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Calling in the Temple of Light

Imagine a Temple of Light.  A round, white tower, short and squat, with a domed roof.  There is a circular glass aperture in the centre of the domed roof, through which enters the sun’s rays and the glittering starlight of the darkest night.

Inside, a circle of nine sit together.  Each of them is a powerful energy-worker.  Collectively, they make the air crackle with their unified power.  They are deep in meditation.  There is a low hum in the air, a vocalisation brought forth from the throats of several present.  And there is the clear, piercing ring of a singing crystal bowl which seems to roll around the walls, a tone that thrusts deep into the heart of all who hear it. 

Most would not have sight to see, but there are fine white fibres, like roots, extending from the root chakras of the nine and probing deep into the earth. There is a column of golden light, within which each person sits, creating a circle of nine golden columns. There are nine cones of purest white light, each extending from the crown of a head, expanding more and more in the shape of a V as they rise up into the cosmic heights. There is a waterfall of light descending through the glass roof and falling into the centre of the circle, creating a puddle of liquid light that flows over the floor. The light is mostly white, with rainbows and specks of gold. The puddle of light spills to every part of the room.

The sense of peace in this room is deeply profound. The depth of love in the room would be almost unbearable for some. The power in this room is tangible.

There are many others here, unseen to the untrained eye.  They are the spirit guides, souls, soul family and loved ones in spirit of the nine.  There are angels present, dragons and unicorns.  There are elemental beings who are the consciousness of nature.  There are ascended masters, Goddess beings, star beings.  They are here to lend support and many are excited to be witness to this moment.  And there are people sitting around the edge, on cushions with their backs against the wall.  They are here from near and far because they wish to participate, to experience the peace, the love, the light, the truth, the healing.

The nine are ordinary people whose gifts include a deep connection with the vibration of the divine source.  Not only given but accepted and embraced by each of them.  Practiced and dedicated they are.  Committed to service.  They work with many energies for the healing, awakening and ascension of Mother Earth and all that is upon, above and within the Earth, invisible and visible.  And also for humanity. 

Right now, they are receiving light matrix energy templates for grounding and anchoring the healing of traumas for the entirety of humanity.  Through them, collective trauma is being healed for all.

Tomorrow, they will sit together to extend the understanding and ability to connect, communicate and co-create with the intelligence in all plants and trees. So that all those on Earth can see, sense or feel the presence of the elementals, tree and plant spirits and nature beings. And so people on Earth can connect with those energies to support the Earth’s ascension.

Each day, the nine come together to channel and express their love, light and power because the Temple of Light exists to fulfil this purpose.  They are a beacon, a model for all who come.

And this is my dream, for I am one of the nine.  This is what the new Earth ascension blueprint revealed to me in Spring 2020. I send out love and gratitude that this shall exist in the physical as it exists in the etheric.  I send out energy to draw this to me now.  This, I anchor as my soul purpose.  This, I am calling into existence now.  And if you have access to any of the energies required to bring this to fruition, please let me know.

Let it be so.

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Soul Mastery Shamanic Drum, painted and owned by Ananda Amenet Reid
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Finding Our Centre

What is your centre?

Being centred, finding my centre, connecting to my centre, these have been expressing in my world as major themes for the past month or so. 

I love animated films, love animation as art, especially Studio Ghibli, but can appreciate any animated film, I find them so magical.  And I saw one recently called ‘Rise of the Guardians’ where a character asked the question; “What is your centre?”  Funny where things pop up.

He had a Russian doll, and each layer had a figure with an expression on its’ face for each of his qualities, and in the middle was his centre, a little baby with big eyes, and that was the quality of wonder.  That was his centre, a quality he was born with, the definition of who he is. 

This got me thinking about who I am and what are the qualities in my Russian doll layers and what’s at my centre?

If that’s true for us, when we find our centre, do we find our soul purpose, our destiny, our presence of being?

I also picked up another piece of wisdom this week that says it’s the primary theme of our struggles in life that point us towards the unique quality we hold at the centre.  So, maybe it’s the themes of our struggles that tell us what our core quality is. 

If you’re like me, there’s been particular challenges that have emerged, teaching me who I am over the years.  My lessons have been about love, especially loving myself.  This has been my path through experiencing a lack of being loved through rejection, abandonment and lack consciousness generally.  These experiences have kicked my butt and I’ve worked to become my own source for all that was not there outside of me.  I know I wouldn’t have got there without these struggles and challenges, they’ve fast-tracked me, really, and I sense that’s what my soul called for.

Maybe my centre is holding the qualities of love and abundance, or maybe they are amongst the inner layers and there’s something further and deeper for me to find at the core.  

If we know our core quality, our super-power, we know who we are, we gain the confidence to go full-speed ahead with how we hold and express that quality outwards, for ourselves and the world.

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The Soul Path

I am in awe and respect of women and men whose vocation is in the field of what was their biggest life challenge. 
The ones that went through abuse only to become experts in the field.
Those who suffered medical conditions, only to support others with the same diagnosis. 
Those whose most demanding life events cost them everything, and yet they found the way out. 
They grew strong and found their voice and a way to make what they learned count. 
There’s nothing more rewarding than such a path. 
Sometimes, such a path unfolds like magic before us, sometimes we have to go out and seize it. 
It doesn’t matter if you’re earning, volunteers or hobbyists.
You are my heroes and I salute you all. 
You are choosing to be what your soul came here to learn and express. 
We are all the experts in the subject of our greatest misfortune. 
We all have riches and wisdom to impart. 
The darkest times are our greatest gifts. 

If you are struggling to find your soul path, know that being aligned with your soul is finding your truth and I know just the place to do that:

SOUL INTEGRATION six week online course with sacred soul initiation. 
Saturday June 12th to July 17th.  Choose between morning or evening session. 
£45 for the course.     

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“What Do You Know?”

What do you know?

I ask this question because it’s in doing so that we can often find our gifts to humanity.  What we know holds a lot of ideas and vision when we are struggling to work out what we are choosing to give to the world, to be, how we wish to create, where we are going. 

So, I started to think about this for myself, to consider what I know and it also got me to consider who I am and what I am choosing.  I started to make a list, there’s so much, once you get going.  Here’s some of the things I wrote down.

I know what it’s like to grow up as a child not feeling loved.  Not feeling heard or accepted and to finally approach the healing and turn that around.

I know what it’s like to go from having a talent but not having the confidence to use it and then finding out how to embrace it.  From which point, it begins to flow.

I know how to be still, to listen to the sound of life in nature.

I know I am a soul expressing on the Earth.

I know how important it is to find and embrace the truth of our being, I know this because I grew up giving myself away, diminishing myself to be accepted, even though it didn’t help.  I used to be a feisty little girl, a live-wire, I lost my spark early on and then lost my identity.  I grew up and lived that way for years and years, a shadow of my truth.  Then, one day I decided to book on a soul integration workshop, started advanced channelling training and found out I could connect to my guides and soul group and become the expression of my soul.  One day, I looked at myself and saw who I was, no longer the same shadow of myself but still stuck in the same half-life.  I had found myself, found my personal power and liberation.  I started changing my life to fit my truth.  I know how to become the truth of my being.       

And from that, I knew what I was here to do because what we know are the gifts we share with others.  Try it for yourself.  Make a list and see where it takes you.  What do you know?   

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“What’s New, Pussycat?”

Homage to my fellow countryman, Tom Jones, in the title today!  And a nice way of remembering this important question, as we go through our lives.

It’s all about the new, it’s all about starting again, recreating the world we wish to live in.  It’s as though we have access to a reset button, right now.  There are ways we can see this, there are ways we can’t.  Covid is a way it’s visible, it’s as though a situation has manifested throughout humanity that has given us all a chance to think again about everything; who we are, who we are choosing to be, what kind of world we live in, what kind of world we are choosing to live in.  Time for a reset, time for the new.  New us, new world.

Early last year, 100 people were involved in the download of a New Earth ascension blueprint for Mother Earth and humanity.  I had the honour of being amongst them, maybe you were there too.  That was our new beginning, that was the reset button being wired into the mainframe.  We anchored the vibration, the energy, into the Earth and into every being on the planet and ever since, it’s been unfolding.  Now, it is fully anchored.

Now, we are ready to co-create with the blueprint.  It’s inside you, it’s inside everyone and each person will find the impulses, the vision to respond and create from their own space inside, according to the call of their soul.  What are you going to choose?  What’s new for you?  Whatever your heart is choosing, follow the call, 

We can now create a new Earth, a new reality, new situations, new experiences, new perspectives, new beliefs and new understandings. We are embarking on a new way of being that will change the Earth and ourselves from within. This new beginning stems from us being true to ourselves, first and foremost. And that is the most critical energy for us in 2021, to know and embrace the truth of ourselves.

Are you embracing the truth of your being?  I’ve just launched my new online course, ‘Soul Integration’.  This is an important part of doing just that because downloading the full capacity of our soul is integral to accessing our truth.  My follow-on course is called ‘The Truth of Our Being’ and it’s designed to get us so ready to be our truth, to express from within and create the new beginning we are all here for.  


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Message from the Celestial White Beings: 1

‘Beloved ones on the Earth, whose light shines like a star in the heavens, your light is precious to us.  We are the Celestial White Beings and we wish to come forward to speak with you today about your beauteous light, which is always present and always accessible to you. 

You may sometimes feel that your light is concealed, perhaps it feels dim.  There is much support available to you now, to purify and cleanse your energies, enabling your light to shine like a beacon, like a shining sun.  Please call our name, the Celestial White Beings, and we will provide a purification, cleansing and healing for your energies throughout the night whilst you sleep, with your permission.  When you activate this request, you may expect blockages and limitations to come to the surface ready to be released, and when they do, you may experience some resistance and pain.  This is natural, for you have built many protective layers around your core, your heart, from where the light that you are shines.  And then, it is as though a fog obscures your light.  Sometimes, you will experience periods of time when your light is burning bright and you feel full of energy and positivity.  But then, there will be moments when all that you experience is fearful thoughts and sad feelings and life seems difficult for you.  You do not feel your light is shining, however, deep inside, your light remains the same, at all times.  We wish to support you in dissipating the fog that obscures your beautiful light. Whenever you notice energies of pain, sorrow, anxiety, worry, fear, coming to the fore, expressing through your thoughts and feelings, let them surface, do not fight against those feelings and thoughts.  Allow them to be expressed and then released.  Allow them to be felt and heard, and as soon as you do this, take a deep in-breath, drawing into your being the light of the Universe, and as you breathe out, through your breath, release the feeling or thought that troubles you, just let it go as though you are giving it back to the Universe.  Send it off with your love and gratitude for all that it has brought to you, to teach you with the intention to help you.  However painful and discomfiting that feeling or thought is, its intention was to protect and support you.  You are no longer required to hide your beautiful light.  You no longer need to close down your protective structures around you, so that your light is neither seen nor felt.  Instead, allow yourself to release the blockages and limitations that obscure your light so that you may shine like a beacon, allowing your light to stream through your being and out into the world for all to experience.  Then, your light will keep your energies open and receptive to the flow of the Universe.  When you are receptive to the flow of the Universe, you are existing in the vibrations of divine abundance and your soul’s destiny, your soul’s purpose, your soul’s path is before your feet.  We are the Celestial White Beings, our love is always present for you to experience simply by calling our name.  We are expressing our blessings to you, may your light shine forth.’

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Message from Mother Earth: 2

‘You are my most beloved child.  I am Mother Earth and I come forward to offer you a greater, stronger connection with my energies now.  You are embracing plentiful and abundant manifestations for yourself and others and for the energies of the nature kingdom.  We are with you throughout this valuable endeavour and wish you to know that all is well. 

Be at peace, my child, there is nothing to fear as your future unfolds, one step at a time.  None may waylay you or interfere upon the path of your destiny for it is as though it has already occurred, there is no possibility of you missing opportunities as they arise. 

Your heart is one of service and is full of love.  I am with you, walking alongside you throughout your destiny.  Beloved child, you are enlivened by the many energies and beings that surround you now.  Please continue to draw upon those energies.  Even your doubts and fears cannot be sustained against the light and love that is within you and surrounding you.  I wish you to know that all that is being asked of you is able to flow easily and effortlessly now and only your choosing otherwise will prevent this.  It is your choices that matter, it is your focus.  What do you choose to embrace? 

You are a precious jewel upon the Earth, shining as a diamond through the dark and it was always intended to be so as you step into the destiny that awaits you.  You are fulfilling all that your soul has chosen, in service, and your soul is awakened, alive and full of joy for the future that awaits. 

You are capable of more than you realise.  You are capable of stepping into the purity of being that is required now, please allow this way of being to unfold, breathing out resistance and breathing in acceptance.  We are with you and strengthening your energies, you are embracing abundance and not lack.  By choosing this purity of existence, you are embracing and creating only divine abundance in your realities.  There is no lack of love, light or any of the resources that are required for your path, the lack exists only in your fears, your doubts, your resistance, worries that plague your mind, and yet, they do not exist.  There is no lack existing now only the fear of lack in the future and it appears in many guises, it may appear as lack of nutrients, lack of finances, lack of friendships, lack of love, lack of faith.  All lack is an illusion, only abundance surrounds you and soon you will be ready to choose what you wish to create upon the Earth as an emanation of the Creator’s energy.  You are supported at all times and given every resource you need, you are my beloved child and I am one of many who oversees all that you are becoming now.  I am Mother Earth and I extend my heartfelt love towards you.”