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Finding Magic Every Day

When we are looking for the profound, for transformation, for momentous change or growth, awakening or enlightenment, don’t discount the simplest of experiences, events or moments.

Have you ever enjoyed a sunset or sunrise and found tears are streaming down your face?

Profound is what we get when the peace and stillness inside us connects with a special moment in the outside world.

And it can be the most mundane, everyday of things.

The trick is to learn how to master inner peace and mental stillness.

Keep engaging with the magical everyday.

Open up to the moment.

Still the mind.

(Image: ‘Setting Moon at Dawn, Seen from the Garden, Mynyddygarreg’ photograph by Amenet Drago)

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Enlightenment – It’s Simple!

The highest vibration of enlightenment is something we can all access.

One of the keys to accessing enlightenment is simplicity.

You can create simplicity within your being and therefore integrate it into your life.

It is important to understand the true meaning of simplicity.

It does not mean, for example, that you only achieve one action in a day to keep everything simple.

You can achieve many things. You can be quite busy, you can create much and connect with many, expressing creativity fully.

When you use the energy of simplicity it is almost as if you dissolve distractions.

You are centred within your being, fully present, and fully engaged with what is happening in your world, in every given moment. You are living in conscious presence.

When you choose to create, you create from a space of simplicity, that allows everything to unfold with ease and perfection.

With simplicity you trust in yourself, you trust in your abilities, therefore judgement and doubt dissolve.

This makes it far easier to create what is guided through you.

Simplicity is the art of the flow of the divine source.

Often, when we say it is important to be in the flow of the universe and go with the flow, many feel that they can sit back, relax and see what comes into their reality, recognising if they wish to engage with that or not.

However, to be in the flow of the universe and go with the flow takes action.

There is a need to support and allow yourself to follow your intuition, to engage with life, make decisions, knowing you are being supported, loved and encouraged by the divine source, the divine flow.

When you engage with simplicity, you clear away what is no longer needed and focus on what supports your spiritual evolution, allowing the truth of your being to emerge, giving space for the truth of the divine to evolve and be expressed through your being.

And this is enlightenment, engaging with, embodying and expressing the simplicity of the divine source.

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Finding Peace, Simplicity and Truth

Today, I called on my shadow self again and asked if there was anything ready to transmute.  What came forward was the energy of deceit, all the times I was not honest or truthful.  I grew up in a family where hiding the truth was a form of survival.  There are many times throughout life where I have been dishonest or held back my truth with impunity.  That changed a while ago and today I was ready to place all my deceits into the vortex of change where they transformed into a little bluebird that flew into my heart, bringing unconditional love.

Then, I called on Archangel Michael and he bathed my energies in his beautiful blue and white light.  His light brought forth the truth of my being and shimmered with simplicity and peace, for truth is simple and peaceful.  To sit with that energy coursing through my being was a reset bringing me back to balance. 

Our truth is the part of ourselves that holds wisdom, intuition, guidance and enlightenment.  When we sit with the energy, it leads us to a space of peace, and in that space of peace, we find our truth.  Nothing could be more simple.  How perfect to make a space every day, knowing how easy it is to sit for a moment in the blue and white light of Archangel Michael, who is present the moment we ask, feeling the peace and letting it unfold the truth of our being.  To start by acknowledging the simplicity of the moment is a gift in itself.  It makes me realise just how complicated I make everything and it doesn’t have to be.  So, I sit in simplicity and connect with my truth by holding the intention of connecting with my truth.  I don’t engage mentally with this process, to do so is to influence it with my perspective and desires.  With no expectations, I let go and allow it to flow.  In doing so, the vibration of peace naturally unfolds until it is pulsating through my entire being.  Peace energises and refuels me and I rest here.  I remember that these vibrations of peace are constantly with me.

It’s become more difficult to remain in balance these days as old wounds, emotions, thoughts, belief processes and systems are activated in order to be released.  By recognising the energies of simplicity, peace and truth, I am returning to balance, so important right now.