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About Your Spirit Guides

Your guides are your own personal spiritual support team.

Some of them may be with you for life

Some may come and go as you need them.

Sometimes, as we grow spiritually, we attract more guides to our side.

They aren’t there all the time, but they will come whenever you call.

And they will come when you do something they can help with.

Guides are specific, they each have a speciality

There are guides for healing, for music, for writing, for cooking, for art.

There are guides for meditation, for finances, for swimming, for drumming.

There are guides for running, for singing, for medicine, for working with plants or crystals or trees.

You name it, there are guides for it, they exist on the inner planes, in energy bodies, they have been trained and have dedicated themselves to help you and others. 

Your guides work with many people, not only you and we each have a different combination of guides, depending on our focus and the activities we engage in that attract guidance.

There’s no time or space on the inner planes so they can be anywhere, everywhere at once. 

So, don’t worry about over-working them, you can’t.  Don’t worry about taking up all their time, they don’t exist in time so have all the time in the world for you and the entirety of humanity, if needed.

If you’re a healer, when you’re healing, one or several experts in healing will be with you, inspiring you, working through you if you invite them.  When you dance, if you’re a dancer or dance is your way of expressing your truth, an inner planes dancer will channel through you to support your work. 

So, when you do things that are your soul path, your passion, your truth, get out of the way and let your guides do their work, let them come through and you will be surprised at what you produce, how easily it flows. 

You don’t need to get to know your guides intellectually, but if you wish to know them better, meditate. Visualise a special place and imagine going there to meet one of your guides at a time. Ask your guide to share some information or just sit with them and feel the energy. 

Your guides are not the ones who are your constant support, that’s coming from your angelic support, your soul and soul group, also from your loved ones in spirit. Your soul group are the beings you came from, or more correctly, came through, since you came from the divine source. You could say they are your soul’s family. They are a collective energy through which your soul extended.

Your soul group are always available to you, always loving you and ready to support you. And not only them but others who you might wish to call your affiliate soul family. These are beings and collective energies who have been present with your soul for much of your soul’s journey, very closely and from a place of deep love. Your soul may have worked with or learned from them, perhaps you have been together over many, many lifetimes. They are like most dearest friends who are akin to your family. Even now, you may well be visiting with your soul group or affiliate soul family during your sleep time.  

Your guides are the ones who inspire you and help your ideas, intuition, skills and abilities to blossom and grow. They support your ascension and help you unfold your soul’s purpose.  But when you call out and say; “Help me, I am struggling, I need your love, your peace, your blessing and healing today,” you are not addressing your guides but talking to the Creator, to your soul, your soul group or your personal angel.  

And you can call on others from the inner planes too, maybe ascended masters, archangels, star beings, goddess beings or your very own loved ones in spirit who have chosen to be there for you. Take time every day to connect, they are all your very own spiritual support team.  You are blessed and you are never alone, the more you tune in, the more you will know this.   

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom and Lord Merlin: 1

“Greetings magnificent beings of light, you are in the presence of Lord Merlin and the Elemental Kingdom who wish to advise you towards your future pathway.  Your destiny awaits and yet, to avoid being over-whelmed with the immensity of your destiny, we unfold one part of your forward journey at a time.  To be presented with more may feel like a burden that stops your forward momentum.  There are changes coming forward in your conditions and for this to manifest and materialise, your sensitivity and awareness, your confidence and trust in your intuition is of paramount importance.  Listen to the voice of your heart and the insights that are being downloaded into your energies, into your mind through your channel, for they are speaking to you of actions that will be required by you in order for the next steps of your journey to unfold.  However unusual or impossible the ideas that come forward may seem, you are asked to simply begin by making one step towards them, following through with one more step and then another.  Movement will escalate towards an unstoppable progress that attracts all the conditions that are required and abundance is manifested to bring forth all the resources for your progress to be met. 

Beloved child, we are overseeing your journey and progress and wish you to know that all is destined and pre-ordained, your soul has agreed and accepted all that is to come and is waiting eagerly, has been waiting eagerly and sometimes impatiently, for this period of time to unfold.  We are loving your soul, your energy and commitment.  Have patience, for all that brings you doubts, worries, questions and feelings of insecurity and unworthiness, all this is dissolving very quickly now, your energy will soon return, your battles will ease as soon as your conditions of acceptance are realised.  Let your journey begin now.  Your guides and teachers are with you, you are safe, you can let go safely.  All is well, we are walking with you and guiding your way.  Your loving teachers and guides are present.  So be it.  Thank you.”