of being integrated with our soul, we are always in our sovereignty, always embodying supreme liberation and our personal power. 
  2. EGO personalises.  Our personality/ego takes things personally, something most of us do many times a day, in little ways or big ways.  Because of that sense of separation, ego perceives that the words and actions of others are personal, therefore, we are subject to taking offence.  When we personalise, we respond in one of two ways, either we put ourselves down or we big ourselves up.  Either way, we are covering for a low sense of self-worth.  Personalising is all about low self-worth.
    SOUL never personalises because of soul’s constant awareness that it is interconnected to all that is.  If a person says something cutting, whether intentional or not, soul observes but takes no offence.  What is there to be offended about?  Soul doesn’t have a self-worth problem, it simply isn’t relevant because soul is complete and fulfilled and is never seeking the acceptance or admiration of any other.  Soul’s self-belief is beyond question because soul is its own source of love, acceptance and approval.  Soul is sovereign in all areas.
  3. EGO experiences hurt feelings.  A sense of separateness and tendency to personalise leads to hurt feelings.  Ego/personality is wont to experience hurt feelings commonly due to identifying as a separate, vulnerable being.  Why would we be hurt if we didn’t believe what was being said?  Or fear there is some truth there?  Why would we value the opinion of someone who could hurt us?  Ego is not confident in its own self-worth.  Ego cares about what others think of us because we haven’t embraced our authentic self yet.     
    SOUL does not feel hurt in any situation because soul knows that nothing is personal, since nothing is separate.  Even in the face of the greatest offence, soul is unflappable and does not perceive an attack.  Soul is only ever authentic and therefore would never accept and believe the voice of another over and above their own inner true voice.  Soul only ever hears the inner true voice inside.  When we are soul, we are sovereign, we are true to ourselves without question.
  4. EGO defends itself.  Ego/personality spends most of its time trying to defend the persona.  Persona is the construct of self we create to protect ourselves, it is not our authentic self.  Ego believes this is necessary to protect us from harm and from realising all the traumas and wounds of the past that could hurt us if we accepted them.  Ego, therefore, does everything it can to deflect, deny, blame, avoid and otherwise defend.  Defence is all about lack of trust in ourselves, about coming from a place of separateness.  It’s all about caring more about what others think than owning our truth.   
    SOUL has nothing to defend.  Soul is only ever authentic at all times, soul is the self’s truth.  Soul just is.

When we undergo soul integration, we are inviting our soul into our body space to fulfil the role that our ego/personality is struggling to achieve.  Our soul is much better equipped for the job and brings so many rich gifts, skills and tools with it.  Our soul is all that we are and ever have been, throughout every incarnation.  As we integrate more and more with our soul, we lose those experiences that are coming from ego/personality and become a being that is living in the physical upon the Earth as a soul, a being of light and love who transcends the limitations of the ego and embodies the authentic truth of our being. 

The Soul Integration workshop is about to be launched here soon. This is energy work that goes deep and downloads all you need to embrace and embody your soul in every aspect of your life. You will claim the full spectrum of your soul, all the skills, talents and abilities that your soul holds for you. You will uncover your soul destiny and connect with your soul family. You are walking a pathway upon the Earth and it’s sometimes a struggle to move through that pathway. By connecting with your soul, you are empowered, all that you are is empowered, to manifest and exist fully, absolutely and completely upon the Earth. Time to be your best self.


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Opening Up to Oneness

In my meditations of late I’ve been asking for, from within my being, a state of deep peace.  A peace so deep that only love can live there.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  To be at peace in any given situation or circumstance, to only experience deep peace.  Aaahhhh!  Yes.  Nice.

It occurs to me, in achieving such a state I would be letting go of all struggle, all baggage, all challenge, maybe even the desire to achieve.  I would simply become. 

Have you ever met somebody, and in getting to know them you see yourself reflected in them?  You recognise yourself, your struggles, your loves, your journey, your habits, your choices?  Maybe even your temper, your wounds, your fears?  They tend to be the people we either instantly love or hate, because we see either the best or the worst of us staring in our face.  When we recognise ourselves in others, we are really recognising the divine source, the unifying factor that is us all.  The blending of all beings into a source. 

Upon the Earth, this is an experience of connection.  These are the ones with whom we make the deepest connection and we call them our soul family, our tribe.  Connecting with another is accepting them, supporting them.  To do that well, we must first accept ourself, support ourself.  This is the energy of oneness, and I think it is akin to what I was looking for in finding that state of deep peace. 

It is a state of openness, of allowing our energy, our love and light to flow, to receive and to give our light to and from others.  Not only other people but all energies upon the Earth, all living beings.  When that light and love is flowing in connection like that, we are in a state of oneness.

Oneness is the absence of separation, the absence of fear.  It is openness and connection without judgement, without conditions.  In oneness, we embrace ourselves fully and learn to accept the dark and the light in equal measure, with the same spirit of surrender.    

Oneness is like a kind of a community.  Have you ever been to an event or a place where you really felt you belonged, where you felt a part of everything and shared a deep connection with everyone who was with you there?  Maybe something incredible happened that you all witnessed together?  When you come away from an event like that and everyone separates, you really feel a sense of loss.  You lose that sense of being understood, without words, because you all shared the same deep understanding.  You know you can’t talk to anybody else about what happened there, they just wouldn’t get it.  We crave to be with those with whom we can feel and connect so deeply as that.  That is what oneness is like, and it can be there all the time and with everybody.

Where is that missing from my life?  Everywhere.  Almost everywhere, there are those with whom I have experienced this within my life but it’s not always easy to stay in that place.  Why?  Too many wounds, too much growth surges, too many challenges that bring ego to the fore and steal the stillness that this kind of experience requires.  It’s often the simple surface practicalities that cause a feeling of separation; distance, emotionally and physically.  Communication breakdowns. 

Mundane normality steals away the magic; bills, chores, tasks, problems, commitments.  Ego.  Ego is a big one, ego can really put a damper on connection and openness. And fear, they go hand in hand.  It’s often lack of confidence, of worthiness, we don’t settle into that sense of belonging because we fear what somebody else may think.  We don’t have the courage, and it really needs to be there deep, deep down, where we don’t tend to peer inside of us, not just surface courage.

Think of all those times when we push people away, when we disregard them, refuse help, feel we have to do this on our own.  The times when we convinced ourself that there is nobody who gets us, who understands, nobody who cares.  All the times we feel lonely.

We are living in a period of time when many of us have experienced loneliness with Covid and lockdowns.  Imagine rewriting that experience whist bringing in the energy of oneness, of unity and connection.  That energy starts within us, it is that place of deep peace within.  It is the confidence, the self-belief, the presence to surrender to our own beauty and that of every being around us. 

How can I ever feel lonely?  How can I entertain that idea, unless by choice?  If I feel loneliness, then I must be closing myself down. I live in a house with a loving husband.  We are separating but we still love each other deeply and he would never refuse me a hug if I needed one.  He wouldn’t even ask for a reason.  If he sees me struggling, he will offer to cook something for me or suggest that we go for a walk on the nearby beach together.  And I have two very affectionate cats, they are always up for cuddles and attention, they never say no either.  How could I diminish their value and importance?  Their unique kind of connection is the purest of all.  No judgements, no communication issues, no holds barred, they are totally committed to open connection with me at the drop of a hat. 

What am I doing, thinking that I’m lonely?  Discounting my loving husband and my two adorable cats?  I’m creating limitations and conditions, aren’t I?  As if they don’t count, are not what or who I’m craving connection with.  I could have a deep and open connection with the beings in my household in every moment and they would certainly value and appreciate my reaching out.  I really need to open myself up to oneness every day and remember that oneness doesn’t pick and choose, we are all the same.  What if we are all closing ourselves down inside and feeling alone whilst creating the belief that the ones we are with are not the ones we want or who want us?  What if we take a risk and reach out?  Only now matters.  We might surprise ourselves and them.  I suspect we will find that we are all craving support and acceptance from each other, to give and receive, we are all waiting to be invited and somebody has to make the first move.                 

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Good Morning, Beautiful Soul!

Everything you are, I am also.  Everything I am, you are.  What is it like when we begin to experience unity consciousness as a part of living our lives on Earth? 

To begin with, it seems almost impossible because separation has been our reality for so long, for thousands of years and more.  We may say we are one, but do we deep down feel that way when we are living our lives separately, living inside our own heads?

Don’t stop, keep on believing it, keep on feeling that it’s the truth, even if life just doesn’t feel that way.  It will.  There will come a moment when you find yourself feeling connected to everything, like there is no separation at all between you and anything else.  It will blow you away.  The first few times it won’t last and you will feel sad when you realise that feeling has left you.  Don’t get fixated on that moment.  Don’t worry, it will come back, again and again, and it will stay with you longer and slowly become who you are.  You will begin to feel a oneness with nature, with the sky, with the air.  You will feel an affinity and connection with the people around you, eventually it will become a lasting oneness with everything and everybody. We are moving fluidly through the process and this is so wonderful, so enriching.  It is building and consolidating within our consciousness. 

I expect you’ve already had a moment or two like this, right?  If not, they will come.  Perhaps you are one that has woken up completely?  We are waking up and then gently nudging our neighbours, helping each other to wake up together, we are stretching our limbs, yawning and opening our eyes.  We are seeing ourselves and each other anew, seeing for the first time what has always been true; there is only one of us.  Good morning, beautiful, divine soul!

And Solstice Blessings on this special, magical day to all that is one!
Love and Solstice Light to you, beautiful soul,
Ananda Amenet x

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Message From the Crystalline Kingdom: 1

“Let it be said, there is no earthly meaning beyond that which you are expressing.  Your beautiful beings are scintillating diamonds upon the Earth.  We are the Crystalline Kingdom, bringing to you our love and magnificence.  Our energies are expressed through all that you are.  Our presence brings great opportunities to you, for we wish to share our light throughout your being now and awaken the wisdom that lies deep within you, within your DNA, within your molecules, within your energy field, within your consciousness, within your soul. 

This is the time of remembrance, the time of awakening and we wish to be of service and support you in reconnecting with your truth.  There is no separation.  There is no separation.  You may hear these words but do you truly comprehend the truth within them?  You are not separate from the divine source, nor have you ever been so.  You are one with the divine source, the illusion of separation is being revealed and it is time to embrace all that you are.  The uniqueness of your being is preserved with your awakening, and yet, your awareness of unity with all permeates through all that you are and all that is.  To ask the divine source for help and support, for love and grace, for anything you wish is to ask yourself.  To love another is to love yourself.  There is no separation.  It is time to truly embody and embrace this truth, for this is the truth of who you are.

We, the Crystalline Kingdom, wish to extend our love and devotion to the scintillating crystalline beings that appear as though separate upon the Earth and are called humanity, and yet are one with all that is.  So be it.”     

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Message from Lord Merlin: 2

“I am present with greatest love and devotion, for you are most worthy of my support.  I am Lord Merlin.  We are working together towards the fulfilment of Mother Earth’s desire to ascend in beauty and magnificence, for she is ready to step into her new role as a great goddess of love.

Mother Earth is expanding, she is bringing forth all that is truth and divine for humanity, in order to express her fullest magnificence.  Humanity is blossoming as the unified energy of the Creator upon Earth.  It is the case that humanity, in terms of each individual human being upon the Earth, is waking up.  Some are waking first, others will wake later.  Waking up to the remembrance that each and everyone is of the Creator and an expression of the Creator’s being upon the Earth.  There is no separation.  The illusion of separation and individuality is akin to the journey of the human soul away from the Creator’s core, from the Creator’s heart, in order to define itself. 

Now is the time that many souls upon the Earth are moving, once again, into the light and love and glory of the Creator’s heart energy.  And this is occurring naturally.  It is happening to those who desire it, who can hold the intention, who can imagine it and who, therefore, choose it.  There is nothing to be done, it is already the case that you are the Creator.  And in choosing to express who you are as the Creator, then you activate that energy within yourself and project it beyond yourself and into the entirety of humanity and the Earth. 

Beloved beings of light, for I speak to you all, there is no striving to be done, there is no hard work to be confronted or endured.  Simply allow yourself to be who you are in all your magnificence, for you are divine, you are the light, you are love incarnate.  It is simply a question of letting go of the resistance to your truth.  I am Lord Merlin and I walk amongst you bringing divine magic into your realities so that you may connect with your ability to create the truth of your being.  My love is with you, so be it.”

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Message from your Soul Group: 2

‘Greetings beloved beings of light, you are welcomed to this moment of joy for we are worthy to express our love for you. We are the collective of all soul groups, so we are your soul group.  We are speaking with great love and we are devoted to support you on your journey upon the Earth.  Our love is always with you, we are one with your soul.  Your soul is perfect, carrying a deep energy of purity and a strong vibration of love.  Your soul has been learning throughout your lifecycles, learning about self-love and integration with the Creator and the Creator’s love, through means of physical manifested interplay.  The density of experience upon the Earth enables a great depth of experience through duality.  Your soul has learned through lack of love and being loved, through extreme experiences and feelings that bring forth the learning your soul has craved for.  We receive everything that your soul experiences, as does the Creator.  Support is offered to your personality, however, we wish to allow the unfoldment of experience in order for awakening remembrance to take place.  Your personality continues to experience the impact, the effect of duality as you interpret the energies as good and bad days, positive and negative experiences, in truth they are all one, there is only love and your experience that feels as though there is a lack of love is a self-created expression or a need to release fear, some of which has been held throughout the experience of many lifetimes. 

There is always love, there is only love.  The single drop of water that is tossed up by the ocean wave, it is separate but it is always the ocean.  And its separation is an illusion, simply an area of density of water, of ocean, for water particles are everywhere, always connected, despite the illusion of separateness.  We wish to remind you that you are always the energy of love which expands from your centre, you are always connected to the core of the Creator and to us and to your soul. 

There are many realisations and enlightenments possible through the experience of duality and that is why a soul’s experience upon the Earth is so valuable, for it leads to a powerful experience of transformation when awakening takes place.  You are blessed and emboldened to express through creative means the energies that are realised when fear is released and love is embraced.  Claim your truth.  This is what is meant by stepping into the power of your enlightenment.  Your greatest gift is the ability to let go and accept all that you are beyond duality.  You are light and love.  You are an emanation of our energy and the Creator’s.  You are a beacon for many.  You are capable and complete, ready to move into a new phase, the next phase of your journey, now.  Please begin to embrace all that surfaces, for you are capable of knowing that which comes from the purest source, take this as your guidance in making the next steps forward.  Believe in yourself and trust in the truth of yourself.  Stay with each moment, making that moment the most pure and authentic, pouring your focus, your energy and love, your power to express the Creator, into each moment.  You are blessed, we are with you, all is well.  Our love never leaves you, we are your soul group.’