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Standing As Earth Invocation

Blessings and greetings from this Earth-soul to all Earth-souls.

Between the 14th of January and the 13th of February, I am one of many ‘Standing as Earth’, participating in a social media experiment that explores what it means to create from, speak and stand as something that is bigger than my individual self in this time of shift and renewal.

We are exploring how the medium of social media can support the emergence of creating something beyond our personal self but still be personal, subverting the personality and ego traps that we are all susceptible to in using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and instead using them to stand and speak as the Earth in this time of planetary initiation.

I am excited to be involved in the experiment because I am an advocate for unity consciousness and this is an opportunity to see something beautiful and creative unfold towards that actuality, in a big, bold and concrete way.  For myself, I see our journey taking us all to a place of such oneness, such unity, that we are one with not only the Earth but the Cosmos and thus, Divine Presence.  I look forward to the day when all the people on Facebook and Instagram are identifying as ‘Divine Presence’ with a personal photo of a blazing light or field of white.  A day when we see each other’s divinity before all else, when we feel and sense the divinity within ourselves as our place from which we feel, think, speak and act in all matters. 

Beloved Mother Earth already knows this place of divinity within, so do we and we are remembering to find it inside ourselves again now.  By embracing our beloved Mother Earth in unity, we are opening up to our truth and our greatest expression of being. 

I would like to take a moment to express my deep gratitude to those who have been the fertile place where this experiment took root, thank you for keeping it safe and enabling it to grow into the beautiful blossoming creation it is now and will become. 

Thank you to every soul who is standing beside me in this experiment.  We are one and unconditional love flows freely between us all.  What we are building here is greater and more powerful than the most destructive weapon humanity ever tried to build.  This is what power is for, the power of love and unity.  Nothing can stand against us when we are all standing as Earth.      

If you’d like to follow or get involved with this experiment, please follow the link to this group:


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My Love For The Land That Loved Me Back

I opened my heart and this poured out. It’s about the place where I grew up, Gower Peninsular, South Wales, UK:

“Beloved Mother Earth, I speak of one place upon your Earth, a place of my heart, where my roots first extended, first connected to your energy and found the underworld, found the rich gift of your beauty and love.

Beloved Mother Earth, I give my love and gratitude in unbound quantities to all the energies and consciousness that is the Gower, especially my beloved Pennard.

My heart is full, for there is pure magic in this earth that extends beyond time and expresses in more than one place. It is like a spiral or mobius loop, connecting across infinities and eternities, through many incarnations, for the same energy permeates my soul and the soul of the land.

Beloved Mother Earth, I was nurtured as a babe at your breast in this beautiful place of magic and enchantment, a place of the elements; the depth and richness of earth and safe limbs of that one mighty tree whose loving presence cradled us all through childhood. The salty blessings of baptism in sacred water, sea and stream, rain and dew. The cold slap of the harsh coastal wind and soft, caressing breeze in the meadows. The heat of childhood summers, warmth of stone and rock upon bare skin. The igniting of fire from dry wood, gifted by the trees. Glowing rosy cheeks, dark nights with flames dancing.

All the elements together create divine magic. A tangible awareness of elementals who creatively express their love, their devotion to Mother Earth through movements which are dancing orchestrations, weaving the light in and out and around and through, turning the energy upside down to flip it from one world to the next, the causal world of dark shadows where I feel so at home, in cavern and rocky cave, knowing, as I do, the ancient tales of this land. Tales that were told by our ancestors through lips and tongue alone, long before words were ever written down. With a power of incantation beyond which many are aware. When spoken well, then mystical creatures are unleashed upon the dark night and the deep glade.

Beloved Gower, home of Bendigeidfran, Manawydan, and their mother, Penardun, whose name means ‘sovereign’, great goddess and wife of Llyr, the great god of the sea. The dark and the light. These were the times of the tribes of dark. Still, their presence haunts the woodland dells in Gower’s sacred lands, and ancient ancestral places such as Cat Hole, Goat Hole, Giant’s Grave and Arthur’s Stone. There are the echoes of those distant times before the elementals drew away behind the misty veil, when humans first expressed ego more than soul.

Beloved Mother, we, your children, are coming home. The land is our home, you are our home. And love is our path. And I don’t need to be in the Gower to stay connected to my roots and heart, for they’re everywhere, and yet, it is that place that brought this babe to your breast when I was but a child, I felt you and knew you. My only true mother, the land that loved me back.”

The photo above is of a beach on the Gower that becomes two beaches when the tide comes in; Pobbles Bay and Three Cliffs Bay. This place was my daily playground when I was a child up to the age of fourteen. A short walk from my house over the rugged links, past the water tower and ruined Pennard castle to the stepping stones and onto the beach. This place is where I stand, to this day, arms outstretched and shout, “I belong here!”

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Standing As Earth

From today, I am standing as the Earth for one calendar month.  Maybe you are too.

This is a world-wide social experiment in soul creativity created by Jonathan Ehrlich, Dom Bury and Ellowen.

We are called on from the divine source to open up our energies to oneness at this time.  Through this experiment, we are being invited to come forward and change our social identity and personal intent of self to literally being the Earth.  We are one with the Earth and we are one soul.  So, we change our name and identity to ‘Earth’ on social media for the duration. 

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and everybody on Facebook is now called ‘Earth’, has changed their picture to the planet and is expressing this identity in their lives as much as they can, embodying their identity within themselves as being one with the Earth?  Wow. 

I’m going to share this experiment and how it affects me with you as I go along.  I will change my personal identity on this site as well, in as much as I can, for the duration, as confusing as it may be.  It’s for a bigger purpose than my own ego-based personality needs.

Today is the first day, the first Zoom session to set everything up with all those participating, and there’s a lot of us across the world.  The session is 8pm tonight UK time and 9am Thursday 14th January in New Zealand where the hosts are.  If you wish to participate, go here:   

To begin with, we were asked to share an expression of love towards one of our favourite places on Earth.  Tomorrow I will post what I shared.