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Calling in the Temple of Light

Imagine a Temple of Light.  A round, white tower, short and squat, with a domed roof.  There is a circular glass aperture in the centre of the domed roof, through which enters the sun’s rays and the glittering starlight of the darkest night.

Inside, a circle of nine sit together.  Each of them is a powerful energy-worker.  Collectively, they make the air crackle with their unified power.  They are deep in meditation.  There is a low hum in the air, a vocalisation brought forth from the throats of several present.  And there is the clear, piercing ring of a singing crystal bowl which seems to roll around the walls, a tone that thrusts deep into the heart of all who hear it. 

Most would not have sight to see, but there are fine white fibres, like roots, extending from the root chakras of the nine and probing deep into the earth. There is a column of golden light, within which each person sits, creating a circle of nine golden columns. There are nine cones of purest white light, each extending from the crown of a head, expanding more and more in the shape of a V as they rise up into the cosmic heights. There is a waterfall of light descending through the glass roof and falling into the centre of the circle, creating a puddle of liquid light that flows over the floor. The light is mostly white, with rainbows and specks of gold. The puddle of light spills to every part of the room.

The sense of peace in this room is deeply profound. The depth of love in the room would be almost unbearable for some. The power in this room is tangible.

There are many others here, unseen to the untrained eye.  They are the spirit guides, souls, soul family and loved ones in spirit of the nine.  There are angels present, dragons and unicorns.  There are elemental beings who are the consciousness of nature.  There are ascended masters, Goddess beings, star beings.  They are here to lend support and many are excited to be witness to this moment.  And there are people sitting around the edge, on cushions with their backs against the wall.  They are here from near and far because they wish to participate, to experience the peace, the love, the light, the truth, the healing.

The nine are ordinary people whose gifts include a deep connection with the vibration of the divine source.  Not only given but accepted and embraced by each of them.  Practiced and dedicated they are.  Committed to service.  They work with many energies for the healing, awakening and ascension of Mother Earth and all that is upon, above and within the Earth, invisible and visible.  And also for humanity. 

Right now, they are receiving light matrix energy templates for grounding and anchoring the healing of traumas for the entirety of humanity.  Through them, collective trauma is being healed for all.

Tomorrow, they will sit together to extend the understanding and ability to connect, communicate and co-create with the intelligence in all plants and trees. So that all those on Earth can see, sense or feel the presence of the elementals, tree and plant spirits and nature beings. And so people on Earth can connect with those energies to support the Earth’s ascension.

Each day, the nine come together to channel and express their love, light and power because the Temple of Light exists to fulfil this purpose.  They are a beacon, a model for all who come.

And this is my dream, for I am one of the nine.  This is what the new Earth ascension blueprint revealed to me in Spring 2020. I send out love and gratitude that this shall exist in the physical as it exists in the etheric.  I send out energy to draw this to me now.  This, I anchor as my soul purpose.  This, I am calling into existence now.  And if you have access to any of the energies required to bring this to fruition, please let me know.

Let it be so.

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Soul Mastery Shamanic Drum, painted and owned by Ananda Amenet Reid
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Message from the Andromedans: 2

‘Greetings to you who seek further understanding and loving wisdom from the star nations who support you throughout this important time.  We are the Andromedans and we wish to bring forth our multitudinous loving expression through the light technology and understanding that is our expression.  Our light rays of crystalline clarity are being beamed onto the Earth at this time, with the intention of raising the vibrational frequency and supporting the ascension process. 

We are wishing to share further understanding of your journey through ascension and one of the primary expressions of this are the Earth light pillars that are anchoring and available to you all at this time.  These energies bring an intense experience of quickening.  You may call upon these energies now and envision yourself stepping into a column of light within the landscape to receive the high level vibrations that will bathe your energies with cleansing and healing light.  The column of light can be used for manifesting the destiny you choose by simply stepping into the light and focusing, opening up to that which you choose.  Wherever you are in this moment, simply envision a column of light that you are standing inside, feel the light of the column penetrating all that you are, throughout your being.  This light is expressed as you are bathed in its high vibrational energy.  As you stay with this experience for a few moments, you will feel an increase in your energy and a sense of being uplifted.  Let this energy enthuse your being, enjoy the experience of bathing in this light.  You are being cleansed and purified, allowing all that is ready to be released to dissolve from your energies now.  There may be an experience of an emotional reaction during this process, you may feel sad, you may feel bliss or you may feel a strong expression of love flow through your being.  It is simply the energy being enlivened and released.  Enjoy the experience of bathing in the light and return to it often in the coming days to build upon this experience and gain further from its nurturing qualities.  In order to activate this, simply call on us, the Andromedans and request the crystalline column of light to flow through your being and encompass you in its high vibrational energies.’

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Message from the Andromedans: 1

‘Let this message be heard with hearts that are open and ready to receive our words, for we come forward with great wisdom.  We are the Andromedans.  We are bringing forth many loving vibrations and frequencies for the Creator’s purposes upon the Earth and this message is brought to you as testament to our committed loving support for your planetary ascension and your personal ascension.  Let your hearts be open to receive the light vibrations we are sending to you now through the many levels and dimensions, for your strengthened support. 

We understand your confusion and uncertainty about the condition of your world and your planetary leaders who are facing many challenges to their authority, for many amongst you upon Earth are beginning to see with new eyes, to see with clarity, the truth of a greater understanding when all that is illusion is dissolved away.  It is troubling and difficult for many who are releasing fears and experiencing processes of letting go which feels to be bringing dark and negative energies into your life. This is not so, it is a necessary part of the process of increasing the light and embracing the love upon your planet. 

Your planet is ascending to higher vibrations, vibrations of love, light and unity that embraces the truth of existence for humanity.  For you are light beings and in every human body there is a light being housed as a means of expression upon the manifested world that the planet Earth brings forth for you all.  Your understanding of reality appears as a fixed and immovable expression of solidity but your reality is a construct of your own making, your collective making and your individual making.  For you have the power to create.  You are the energy of the Creator manifested within a physical body and walking upon the Earth. 

As you awaken to a truer understanding of energy, of reality and of your own nature, you will see that the world of physicality that you have hitherto understood as your reality is merely an illusion.  And many of your most significant priorities such as finances, relationships, working lives, possessions, these are not your true focus.  Instead, your energies will begin to realign with love.  The energy of love opens your heart, opens you up to experience an expanded understanding of reality, yourself and all those around you.  For you are interconnected beings who will begin to co-operate with each other when the energies of love grow strong upon your planet.  You then have no reason to fear any other human being just because they come from a different land or speak a different language or live through a different interpretation of belief or culture.  These are not reasons to fear another, these are merely the many colours and shades of humanity’s expression.

As you begin to understand that every other being on the planet is your brother or sister, is your kin, is, in fact, a part of you, then you will embrace each other in truth and love and walk together in harmony and unity.  Through this process we support you.  We send energies to enable the process to unfold, along with many who are supporting Earth at this present time and ongoing.  Your future is unfolding towards a new expression.  As the vibrations upon the planet and within the atmosphere are raised, so will the energies of each and every being upon the planet be raised, until there is a different experience of reality for all.  It is already occurring and continues to unfold.  We are the Andromedans and we continue to support your ascension.  Our love and vibrations are sent for your energies to embrace.  Thank you.’