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“I Can’t!” Yes, You Can

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

There’s always going to be a reason why we can’t.

Why we can’t leave our job, our relationship, our commitments. Why we can’t follow our heart, our intuition, our soul calling. Why we can’t give this up or let go of that. “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.”

Why? Because someone needs us, we have responsibilities, commitments, because it’s complicated. Because it’s impossible. Because of money, because there’s stuff we need to do first.

Are you doing it?  Are you moving in the direction you keep getting pointed towards?  Or are you still stuck with saying, “I can’t!”

If the drive to change, to make a move, to expand, transform, be empowered, follow your soul purpose, if that keeps cropping up, coming to your attention, then you are being guided by your soul. However much you ignore it, deny it, defer it, it won’t go away.

We are being asked to break with the programming, to make our soul journey the priority.  That’s self love, that’s what we do when we know we are worthy and deserving.  And we don’t know what serves those around us.  Sometimes, by moving away or letting go of others, we free them so their own soul journey can unfold, even though it may be hugely painful to leave.  What we can be sure of is that when we act according to the calling of our heart and soul, in alignment with the universal energies, then whatever impact that has on others, even when it looks like we’re being selfish or treating them badly, we’re not. The energies are enabling their soul’s journey to unfold as well.

We are being asked to be true to our soul and that may mean we have a lot of changes to make to get ourselves in alignment with our soul journey.  Those changes could involve doing something drastic like leaving people, moving across the country or even the world, putting ourselves in a place where we may feel vulnerable.  If we are following the directive to change that keeps cropping up in our lives, then be brave and trust, because we will always be safe and supported when we follow the call of our soul.  And it will always take us to our fulfilment and truth. 

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Exposure – The Rawness of Truth

Have you ever thought about publicly writing about your life in a way that reveals what is usually not spoken or shared? Have you ever wondered why others go there?

Writing for oneself is one thing, sharing it is another thing entirely. Once it’s out there, is it the writer’s concern who sees it and how it’s taken? It’s one person’s truth, not anybody else’s. Perhaps, it’s a big test of owning one’s truth and letting go of what others think. Because what others think can be such a big hurdle throughout life, something to be conscious of.

All this brings up the issue of disclosure, when it’s okay, when it’s not okay, and who’s to judge. It feels like this is about revealing hidden secrets from the past, exposing what others have kept hidden because they had the power and authority. When the lid is off, those that had the ability to impose from their position of strength, they created a record of a life, upbringing and experience that was out of synch with what was felt, saw, sensed and believed. And yes, it’s all a question of perception and probably truth is somewhere in the grey areas between those perspectives.

As a healer, I experience many people who have such stories. Maybe the details are different but lies from the past are being exposed. Perhaps lies from your past have been exposed or are in the process of being so. And I know it’s a very painful process, especially if we’re suddenly faced with a huge realisation that goes against everything we once believed. Of course we’re going to want to work that out and explore it, possibly in writing it down.

How painful this process is can be impacted by us. It depends how much we fight it. It’s easy to fight back because we don’t want to know, we don’t want this truth, it hurts. And it may involve finding the healing that enables us to accept, acknowledge, face and embrace the truth. And then the ability to heal and integrate it into our hearts. This can be done in minutes or years, depending upon whether we’ve woken up the knowledge and skills we need, whether we’re ready to claim it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, or not. If it’s coming up, it’s because our guides and spiritual support are helping us release it now and they’re available to call on, they’re rooting for us and know that the only way out is through. Be brave, dear one, it’s time, we are waking up and we are more supported than we can ever imagine.

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Being Seen, Being Strong, Being Vulnerable

Listen, nobody is saying it’s easy being born into this world, growing up and living your best life. And if we are wise, we know that every stumble, every hurdle and every chain rattling around our ankles is there for a reason. We are here to learn and grow into our best selves and it’s when life brings forth challenges that we are forced to bring our best self to the surface.

As little children, many of us were not seen or heard, not by our parents, our teachers, our siblings, friends or society at large. Not because of who we were, but because others didn’t know how to see us. And some of us felt like that all the way through growing up and into adulthood. If you’ve grown up resonating with; “I’m not important” or “I’m not worthy” or “I don’t matter”, then you know what I’m talking about.

Putting ourselves out there does not come easy to us, from a young age, maybe we got used to staying in the shadows, being a pleaser, getting out of the way. So, good for you if you’re learning to step up now.

And do you know someone who’s loud? They’re giving off an aura of “Don’t mess with me!” Maybe they’re so strong you hardly ever see the person underneath, no vulnerability showing. They are tough and ballsy. Maybe they come over as unpleasant, aggressive and downright full of themselves. It’s normal to want to avoid such a person and maybe we’re the one who’s built that wall and we see how people perceive us as scary but we don’t know how to be any different.

Believe me, the tough ones are likely terrified of being outed as not good enough. They’ve been hurt and built a strong defence. It takes a brave and persistent friend to find out they’re not that hard, scary bully, that they have a centre as gooey as caramel if you get past their defences and a big heart lies hidden within.

There may come a time in your life when you start to change. Instead of being timid, you find your inner lion and start roaring. Or maybe you allow the cracks to light up your inner beauty and start bringing your impenetrable wall down. If you do, you will know that vulnerability is one of the most powerful gifts we have. When we change, we find ourselves learning to find that centre-point where authenticity shines. We may go a little too far the other way before we pull back to our true selves.

Let’s remember, we all encompass, deep inside, that same innocent, vulnerable little child we once were before the world messed with us. We are all truly beautiful and had we lived in a world that embraced love, peace and truth as the three principles of humanity, we would have grown up as the best versions of ourselves from the start. It isn’t our fault that we don’t live in that world, this world exists to bring out the best in us through the choices that we make and the actions we convey. We can choose to embody love, peace and truth for ourselves and the next generation. When we do find our best, authentic self, we can totally own it because it was totally down to us.