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Finding Magic Every Day

When we are looking for the profound, for transformation, for momentous change or growth, awakening or enlightenment, don’t discount the simplest of experiences, events or moments.

Have you ever enjoyed a sunset or sunrise and found tears are streaming down your face?

Profound is what we get when the peace and stillness inside us connects with a special moment in the outside world.

And it can be the most mundane, everyday of things.

The trick is to learn how to master inner peace and mental stillness.

Keep engaging with the magical everyday.

Open up to the moment.

Still the mind.

(Image: ‘Setting Moon at Dawn, Seen from the Garden, Mynyddygarreg’ photograph by Amenet Drago)

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Take Time in Stillness and Silence and Rejoice

May you be lifted up by these words, for there is great rejoicing in the hearts of many, whose souls step forward to be servants of love.

It is written in our history that this time would come and it is a natural process, a movement through all the universal spheres that is occurring.  There is so much love and support available to us all during this time.

We are all waking up and it is beautiful to behold. 

Let your heart sing.

Be aware of the special qualities of the Earth that are available to you. 

The fluid qualities of the new elements that are now becoming available to you. 

They will lift you up and free you from the density that has been and is holding you down. 

It is such a beautiful planet, incredibly beautiful. 

And the answer to all that distracts you is within. 

Be still.  Be silent. 

You do not allow enough of these moments in your days, when you are still and silent and you go within, activating your inner peace and allowing yourself to sit with stillness.

For, it is then that you will hear the inner voice and know the truth of your being. 

Even now, you can hardly comprehend the truth of your being, for the expansive nature of your being is magnificent and the world around you is wonderful to behold when you are in your centre and activating the truth within you. 

When you have found your light within, stepped into the light, holding the light, being the light, shining the light for others, then, you will understand your truth. 

You will know the incredible truth of being a soul upon the Earth. 

And this is your due, it is your journey and it is within your grasp. 

So, take time to find that stillness, take moments within each day when you stop and go within, in peace. 

[Image: “The Mist Hangs Low Over Kidwelly: View of the town, castle, estuary and Pembrey Estate as seen from the garden” photograph by Amenet Drago]

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Giving Up and Embracing

These, I am giving up

Speculation, opinions, assumptions

Expectations, judgements, gossip

Deflection, manipulation, resistance

Control, perfection, intolerance

These, I am embracing

Acceptance, patience, stillness

Trust, candor, silence

Compassion, composure, peace

Allowance, openness, love.

In every way

Towards myself and others

In each moment

Let this be my stance

Let it be effortless

So let it be

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Love In Action

In every moment, all that becomes is given to us through nature’s bounty.  It is expressed as love in form, in the trees, their swaying motion.  In the birds singing and crowing.  In the distant dog barking and the breeze through the grasses.  In the trickling brook, in all that is heard, seen, felt, all that can be experienced.  This is the expression of love in action. 

Let not the human heart be heavy, let not the mind be weighted down by difficult thoughts.  Be light, bring freedom to yourself, for that is your truth.  All else is a tumultuous torment that comes from within.  All that is outside is free, expressing love and beauty through its energy and it is only what we bring to it through our humanity, our filter from within, that taints it and causes it to be something that it is not. If you are feeling heavy and looking inward. Stop. Now look around you, focus on the trees, the birds, the babbling brook. Really see them. Completely experience them and you will move away from the turmoil within.  

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Opening Up to Oneness

In my meditations of late I’ve been asking for, from within my being, a state of deep peace.  A peace so deep that only love can live there.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  To be at peace in any given situation or circumstance, to only experience deep peace.  Aaahhhh!  Yes.  Nice.

It occurs to me, in achieving such a state I would be letting go of all struggle, all baggage, all challenge, maybe even the desire to achieve.  I would simply become. 

Have you ever met somebody, and in getting to know them you see yourself reflected in them?  You recognise yourself, your struggles, your loves, your journey, your habits, your choices?  Maybe even your temper, your wounds, your fears?  They tend to be the people we either instantly love or hate, because we see either the best or the worst of us staring in our face.  When we recognise ourselves in others, we are really recognising the divine source, the unifying factor that is us all.  The blending of all beings into a source. 

Upon the Earth, this is an experience of connection.  These are the ones with whom we make the deepest connection and we call them our soul family, our tribe.  Connecting with another is accepting them, supporting them.  To do that well, we must first accept ourself, support ourself.  This is the energy of oneness, and I think it is akin to what I was looking for in finding that state of deep peace. 

It is a state of openness, of allowing our energy, our love and light to flow, to receive and to give our light to and from others.  Not only other people but all energies upon the Earth, all living beings.  When that light and love is flowing in connection like that, we are in a state of oneness.

Oneness is the absence of separation, the absence of fear.  It is openness and connection without judgement, without conditions.  In oneness, we embrace ourselves fully and learn to accept the dark and the light in equal measure, with the same spirit of surrender.    

Oneness is like a kind of a community.  Have you ever been to an event or a place where you really felt you belonged, where you felt a part of everything and shared a deep connection with everyone who was with you there?  Maybe something incredible happened that you all witnessed together?  When you come away from an event like that and everyone separates, you really feel a sense of loss.  You lose that sense of being understood, without words, because you all shared the same deep understanding.  You know you can’t talk to anybody else about what happened there, they just wouldn’t get it.  We crave to be with those with whom we can feel and connect so deeply as that.  That is what oneness is like, and it can be there all the time and with everybody.

Where is that missing from my life?  Everywhere.  Almost everywhere, there are those with whom I have experienced this within my life but it’s not always easy to stay in that place.  Why?  Too many wounds, too much growth surges, too many challenges that bring ego to the fore and steal the stillness that this kind of experience requires.  It’s often the simple surface practicalities that cause a feeling of separation; distance, emotionally and physically.  Communication breakdowns. 

Mundane normality steals away the magic; bills, chores, tasks, problems, commitments.  Ego.  Ego is a big one, ego can really put a damper on connection and openness. And fear, they go hand in hand.  It’s often lack of confidence, of worthiness, we don’t settle into that sense of belonging because we fear what somebody else may think.  We don’t have the courage, and it really needs to be there deep, deep down, where we don’t tend to peer inside of us, not just surface courage.

Think of all those times when we push people away, when we disregard them, refuse help, feel we have to do this on our own.  The times when we convinced ourself that there is nobody who gets us, who understands, nobody who cares.  All the times we feel lonely.

We are living in a period of time when many of us have experienced loneliness with Covid and lockdowns.  Imagine rewriting that experience whist bringing in the energy of oneness, of unity and connection.  That energy starts within us, it is that place of deep peace within.  It is the confidence, the self-belief, the presence to surrender to our own beauty and that of every being around us. 

How can I ever feel lonely?  How can I entertain that idea, unless by choice?  If I feel loneliness, then I must be closing myself down. I live in a house with a loving husband.  We are separating but we still love each other deeply and he would never refuse me a hug if I needed one.  He wouldn’t even ask for a reason.  If he sees me struggling, he will offer to cook something for me or suggest that we go for a walk on the nearby beach together.  And I have two very affectionate cats, they are always up for cuddles and attention, they never say no either.  How could I diminish their value and importance?  Their unique kind of connection is the purest of all.  No judgements, no communication issues, no holds barred, they are totally committed to open connection with me at the drop of a hat. 

What am I doing, thinking that I’m lonely?  Discounting my loving husband and my two adorable cats?  I’m creating limitations and conditions, aren’t I?  As if they don’t count, are not what or who I’m craving connection with.  I could have a deep and open connection with the beings in my household in every moment and they would certainly value and appreciate my reaching out.  I really need to open myself up to oneness every day and remember that oneness doesn’t pick and choose, we are all the same.  What if we are all closing ourselves down inside and feeling alone whilst creating the belief that the ones we are with are not the ones we want or who want us?  What if we take a risk and reach out?  Only now matters.  We might surprise ourselves and them.  I suspect we will find that we are all craving support and acceptance from each other, to give and receive, we are all waiting to be invited and somebody has to make the first move.                 

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Conscious Breathing: First Skill for Life

I’ve decided to begin a mini-series of posts which cover the fundamental skills, tools and practices that enable us to move forward as multidimensional beings.

Today, it’s conscious breathing, something most of us use and I hope many children are getting to learn this basic but powerful practice, because it does so much for us and is the backbone of so many spiritual techniques.

Breathing is the only bodily system that can either be consciously or unconsciously operated.  When we focus on our breathing, we can use it to take us into a state of calm, even to a state of altered consciousness that enables our entry into realms beyond everyday reality.  So, when we do this and then call our guides, our soul, soul group, angels, or whichever kind of support we choose, we are open and more receptive because of it.    

The key to conscious breathing is the speed at which we breathe, not the depth or amount of breath we take in.  If we slow our breathing down as much as we can whilst remaining relaxed and comfortable, then we will automatically trigger a natural bodily system that makes us calm and peaceful, even when we are anxious, stressed or emotional.  It’s like having a magic switch.  And we only need do this for a short number of breaths before we experience improved physical body sensations, emotions and thoughts.  Thoughts can be the last and more difficult to achieve but once the body starts to calm down, the mind will soon follow, especially if we back up the breathing with some affirming statements like “I am now existing at the centre of my inner peace”.

I recommend using slow conscious breathing many times a day until your body gets so used to it that it becomes unconscious.   Try a counting technique, breathing in over a count of five seconds, holding the breath for a count of five and breathing out over a count of six seconds.  If that’s too much of a stretch to start, use a lower count that works for you and work up to it.  Do this little and often throughout the day to keep your body and mind calm and relaxed.  Use it in the evenings to ease yourself into a sleep-state.  Just a few rounds of this kind of breathing at a time will make the world of difference.  I have known people using this technique to find it a real blessing, making a difference in their ability to cope with pain, whether emotional or physical, over-thinking and worry, anxiety and depression, the list goes on.  People say it empowers them.  Try it and see what it does for you.     

Conscious breathing is easily coupled with visualisation, prayer, activations, invocation, healing and shamanic journeying, to name but a few methods of expanding our energy whilst receiving and sending love and light.  It’s a personal tool for improved wellbeing as well as the first fundamental skill of the spiritual warrior, lightworker, healer and all who are on their soul journey.