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Calling in the Temple of Light

Imagine a Temple of Light.  A round, white tower, short and squat, with a domed roof.  There is a circular glass aperture in the centre of the domed roof, through which enters the sun’s rays and the glittering starlight of the darkest night.

Inside, a circle of nine sit together.  Each of them is a powerful energy-worker.  Collectively, they make the air crackle with their unified power.  They are deep in meditation.  There is a low hum in the air, a vocalisation brought forth from the throats of several present.  And there is the clear, piercing ring of a singing crystal bowl which seems to roll around the walls, a tone that thrusts deep into the heart of all who hear it. 

Most would not have sight to see, but there are fine white fibres, like roots, extending from the root chakras of the nine and probing deep into the earth. There is a column of golden light, within which each person sits, creating a circle of nine golden columns. There are nine cones of purest white light, each extending from the crown of a head, expanding more and more in the shape of a V as they rise up into the cosmic heights. There is a waterfall of light descending through the glass roof and falling into the centre of the circle, creating a puddle of liquid light that flows over the floor. The light is mostly white, with rainbows and specks of gold. The puddle of light spills to every part of the room.

The sense of peace in this room is deeply profound. The depth of love in the room would be almost unbearable for some. The power in this room is tangible.

There are many others here, unseen to the untrained eye.  They are the spirit guides, souls, soul family and loved ones in spirit of the nine.  There are angels present, dragons and unicorns.  There are elemental beings who are the consciousness of nature.  There are ascended masters, Goddess beings, star beings.  They are here to lend support and many are excited to be witness to this moment.  And there are people sitting around the edge, on cushions with their backs against the wall.  They are here from near and far because they wish to participate, to experience the peace, the love, the light, the truth, the healing.

The nine are ordinary people whose gifts include a deep connection with the vibration of the divine source.  Not only given but accepted and embraced by each of them.  Practiced and dedicated they are.  Committed to service.  They work with many energies for the healing, awakening and ascension of Mother Earth and all that is upon, above and within the Earth, invisible and visible.  And also for humanity. 

Right now, they are receiving light matrix energy templates for grounding and anchoring the healing of traumas for the entirety of humanity.  Through them, collective trauma is being healed for all.

Tomorrow, they will sit together to extend the understanding and ability to connect, communicate and co-create with the intelligence in all plants and trees. So that all those on Earth can see, sense or feel the presence of the elementals, tree and plant spirits and nature beings. And so people on Earth can connect with those energies to support the Earth’s ascension.

Each day, the nine come together to channel and express their love, light and power because the Temple of Light exists to fulfil this purpose.  They are a beacon, a model for all who come.

And this is my dream, for I am one of the nine.  This is what the new Earth ascension blueprint revealed to me in Spring 2020. I send out love and gratitude that this shall exist in the physical as it exists in the etheric.  I send out energy to draw this to me now.  This, I anchor as my soul purpose.  This, I am calling into existence now.  And if you have access to any of the energies required to bring this to fruition, please let me know.

Let it be so.

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Soul Mastery Shamanic Drum, painted and owned by Ananda Amenet Reid
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The Power of the I Am Presence

Within each soul and extending from the divine source, the I Am presence energy exists.

Integrate with your I Am presence through the power of positive self-talk.  Bring this transformative tool into your meditation time and into your everyday life. 

I Am statements are activations that allow us to connect with purer aspects of ourselves, aid our spiritual awakening and enable the most beautiful inspiring, loving and healing vibrations.

I Am statements are what we already are, although we have not fully realised or embodied them yet. With I Am statements, we are waking ourselves up, we are inviting those energies to come to the fore. We are sending out a prayer for what we wish to embrace from within ourselves.

Here are the empowering I Am statements that came through for me during my most recent vision quest:

I am ready.
I am completely claiming my full power.
I am accepting and embracing my potency.
I am channelling the light of the Creator into the Earth for humanity.
I am energised.
I am me.
I am listening to my heart.
I am recognising my insights and intuitions as the truth and wisdom they are.
I am humble before the greatness of the Universe.
I am ready to be taken apart and put back together again.
I am trusting myself completely.
I am incomparable.
I am healed from all past limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
I am healed.
I am spirited.
I am my healed and integrated inner children.
I am my inner crone.
I am a force.
I am the raging storm and the still peace at its core.
I am one who sweeps through the world surrounded by a vortex of supreme energy.
I am my best self.
I am my truth.
I am following the path laid before me by my soul.
I am walking boldly through the deepest night.
I am playful.
I am creative.
I am harmony.
I am a shining light.
I am a blazing fire.
I am seeing with eyes of enhanced love.
I am expressing the gifts of my heart.
I am listening to my heart.
I am acting from my heart.
I am walking meditation.
I am divine abundance.
I am bliss.
I am serenity.
I am light. I am love. I am truth. I am my power.
I am one with my soul.
I am one with the Creator.
I am complete.
I am gifting myself to all.
I am letting go.
I am carrying the secrets of my ancestors within.
I am the I Am presence.
I am one with all.
I am eternally now.
I am my best self.
I am ready to embrace the truth of my being when I am low and my days are a struggle, when my energy and creativity is not flowing.
I am ready to embrace the truth of my being when I am filled to overflowing with the love and light of the divine.
I am ready.

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This is the First amenet drago: Soul Mastery | Shamanic Nature Monthly Newsletter



Saturday 12th June – 17th July:


Runs on Saturdays for six weeks.

A powerful ONLINE course where you will learn everything you need to know about your soul, where your soul came from, what your soul is.

You will understand the reasons we need to activate an integration with our soul.

A sacred soul initiation will take place for you on the inner planes.

You will be introduced to the sacred sanctuary of your soul, a place you can go to anytime.

You will see your soul from the perspective of the divine source, an experience that is deep and profound.

You will meet your soul family, all the beings who support, love and guide your soul.

You will learn your soul’s name and symbol.

You will find out and explore your soul’s purpose on the Earth.

Still booking: Here
Choose between 10.30am or 7pm BST for 45 minute session
£45 for the six session course


Saturday 31st July:


A powerful ONLINE workshop for people who have received their sacred soul initiation.

It is possible to do this workshop without having done the Soul Integration course because there’s a soul merging activation in the Twin Flame workshop.

However, the Twin Flame workshop is a continuation from the Soul Integration workshop and the energetic downloads will be more powerful and fulfilling if both are attended.

You will find out and understand just what your twin flame is.

You will be led through an activation to merge your soul aspects and ignite your twin flame.

You will be able to choose to activate your twin flame as a relationship with another human being, either one you have not yet met or by enhancing a relationship you are already in.

You will visit activation chambers on the inner planes to embody your twin flame energy and activate the divine union that your twin flame enables.

Booking page not yet available, watch the website for developments or wait for next months’ newsletter.
£10 for the TWIN FLAME ALCHEMY workshop


Saturday 28th August:

First monthly Zoom workshop: ‘LOVE: A SKILL FOR LIFE’

Dive in deep to the love vibe and find out how to combine breathwork, finding your inner peace and activating the power of your imagination whilst bringing in the energy vibe of love fully into your being, for yourself and others.

Find out just what you can achieve when these skills are powerfully combined.

There will be a regular online Zoom workshop taking place at the end of each month, each time on a different subject.

Each workshop will take place in the energetic, will utilise channelled information from ascended masters and archangels and take place in a state of deeper consciousness to consolidate the energy within you.

Booking page not yet available, watch the website for developments or wait for next months’ newsletter.
Monthly ONLINE workshops are all £10 per session.


Don’t forget, there are free audio meditation tools available here.

You will find a selection of meditations and activations, including simple tools for soul integration and twin flame activation.

There’s a meditation from Lord Merlin that increases self-love and works with the energies of abundance.

There’s a cleansing and purifying activation if you’re feeling a little sluggish or just feel you need to clean up your energies. This comes from my soul group, the Andromedans, using their amazing light technology.

The basic meditation techniques were devised from channelled information from Lord Buddha, and you can’t get a better meditation teacher than that.



There are no Shamanic Nature Trance Intensive Retreats going on during this Summer because of the issues presented with running a five day retreat with three facilitators and up to nine attendees during Covid restrictions in the UK and because such a lot of change has been going on for me personally.

I hope very much to get this transformative retreat up and running at the first possible window of opportunity.



I am actively engaged in providing shamanic healing, energy extractions, soul retrieval and psychopomp work and you simply need contact me personally from my contact page to discuss this.

I will communicate with you via email to ascertain what you are looking for, then I will make an enquiring journey to my guides to ascertain if I’m the right person to help you and whether this is the right time for you to receive shamanic healing. If it is, they usually tell me what you need me to do.

I will report back to you and we will decide if you wish to go ahead and agree payment. It’s not easy to give set costs up front as the needs required are varied and personal. But you are never obliged to go ahead until we have agreed together.

We will be in personal communication throughout, so we can discuss the details of your healing and what will happen as we go along. You will be supported for up to two weeks after the healing.

I work at a distance usually. When we have fixed a date, then I will send you a payment request via Paypal.

You will receive a recording of your healing, giving you a full account taken in real time. You will also receive a crystal holding the energy of your healing, if you wish to provide an address for postage.


It’s been quite a year so far, I left Ceredigion and moved home to live in neighbouring Carmarthenshire in mid May.

Now, I live in a village called Mynyddygarreg, which is quite a mouthful, it’s right next to Kidwelly, known for its picturesque castle.

Kidwelly is an ancient place on an estuary, established as a borough in 1115 and occupied long before that. Kidwelly is the place where Princess Gwenllian died. She is a heroine of Welsh historic legend, somewhat akin to Boudicca. Gwenllian was a warrior princess with fiery passion in her heart. Her story is amazing and will have your eyes streaming for sure, if you ever wish to check it out.

From my house, I have a view of the sea in the distance and can see the tide coming in and going out through the estuary. It’s lovely to know what the tide’s doing every time I look out of the window. The view below is one taken from the balcony in my garden. You can see Kidwelly castle with the estuary and sea behind it.

The picture above is taken from the same spot, looking north instead of west. The early morning mist is nestling in the valley bottom and you can see the way my house and garden are raised and surrounded by trees in such a way that I feel like I live in a tree-house, which is lovely.

The nearby town of Carmarthen (Welsh: Caermyrddyn) translates as ‘Merlin’s Stronghold’ and is the acclaimed birthplace of the famous magician. I am tickled pink to be living here because Lord Merlin, whose energy exists on the inner planes, is my primary spirit guide and frequently communicates through my channel. On one occasion, he appeared before me and I touched and felt his hand before he de-materialised it. And, yeah, it was a bit spooky but not scary because his energy is so loving. Lord Merlin has a close affinity with Nature and his speciality is Divine Magic, a subject I intend to run an online workshop on soon, with his help, of course.

A huge ‘thank you’ from my heart to yours, to all who are following this blog and supporting me in any way. Thank you for letting me know when my posts are of interest or value to you, it really makes a difference to have such a connection with you.

Your presence is my reason for being here.

Love and blessings,



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Breaking Down Persona

Persona feels comfortable, like a warm onesie that has the magical ability to look like our idea of the best outfit ever. It’s our personal safety blanket. It is concerned with image, how others see us and how we see ourselves. Whereas, our authentic self isn’t in the least interested in how we appear to others or what they might think of us.

Persona invests in building a desired false story and narrative around us. It uses every means available and these days, social media makes the job easier than ever. An intelligent persona will actively promote the opposite of its truth, appearing self-effacing, empathetic, sensitive, kind, loving, confident and empowered, even affecting spiritual mastery, when the truth is, persona is only ever interested in itself, in feeding the hole within. Deep down, a person in their persona has little or no sense of self-worth but probably won’t know that consciously, in fact, they might believe the opposite about themselves. Everything is calculated to deceive others and ourselves, especially ourselves. We are as clueless as anybody else that we are in persona and not personality, the more we are persona, the more clueless we are.

Please understand, those unfortunate ones amongst us who lost their entire personality in early childhood are victims of deep traumas and wounds that nearly all of us experience in childhood. Only, they had it worse. How bad a trauma experience is to a little child cannot be judged by others, only by the child themselves. To some, moving school or a parental divorce is a trauma, to others, it’s not so much, it depends on so many factors; the resilience of the child, what else is going on in their lives, how well they are supported, how well they are heard, validated and loved. We cannot judge how severely traumatised a child will be from any given information of what was going on.

As a mental health professional (retired), my experience has been that, in childhood, everyday insipid trauma can be pretty much invisible and accepted at the time. And it can cause heavy damage. Criticism, put-downs, not being heard, not being loved, not being liked, not being valued, being controlled, and robbed of one’s sense of self, whether or not other forms of abuse are present, all this becomes constant reality for that little child.

So, when a child who has not yet developed their cognitive processing abilities is faced by this, they try to change, to be what that care giver, the primary influence in their lives is asking of them, imposing on them. They diminish their true selves more and more each day in their search to be what they need to be, to be loved, approved, accepted. But they can never win. Because that care giver is carrying their own trauma from their childhood and doesn’t know how to behave any other way. The child grows up with the new persona they create to survive. That persona replaces their personality, in some cases, personality is replaced completely, there is nothing of the original personality left, only persona.

By the time that little child has grown up, their coping mechanisms may have wiped out many of their early years childhood memories to protect them from the truth. They no longer have an explanation for the way they feel, except, they rarely or ever do feel the pain of their deep wound because persona has taken over. They have developed a complete persona and don’t know any different, don’t know that isn’t their authentic self. The last thing their persona will ever let happen is for them to realise because that would be the hardest blow of all for them to take.

Or would it?

Some believe that people who have lost their personality altogether, who are entirely persona are, more or less doomed to remain that way. This is because the strength of persona means it’s almost impossible to ever face or believe that we are persona and not our authentic self. We would need to accept this and then commit to years of healing, remaining committed all the time, overcoming self-sabotage, deflection and hi-jacking by a powerful persona at every turn. When the entirety of who we are is persona, it’s going to do everything in its power to stop us from waking up to the truth, thinking it’s doing so in our best interests.

We are not persona, we are soul. Nothing is lost, nothing is ever lost, even when we are all persona, our natural personality is still inside of us, our soul is still with us. Our authentic self is not gone, it can never be removed. Nothing was removed, it’s just that the hard shell, the carapace that is persona doesn’t leave any way for personality to shine through. There is always a light, the soul is ever present and as strong and powerful as ever. Everyone can remove persona, everyone can chip off that carapace and remove the shell. Everyone can reclaim their authentic self. It can be done.

To remove persona is the same journey through ‘death of self’ that the shaman takes, to completely ‘kill’ the self, the persona, and reveal what lies beneath, our beautiful truth. We can all take this path to break down whatever it is that we have constructed that needs to be eradicated. Such an initiation may lead to total collapse of self, often creating chaos initially.

We are like a phoenix chick being reborn from the ashes and our persona is the cracked and broken eggshell, falling away and burning up in the white-hot embers. We rise, our wings outstretched in the splendour that is the beautiful and worthy person we always were, our soul, our authentic self. Freedom is possible and authenticity can be embodied.

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Different Kinds of Values

It is the case that in some shamanic cultures, those people believed to be ear-marked to work with spirit are the ones that the Western world quite often marginalises. 

People who are a balance between feminine and masculine energy, perhaps a feminine male or masculine female, sometimes they are called ‘Two-Spirits’. In Western countries, such people are quite often painted as abominations against God (hilarious idea, what are people thinking? God is love, not hate). In certain tribal societies across the world, these people are special, honoured, gifted, understood to be the most balanced of us all, perhaps even nearest to the nature of the divine source, and they make the most powerful of shamans.

People who have differences from the norm, the kind of differences Western medical professionals would medicate and treat, and certainly they used to be institutionalised for. Such people are seen as gifted with spirit senses, with a natural ability to cross the veil and walk with spirits.  They are held in high esteem and their ‘illness’ is valued, as it marks them as healers and wise souls.

People who experience illness or events that take them to the brink where life and death meet, perhaps they even cross over into the spirit realm briefly, those folks are changed from that moment.  Nobody knows what to make of that kind of event in the West, but in some cultures it is believed they have been selected by the spirit world as worthy to face such a deep and profound transformation, one that means they will never be the same again.  From that moment, they are called to service, perhaps having a healer’s touch or a psychic’s vision, a medium’s senses, a shaman’s power.

Interesting, is it not, the way we choose to value people, or not value them.  So different across the rainbow cultures of the world.  Is it random or do some cultures know something the other cultures don’t?          

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Healing At Source

When we need healing, when there is something inside of us that is a wound from the past, something that keeps disturbing our peace and hijacking our life, it surfaces in one or two ways.  One way is through our body as physical symptoms and especially when we and our doctor struggle to understand what is wrong.  The other way our wounds and traumas surface are in our relationships.  This is because other people act as a mirror that allow us to see ourselves.  Other people create the kind of situations which trigger our patterns and beliefs.  The worst case scenario is that we find ourselves in toxic relationships, whether familial, intimate or platonic.

When we become ill with chronic pain and fatigue, explained or unexplained symptoms, when we are suffering an emotional rollercoaster of torment and blame in our relationships, we need to do something about it, otherwise, we go around and around in circles.  If we leave the relationship, we just end up in another similar situation.  If we successfully treat the symptoms and conditions of our illness, we just end up with another illness a short way down the road.  That stuff has to come out somehow, but it doesn’t get rid of it until we remove the energy at source.

Does any of this sound familiar?  If so, what is the answer?  There is only one answer and that is to treat the underlying problem at source.  If we treat only the surface appearance of it, the symptoms, it is not gone and it just keeps coming back.  This means we have to treat the problem at a deeper level, at a subconscious level.  That means energetically as well as physically because the wound or trauma isn’t just a physical manifestation, it’s emotional energy, it’s memory, it’s a trapped moment from our past when an energy blockage was created, a wound.  A wound is a powerful emotional energy that is frozen in time, stuck with a deep-set belief that doesn’t work for us, never did.  A belief like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m unlovable” or “Everyone abandons me”.  There are so many possible beliefs based around rejection, loss, lack of self-worth, lack of self-love.  Essentially, these wounds are stopping us from loving ourselves and that is desperately what we need to be able to do, to embrace ourselves, become ourselves, love ourselves. 

How do we remove the wound?  When we treat conditions with conventional medicine we are usually using chemicals in the form of drugs to mask or remove the symptoms but not the dis-ease, conventional medicine is rarely holistic.  But if we treat our needs using a treatment that targets the energy that is forming the wound, the feelings and pain, the frozen blockage, then we are able to dissolve that wound away to nothing and change the beliefs from impossible ones to healthy ones, removing the patterns and behaviours so they no longer trigger pain and suffering for us.