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Calling in the Temple of Light

Imagine a Temple of Light.  A round, white tower, short and squat, with a domed roof.  There is a circular glass aperture in the centre of the domed roof, through which enters the sun’s rays and the glittering starlight of the darkest night.

Inside, a circle of nine sit together.  Each of them is a powerful energy-worker.  Collectively, they make the air crackle with their unified power.  They are deep in meditation.  There is a low hum in the air, a vocalisation brought forth from the throats of several present.  And there is the clear, piercing ring of a singing crystal bowl which seems to roll around the walls, a tone that thrusts deep into the heart of all who hear it. 

Most would not have sight to see, but there are fine white fibres, like roots, extending from the root chakras of the nine and probing deep into the earth. There is a column of golden light, within which each person sits, creating a circle of nine golden columns. There are nine cones of purest white light, each extending from the crown of a head, expanding more and more in the shape of a V as they rise up into the cosmic heights. There is a waterfall of light descending through the glass roof and falling into the centre of the circle, creating a puddle of liquid light that flows over the floor. The light is mostly white, with rainbows and specks of gold. The puddle of light spills to every part of the room.

The sense of peace in this room is deeply profound. The depth of love in the room would be almost unbearable for some. The power in this room is tangible.

There are many others here, unseen to the untrained eye.  They are the spirit guides, souls, soul family and loved ones in spirit of the nine.  There are angels present, dragons and unicorns.  There are elemental beings who are the consciousness of nature.  There are ascended masters, Goddess beings, star beings.  They are here to lend support and many are excited to be witness to this moment.  And there are people sitting around the edge, on cushions with their backs against the wall.  They are here from near and far because they wish to participate, to experience the peace, the love, the light, the truth, the healing.

The nine are ordinary people whose gifts include a deep connection with the vibration of the divine source.  Not only given but accepted and embraced by each of them.  Practiced and dedicated they are.  Committed to service.  They work with many energies for the healing, awakening and ascension of Mother Earth and all that is upon, above and within the Earth, invisible and visible.  And also for humanity. 

Right now, they are receiving light matrix energy templates for grounding and anchoring the healing of traumas for the entirety of humanity.  Through them, collective trauma is being healed for all.

Tomorrow, they will sit together to extend the understanding and ability to connect, communicate and co-create with the intelligence in all plants and trees. So that all those on Earth can see, sense or feel the presence of the elementals, tree and plant spirits and nature beings. And so people on Earth can connect with those energies to support the Earth’s ascension.

Each day, the nine come together to channel and express their love, light and power because the Temple of Light exists to fulfil this purpose.  They are a beacon, a model for all who come.

And this is my dream, for I am one of the nine.  This is what the new Earth ascension blueprint revealed to me in Spring 2020. I send out love and gratitude that this shall exist in the physical as it exists in the etheric.  I send out energy to draw this to me now.  This, I anchor as my soul purpose.  This, I am calling into existence now.  And if you have access to any of the energies required to bring this to fruition, please let me know.

Let it be so.

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Soul Mastery Shamanic Drum, painted and owned by Ananda Amenet Reid
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Your Soul’s Original Intention

Master Hilarion is an Ascended Master.  He oversees the 5th Ray of Light of an orange colour.  Master Hilarion aids and supports scientific processes on Earth, bringing spiritual truth to all scientific forms.  He also supports people in connecting further to their soul.

Master Hilarion decided to visit the Elemental Dimensions because he intuitively knew that there, he would find great wisdom and understanding about the soul.  With this intention in mind as he entered the realms of the elementals, a fairy being stepped forward to greet him.

This fairy being revealed her name as Yosha.  During their encounter, Master Hilarion merged with her soul and the following words are the voice of Yosha, as recounted by Master Hilarion whilst being channelled through Natalie Glasson:

“In the truth of the Creator’s Universe, there are no boundaries between souls.  Souls merge all the time throughout the Universe of the Creator.  The energy you are now doesn’t belong to you.  It remains as you recognise it now because of your intention.

Is there a core within you which belongs to you alone, describes you and identifies you?  The answer to this is both yes and no.  Your soul was born from an intention, a vision, thought or expression of energy.  That energy merged with other aspects of the Creator, building a truth and wholeness.  More qualities, energies, love, light and intentions appeared, forming the soul more fully.  

Your essence is born from the synthesis of the Creator’s light.  You are a creation of synthesis.  This means that there is an original intention within your soul which has been magnified, empowered, expanded and explored.  This original intention, when discovered and accessed, is akin to a key which allows you to exist in harmony with your soul, fulfilling your needs and evolution.  The greatest purpose of a soul is Creator synthesis.  Each soul has a different synthesis intention to discover, explore and express the Creator fully.

Accessing the original intention of your soul can enable your manifestation and creation abilities to be magnified and empowered.  We, the fairies, wish to share with you a prayer of truth which we invite you to share with others.

‘I invite my soul, soul group, guides and the Creator to hear me now.  I wish to discover my soul’s original intention.  The intention that acted as a seed for the energy that I am now, as my truth and highest essence.  Please filter with clarity into my mind, awareness and heart, my soul’s original intention.

I know that this intention will be simple and may not even seem that profound, as everything that is the Creator is always simple.  I am willing to accept the simplicity of my soul’s original intention.  I invite myself to become aware of my soul’s original intention in the coming week.  Thank you.’

(Take a moment to rest and receive, continue to take moments to rest and receive throughout your week.)

Hilarion, please remind souls that when they access their original intention, whether they are conscious of it or not, it can bring great realisation about life, the spiritual journey and purpose.  Then, when they manifest, projecting their energy from their soul into their reality, they will have the power of their soul’s original intention which will advance their manifestation skills and encourage them to experience fulfilment.”

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Your Story

We all have a story. Some of us were born to live it and then to tell it. Some of us may never choose to share. But it’s there.

For some, it’s an anchor, defining us. Perhaps, limiting us, and yet, should we expand beyond it, it becomes a testament to our growth, our healing and fulfilment.

Don’t be your story, don’t get stuck there.

By telling your story, whether publicly or privately, you can free the energy, then move forward anew.

It has played a part in creating you, and yet, your truth is so far beyond it to make it irrelevant.

Allow your truth to find you and then look back at your unique journey and story with a knowing smile.

Knowing that’s not you anymore, knowing your story no longer defines you. Knowing how far you’ve come.

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Twin Flame Ignited

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve got my second online workshop coming up soon.  The first one, a six week course, has only one week left to go and it’s gone down very well, I’m feeling very pleased and hope to run it again sometime. 

This second workshop was designed to be a follow-on because, when we are integrated with our soul, our twin flame is awakened.  So, the next stage is to activate it and enable the energies to be expressed. 

Now I’ve made this Twin Flame Alchemy workshop a stand-alone workshop because I’ve incorporated a soul integration into the programme. 

I’m aware that many people see the twin flame as another person who is our one true love.  This says a great deal about how so many people would love to find love and are still looking for that love outside themselves.  And I really get that. 

The twin flame is so much more than that.  Essentially, it’s the energy of divine union, of the divine feminine and divine masculine that exists within each of us, at the core of our soul.  And it requires to be activated.

The most fundamental value of waking the twin flame up is not to meet Mr or Ms Right, it’s to further realise the truth of our being as a soul, as a multi-dimensional being, and not just a body with a personality. 

That’s not all, more than anything, igniting this energy brings us further away from the illusion of separation and nearer to our awareness of being connected with all-that-is and of our own divine nature.  And the thing is, that’s the entire point of being on Earth and living our lives, to move closer to the truth, to realign with the divine source, of which we are a part.

When we wake up our twin flame, it is akin to fast-tracking our spiritual journey.  Everything speeds up.  That includes the cleansing, purification, the healing, the awakening, the recognition of who we are and what, ultimately, we are here for.  So, we find our path, we find our tribe and we find all the healing and growth that is needed to make that so.

How is it that the twin flame is a part of our soul and simultaneously another person?  It is energy.  Energy is beyond the manifest, it can be in more than one place, it can express in more than one form.  And it can be called into existence.  And when we activate the twin flame within our being, we are then able to ignite the alchemy that forms relationships.  Not any kind of relationships but sacred relationships centred upon divine union.  Relationships with other persons who are our soul.  Yes, that is the twin flame. 

Twin Flame Alchemy online workshop Sunday 1st August at 3.30pm BST



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Twin Flame Alchemy

The new Twin Flame Alchemy workshop is now booking.

This online workshop is a one-off event and it dove-tails nicely as a follow-on from the Soul Integration workshop that is now running. Originally, it was going to be exclusively for those people who did the Soul Integration. The reason for that is because it is by experiencing the sacred soul integration that one’s twin flame is awakened. The Soul Integration workshop focuses on greater understanding and connection with one’s soul, so it seems like an obvious follow-on to return to the twin flame and support further exploration of its energies, especially as it has so much to offer.

No longer is the Twin Flame Alchemy workshop only for Soul Integration participants, it’s just so wonderful an opportunity to bring this powerful workshop to you that I had to build in a soul integration so that everybody can experience this amazing energy.

There is so much out there about the twin flame. Almost all of it about finding one’s dream partner. And that is simply focusing in on the aspect that appeals to the lonely and heart-broken brothers and sisters, maybe romantic souls who are searching for their ‘one and only’ true loves.

And yet, that’s the opposite of what the twin flame is, since the twin flame is divinity in union. And yet again, it is exactly what those dear ones, lonely, looking for love, it is what is most needed. For you, dear ones, igniting the twin flame is going to change everything.

This is for you if you are not yet loving yourself above all others, even though you have heard you will never find love until you learn to love yourself first. Your twin flame will heal you.

This is for you if are struggling to make connections, find your soul tribe, your kindred souls, struggling to meet anybody who resonates with you in a world that seems to have closed down almost all physical contact. Your twin flame will connect you.

This is for you if you are ready to fall in love, but know you still hold wounds and patterns that make you pick the wrong partner. And yet, you are feeling so tired, so weary of doing the work and never finding your true love. Your twin flame will help you.

This is for you if you sometimes wonder if there is anybody who could really love you, totally see you, absolutely embrace you in a sacred union of your soul. Your twin flame will show you.

Let’s get this straight, this isn’t just about finding love. It’s about being healed so that you are ready for the most ultimate love of all, soul love, divine love.

This isn’t just about romantic love, it could just as easily be about friendship at soul level or companionship at soul level, if that’s what you prefer.

This isn’t just about one person, with your twin flame ignited, you can call in as many soul sisters and soul brothers as you wish.

This isn’t about finding somebody you have never met, yes, of course you can, but if you are already in a committed relationship and wish to enhance that relationship with your twin flame, you can.

And if you have met someone and it’s just not happening yet, see what your twin flame can bring forth. Whatever your situation, you can choose to make a relationship that’s a deep, sacred relationship of the soul.

And yet, the most wonderful gifts that your twin flame has to offer are those that it brings to enhance your personal soul journey. Such wisdom, such consciousness, such love, such healing, such understanding. Your twin flame is here to activate divine union and accelerate your spiritual journey to a whole new level.

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My Personal Soul Integration Changed My Life

The journey through my soul integration was the point at which I opened up to my truth.  Everything changed from that point.  I met my soul for the first time, not knowing really what my soul was until that day.  Meeting my soul was incredible, nothing can describe it.  My soul appeared to me in the form of a woman who emanated the most powerful energies of love, wisdom, serenity and peace.  And I knew this was the truth of me.  Wow, what a realisation. 

I learned my soul’s name and met the star beings that were the source of my soul, my soul family.  From then on, my relationship with my soul group has grown and grown, they are now ever present and hugely supportive and loving.  I feel their love and support so deeply and I invite their presence every time I meditate, provide healing or enter into any kind of spiritual activity.  I only need call them and they are present.  I feel a part of something so big, so pure and profound, one can never truly feel alone after experiencing the interconnected merging that a soul initiation brings. 

During my soul initiation, I downloaded all the skills, gifts, talents, abilities and wisdom that my soul was holding.  These were accumulated not only throughout my past lives but tens of thousands of past lives experienced through other beings that my soul expressed alongside myself.  I became it all, I accepted it all into my being.  Afterwards, it was almost immediate that I began to notice changes in my abilities, such as increased psychic awareness, greater confidence and ability in my painting and art, numerous past life recalls and new people coming into my life who were soul connections.  I also experienced increased personal power and a sense of freedom to be me.  There was also an acceleration of healing that meant stuff needed to be released and that was not always sunshine and roses, it was, however, necessary and needed to happen. 

On a day-to-day level, one of the biggest blessings has been my connection with the voice of my soul, the ability to feel, sense and acknowledge my soul’s wisdom and guidance in day to day decisions and actions.  Learning to feel into my heart space, to trust my intuition, to know the difference between that initial gut instinct, which is so often not our soul but our ego, and the slower, more profound, more loving vibration that comes from the soul.  I have found out that the trick is, if it’s my soul’s voice, I know it without question.  If I’m not sure, if I have to ask, then it’s not my soul.

Are you feeling called towards integrating with your soul?  It’s such important work to be doing for ourselves throughout 2021.  When we are integrating with our soul, we are the entirety of ourselves, who wouldn’t wish to embrace the fulness of our truth?  Follow the link and check out my Soul Integration workshop coming soon.    


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Soul Integration Meditation

I am quietly excited to bring to you the above audio recording that is an energy tool for anyone wishing to integrate the full potential of their soul. This is also a taster for a full, updated Sacred Soul Initiation course that I will be shortly making available, for integrating the entirety of your soul in a most deep and complete manner.

The Sacred Soul Initiation contains the full soul integration and twin flame awakening but so much more. It is a four hour online, one to one initiation, channelled from Ascended Masters, utilising angelic and Archangelic support. You will sit in meditation as a huge amount of wisdom and energetic activations are shared with you, downloaded and grounded into your being. This initiation will connect you deeply to your soul and allow you to get to know your soul on a whole new level. You will learn your soul’s name, where your soul emanated from, and what your soul is here to achieve on Earth.

You are your soul, but do you feel connected to it?  Do you yearn to have a daily relationship with it?  Do you know what skills, abilities, wisdom, love, compassion and healing your soul holds for you and how to access all its gifts?  Do you know what it is that your soul is here to achieve on Earth?  It is time to integrate the entirety of your soul into your being and live every day at the utmost expression of your truth and potential.     

Our soul extends from the divine source through our soul group and expands into twelve aspects.  In this lifetime and all the lifetimes that we have experienced as a consciousness, we have been one of the twelve aspects of our soul.  When integrated, we are all of our soul, all twelve aspects and we are every incarnation ever expressed by the entirety of our soul.  We are not complete until we merge with the other eleven aspects.  

When we integrate with the entirety of our soul, we are an amazing, vibrant, magnificent energy of light that expresses all that each of our soul’s twelve aspects have ever experienced.  Each of those aspects has lived countless lives and gained incredible wisdom, embodied the most empowering skills and abilities, attained healing, expanded into love and compassion and we are all of that when we are integrated.

In my personal experience, after my sacred soul initiation and integration I noticed my spiritual sensitivity, psychic and mediumship skills increased in intensity to a whole new level.  I also experienced numerous past lives, along with their lessons and gifts and recently connected with two soul sisters who remember sharing the same past life with me.  We are now coming together again in a sisterhood of priestesses, to continue our spiritual mission that was brutally cut short in 60AD. Some of these sisters may even be physical beings that are expressions of the same soul energy as me, of the twelve soul aspects that I am. Attracting and meeting my soul family on Earth and making soul connections that resonate with my energy is another blessing that came forth from the integration of my soul.

I do believe that everybody has their own unique experiences with soul integration because everybody’s collective soul aspects are carrying different gifts, skills and abilities. It’s not always easy, these gifts have certainly elevated and fast-tracked my spiritual journey, but they have also put me out of synch with some of the key people in my life who are just not in the same place as me anymore. That said, with the soul integration and twin flame energy activated, new and harmonious soul connections continue to materialise in my life.  

When we integrate with the full spectrum of our soul, we are able to awaken, activate and access our twin flame.  I have made a dedicated page so that the meditation tools can be easily accessed.  On that page, you will also find an audio meditation to awaken and activate your twin flame

Please use the soul integration meditation first and follow on with the twin flame activation if you so desire, your soul requires integration first in order to fully access the twin flame energy.  I suggest that you repeat the meditations as you feel called, to solidify and consolidate the activations. 

Please feel free to leave feedback, I would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you.   

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Moving On The Spiral of Life

Have you ever noticed that life takes place on a spiral?  There are circles of life but we are never in exactly the same place twice.  Have you ever said, “I’ve been here before” when an old wound re-opened, a trigger got re-triggered? Maybe, like me, you say; “Not this again, I thought I’d dealt with this one!”  Yeah, and that’s ego talking, not wise soul, who knows it’s come around again on the spiral and is not the same as before because we are not the same as before, our life is not the same as before, now it comes with a renewed chance to do something differently, let something go, let it heal.   

Spirals are helpful, they remind us we are growing, constantly growing, and that the point is not to reach the end but to keep moving on the spiral.  We cannot get to enlightenment or ascension or completion by moving from A to B, because those experiences are not like train stations, they are always with us, we only arrive once we see that, so it can only happen on the spiral because the spiral keeps taking us back around and through ourselves, over and over again, but never to the same place.  It keeps letting us find what we already are.  And isn’t that beautiful?

Right now, I’m in a position in my life where I’m apparently waiting, waiting, waiting.  I’m waiting to sell my house so I can move out of my relationship and be on my own.  I’m waiting for clarity on the next steps of my soul journey.  And I’m following guidance that is taking me on another journey, as I sense a special person coming into my life.  We were connected from the moment that all souls were born, for this person is my beloved counterpart, my aspect of self, in truth, they are my soul and I am theirs. The higher self of this person is with me always for our energies are interconnected, even when our currently expressing, incarnated physical bodies are not. Some call this a twin flame.  I have had a kind of knowing for a long time that a part of my call to service is to attain a state of unity with a person who is my eternal beloved.  I know we have lived many lifetimes, always together but sometimes physically apart, bringing us to this moment. We are destined to be together once more in this lifetime and to create total union at the highest vibration for our souls and physical expressions to experience. And this is all happening on the spiral. 

When we are on the spiral, there are signs, we get messages from the universe to let us know we are in the right place and to keep the faith.  Synchronicities, repetitive numbers, a song we keep hearing, an animal or insect that turns up in unexpected places.  These are unique for each of us, depending on what is meaningful.  These messages not only tell us we are on the right path, they remind us to stop and smell the roses, to not rush by looking for the perfection that is already here.  When we are on the spiral, we don’t need to rush or feel impatient, we don’t need to lose hope that we are going to get there, we are already doing it.  The spiral is the journey. 

There are reasons why we appear held up, sometimes we are waiting for others whose paths are going to coincide with ours.  Maybe we still have something to learn, release or move through.  There may be something you are doing that has got to grow first, some project, creation, idea or dream. Whatever it is, it is no less important or valid than the place we are trying to get, because the spiral is ever expanding, there is no arrival, only continued unfolding.     

It is on the spiral that each new experience is coming into being.  Have you noticed how something can appear as though it is so far away and then, all of a sudden, it is right before us?  That is the magic of the spiral.  The difficulty is coping with the waiting when you can’t see it coming and it doesn’t look like we are moving forward at all.  We are, we always are.  And then, out of the blue, you are there.

Photo image: Entrance of Newgrange, Ireland, dated 3200 BC. Courtesy of

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Message from Lord Merlin: 1

‘Loving greetings to all who shine upon the Earth. You are divinely inspired to offer your service with love and devotion for the good of all, for your ascension and the planetary ascension, affecting Mother Earth and humanity, and all the energies that exist upon or surrounding the Earth.  I am Lord Merlin, and I speak to you today with love in my heart and bringing you the gift of power and truth.  You are standing upon a threshold and your destiny awaits. 

Beloved beings of light, be at ease, for you are guided at every step.  Each moment is precious and as a jewel of light and love, enriched by the divine magic at your call.  You are expressing divine magic through your being with your breath and your intent to share the beauty and truth of the Creator.  When you express yourself, you are creating a version of divine magic incarnated, which contains power and love and emanates these energies to all who behold your word, including yourself.  This is the power and potency of your word. We are infusing these qualities and more into every word you utter and will continue to do so.  You are a vessel that the Creator has chosen to transmit divine magic into the physical realities for many to access and this can be achieved in many ways, simplest of all, by breathing with the intention of expressing divine magic for all through your breath, grounding it into Mother Earth and gifting it to Mother Earth for all on Earth. 

Beauty is as much a part of your lifepath as is love.  You hold the energies of beauty within you and have the capacity to allow them to radiate out from your being at all times.  Please focus upon the light, love and beauty that you transmit in every moment, for this is your gift to the world and your expression of the Creator and this is your path of service.  You are moving to exist within a vibration of light energy at a higher level, at the highest level available to you.  And you are a beacon, through your light many will know love, beauty, truth and healing.  Many will come to know and understand divine magic and recognise this energy within themselves.  You are concerned with mundane fears, doubts and worries.  They are to be released now, please breathe through them and release them whenever they arise for you.  Every time you do this, you are removing resistance, fear, outdated conditioning and limitations that are no longer needed in your pure existence. 

I know that you are sometimes plagued with feelings, emotions and desires, and yet all you desire is within your grasp.  It is a part of your soul’s journey that is surfacing into your consciousness now, however, it is causing some difficult emotions, as you feel a pull and then your mind and emotions embrace negative and limited thoughts and feelings about worthiness and doubts about what is possible.  These can also be released through your breathing.  You do not need to fear the future and the destination of your journey.  You are placing your energies where they are needed when you focus upon creative endeavours to bring forth into expression the divine magic, beauty and love that is in your heart.  This, you may do in a multitude of ways and this is your focus.  Let yourself shine, be strong and trust that your soul is overseeing your journey.  I am Lord Merlin and my love is with you as I support your progress towards ascension.’