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A Sacred Grove

Yesterday, I set off from my home on foot to walk up my mountain and there I found what I’ve been looking for ever since I moved to this locality six months ago.  I found my sacred place in nature where my own special tree was waiting for me.

I finally reached a place I’ve been meaning to go.  It’s an old quarry, a sunken world, now totally reclaimed by nature.  More than that, it has become nature’s temple. 

This sacred grove is isolated, on private land that I have unrestricted access to, it sits far away from paths or human places.  It is left entirely in peace.  It’s a wet, soggy hollow with woods of oak, willow and hazel, some birch on the higher slopes.  On one side hangs a high cliff-face of earth and greenery.  It abounds with bracken and bramble, ferns and moss.  There are sparkly drusy quartz-covered stones, glinting in the undergrowth, bedrock long since quarried and abandoned.  Corvids hold court here, the jackdaws, rooks, crows and majestic ravens are all around, calling and swooping through the woods.  Also in attendance are robins, blackbirds and little jenny wrens.

It was exciting when I finally came upon the narrow entranceway that led down into the wide amphitheatre of lush green mystery.  Three oaks called to me as I passed, on each I saw the face of its accompanying tree spirit.  I knew the moment I approached the third oak that this is the one that’s been waiting for me.  All the trees are bedecked from head to toe in moss, a veritable green world, this is. 

Having formally approached up to the edge of the canopy, I asked permission of the oak to draw near.  I placed my hands on the broad trunk and bent my forehead to the bark, giving my name and asking the tree for his, which was received.  I sent my love to this tree, and through it, to the great oak consciousness.  Then, I sat at the foot with my back to the trunk and opened myself to the energy of nature, but not before opening my mouth and throat to sing of my power from the depth of my lungs.  As shamanka, my song lets the spirits of this sacred place see me, know me and feel my authenticity, integrity and power. I am demonstrating my right to be here. My raw notes rang out loudly, echoing through the grove, unheard by human, but a wind appeared from nowhere and met my song, letting a shower of oak leaves fall with each piercing note, ceasing to stillness only as the last note trailed away. 

Eventually, I moved further down the wide corridor of the grove into further wetness until I reached the opposite end.  Thank goodness I wore my wellies.  From there, I climbed up to find the sky and summit as I tried to find a shorter way home, but it was not to be.  All in all, I was up on the mountain for just short of five glorious hours yesterday.  Now, I sit cosy in my little tree house, knowing my sacred grove and beloved oak tree await me for another day and another adventure.            

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My First Story

I am one who sees, hears and feels the magic of the land.  I grew up in the bosom of the land and heard the stories that the land spoke, that the land speaks to this day.  I know that when the mist descends and the hills disappear, they have gone beyond the veil, they have shifted into another realm, a magical realm, an earthy, dark realm where I belong, for my ancestors dwell there.

The land is my mother.  She was my loving mother in childhood, even when the love of a human mother seemed to elude me, so it was that the nurture I suckled as a child came from the earth, from stone and gorse and bracken and tall grasses, from the hedgerows and the woods, the beaches, the valleys, the streams. In short, my succour came from the land.

And now I find that the land is telling me of other lives I lived, in which I heard its stories.  It has awoken me to the truth that I am a storyteller, one who holds the stories for many, a carrier of the lore.

These stories belong to the land and they belong to me, a child of the land.  They belong to all of us, they always have and always will, they are the stories of us all, for us all.  For we have lived before and known each other in many ways, we are our ancestors and descendants and we all carry within us the jewels of wisdom and kernels of truth that are hidden in the stories of the land. 

I know that the stories I carry are waking up. They have a life of their own, it is as though they are living beings. They contain their own conscious awareness, they know when it is time to wake up and they know when it is time to speak. They have been sleeping, just as the maiden in the fairy tales sleeps, as though she will never wake up, but she is waking up. This is the time when all the heroes and heroines who sleep in the stories are waking up; Merlin, King Arthur, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, all waking up. The dragons are waking up and all of the magical beauty and truth that the land holds for us all is waking up. For they have only been asleep from our perspective, only been out of reach to those who cannot sense them. For some, they have remained awake and accessible. In truth, it’s not they who have been sleeping at all, it is us.

Whether you believe in magic now, you are going to believe in magic soon, when magic walks amongst us all in broad daylight, when all those myths and characters that we thought were only children’s stories turn out to be true, to be within our realm of experience, undeniable. Dwarves, goblins, trolls, faeries, giants, dragons. Like those people who refused to believe in ghosts until they had a particular experience, after which they could no longer say that they absolutely denied the existence of ghosts.

We are all magical but if we only see the reality of the physical world that is before our eyes, the world that the scientists tell us about, then, we are only scratching the surface of our own selves. We have not realised who we are, we have not looked in the mirror of truth and recognised ourselves yet.

There are those of us whose understanding of reality extends beyond the obvious, beyond the realm of the physical, extends into the dusty corners of our imaginations and to the heart of our intuition. We who have always believed in magic, even in the face of apparent evidence against. You will find that our innate inner sense of belief in the existence of this incredible realm of possibility is no longer possibility, but probability. And once it becomes a probability and we begin to have a relationship with it, then we bring it into ourselves, into our expressions of truth, into our core of being. And as we do that, what we meet there is us. Divine magic is within us, it is who we are, we are divine magic. What is outside of us is within us, what is within us is outside of us. And what we choose, becomes. And this, my friends, is my first story.

This story is accompanied with a painting I made as a commission for a poem. It’s called ‘Ancestral Blueprint’. Check out my gallery of paintings in the sidebar.

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 10

“Greetings and love we extend to you, we are the Elemental Kingdom.  We wish to talk to you about sound and gesture.  Please tune in to the sounds you are hearing through the wind in the leaves of the trees, does it sound like a conversation to you?  If you think so, you would be in understanding and your perception finely tuned, the tree speaks to you and the wind supports it.  Listen further. The wind is energising and activating, enlivening the energies.  The wind enlivens and energises all of nature, especially trees and plants.  It increases their vibration, raises their energy, supports healing and the anchoring of their energy.  The wind and air elementals are busy in supporting this process.  They oversee the interplay between air with foliage and fauna.  The wind and fauna are capable of communicating through this means. 

You are guided to take note and observe these exchanges.  Greet a favourite tree and respond to its shimmering leaves, which are the tree’s greeting to you, make a shimmering gesture and sound back to the tree.  This kind of gesturing and connecting communication is creating a stronger bond between you and our kingdom.  Nature speaks in many ways but not many humans know how to listen and yet, it is your inherent ability and inner wisdom that will guide you.  We are making good progress and your collective channel is expressing greater potential for us.  We ask you to visit a tree in the coming days to connect with our energies and be guided, we will enable further learning and growth and a deeper connection between us, as you do so.  Thank you, so be it, we leave you with love and gratitude for your presence.  The Elemental Kingdom.”   

How to approach a tree:

Allow yourself to be attracted to a tree, preferably in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Stand beneath the edge of the branches and calm your mind. Breathe deeply and ask the tree if it is willing to speak with you. Wait for an answer or positive sensation like a tingle. Then ask if you are allowed to sit against its trunk. Again, if the answer within your mind is positive, continue forth. Ask the tree if it is willing to be your special spiritual teacher, sharing its wisdom with you and teaching you the essence of meditation, stillness, harmony and healing. If the answer is positive then ask the tree to channel its energy into your being, first to heal your being, then to build a deeper connection and bond between you. The more you practice the better your results.

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 8

“Greetings and love are extended to you.  We wish you to experience the unique vibrations of the different elements, fire air, earth and water.  Even the insects contain these elements, as do you, each holding a stronger energy of one or more of the elements; those that fly, those that live on or under the earth, those that contain fiery elements such as ants with their acid and those that carry poison or have a sting and those who are drawn to fire. And the water insects, the ones that love to be on or near water. 

Be open to the energies of all the elements within you, earth, air, fire and water.  Be open to all the elements that are in the environment, the landscape around you.  Begin to understand, to experience, to feel all the energies, whether one predominates or whether they work together harmoniously; water droplets in the atmosphere, the breath, the wind, the air is always present and there are fire energies of heat, combustion, decay, transformation of matter, warmth and light. 

We are asking you to bring together all we have taught you into your natural attitude towards nature every time you experience it, whether in the garden, your home or as you go further afield.

We wish to address the circumstances of covid-19 that are impacting your life and lives of many upon the Earth.  It is true that the Earth and nature have experienced a level of peace and tranquillity, a sense of serenity, from the lack of human activity in many places.  However, many elementals enjoy and are joyous to experience humans amongst them and in their environments because many humans are respectful and bring loving positive energies and vibrations into landscapes. Such are gardeners and those that work in locations tending trees and plants, many are beloved by the nature beings that surround them as they work.  Elemental beings and the energies of nature do not wish for a world where humans are not present, they wish for a world of co-operation, communication and understanding, a world of co-creation where all is created together through the energies of love and divine truth.  So, we welcome the return of humanity into the spaces where they have not been present for a while.  We know that some humans will continue to be disrespectful of nature, continue to cause disruption and disharmony.  There is hope, we are opening our hearts to you all and more and more of humanity is listening to our voice.  Do not despair, we are excited as we move forward together, working in harmony with one another. 

You are at the beginning of the journey, you are in the low hills, you are learning to open up, to gain understanding, confidence and trust in us and we in you.  Our current intention is focused on pioneering and heralding our presence amongst you.  We are the Elemental Kingdom, we thank you with love and gratitude, so be it.’