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Message From the Elemental Kingdom & Crystalline Kingdom: 1

‘You are walking amongst our energies every day, for we are everywhere. We are the Elemental Kingdom and we speak with you today in partnership with the Crystalline Kingdom. Every act that is an act of making, all that is created by human beings, is done so in connection and collaboration with the Elemental Kingdom and the Crystalline Kingdom, for our energies are being drawn upon. The rich palette of materials available to humankind for all their expressions and creations are from the Elemental Kingdom and the Crystalline Kingdom. It is not usually recognised by humans that these elements have awareness and are consciously creating with you. Plainly, very few realise it. If humans had conscious awareness of the potential of this relationship, the consequences would be astounding, so it is important that this is not accessed by the majority until humankind is cleared of many elements of their past karma, for this knowledge was utilised at the downfall of previous human civilisations, such as at the time of Atlantis.

Human ego, human desire to replace the Creator, to be as great or greater that the divine, is a factor in that downfall. We wish humankind, therefore, to understand that they are not separate from the source, they are not separate from the divine. This is to say, you are not separate from God. Separation from the Creator has been a lie that humans have told themselves. For some, this lie manifests as a claim to power over the dominions of the Creator, which is all. For others, it is experienced as a tremendous loss and longing for reconnection with the source.

The unity of all is a difficult wisdom to reach when humans are connected to their physicality and do not embrace the multiple dimensions of their expressions as whole beings. As long as humans perceive themselves as a body and a personality primarily, and not as a soul, a light being, then they will not reach a state of unity with us and the Crystalline Kingdom, more importantly, with each other and the Creator, they will not reconnect to the divinity within themselves, they will not realise that they are fulfilled and complete right now.

Instead, they will continue to construct the inner reality of illusion that lives within the majority. So many people feel that it is almost impossible to let go of the illusory world in which they exist. It is true that it is not simple, the world in general continuously reinforces this illusion. Despite this, and in particular during these times when so much energy is coming forward to support this shift of awareness, it is the simplest act to step from the illusion into the truth of unity, of multi-dimensional expression, simply by choosing and continually choosing, in every moment and every day, when reminded of the illusion of separation, when reminded of the complication of being a physical person with a story, with a past that ties you to its illusion. Every moment, there is an opportunity to choose to let go, to be free, supreme liberation is within your grasp. The freedom to let go of your story, let go of the past that binds you to who you think you are, when all the time, you are nothing but vibration, you are nothing but light, you are nothing but love, you are nothing but divine.

Coming to embody that truth is now more possible than ever, for there are energies coursing through the Earth’s being and your being that align you to this truth the moment you choose, the moment you hold the intention to be focussed upon that truth. And even though you will continuously be pulled back to the illusion, into the fog you have been living in your entire life, the more often you bring yourself back into alignment with the light, with that truth, the sooner you will stay there. We are the Elemental Kingdom and the Crystalline Consciousness. We are waiting for humanity to awaken, for we wish to co-create in conscious awareness of your true purpose upon the Earth, to be harmoniously interacting with all that exists in the Earth’s sphere, with Mother Earth and with our energies. So be it.’

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Message from Lord Vishnu Krishna: 1

This afternoon, I went to sit alone on the bench in the garden with an expanded view of the countryside to the distant hills.  Whilst there, I noticed the nettles in front of me were vibrating very fast, as though shivering.  I noticed none of the other plants, leaves or grass around me were moving.  The movement was not like the kind of thing the breeze would do and only three patches of nettles did this, the rest did not.  As I watched, I felt my awareness settle into a deep meditative state and knew it was time to open to a channelled message. As the message came through, I did not understand why I was given both Vishnu and Krishna in the name. Later, I did some research and discovered they are aspects of the same being. I am assuming the presence that came through expressed their combined energy:

‘I am Lord Vishnu Krishna and my purpose in bringing my light vibration into your dimension is to illuminate the lifeforce energy that courses through all that exists. 

Beloved one, you are awake to the energies surrounding you, you feel, sense and acknowledge that which many do not perceive. It is time to extend your sensitivities to a deeper level. In order to achieve this, become still in nature. Open your heart and allow the vibrations that you perceive to be revealed to you. This may happen visually or it may be an internal experience, one of sensing, perhaps a sound, perhaps a physical sensation in the body, perhaps an inner knowing. This is the universe communicating with you, this is life expressing itself at its most fundamental level.

There is consciousness in everything, not only living creatures and humans, upon the Earth there is consciousness in everything, every rock, every plant, every cloud. Consciousness may not be as you understand it but the energy of being is conscious, nonetheless. Once divine primal expression becomes, that is, once it has manifested into a form, a substance that has unique qualities, then every part of the manifestation that exists in the universe contains the consciousness of the Creator and its own individual expression of being is recorded within it. Furthermore, certain energies such as those of plants and trees, may be partnered with a conscious energy being that you would call an elemental or nature being and their consciousness is connected to the plant as well as existing separately.

It is time to begin to sense the intelligence in plants as well as trees. It is time to understand the entirety of their expression and to embrace their beautiful natures, for they have not been treated with respect. They have been and still are abused and misunderstood, when, in fact, people would do well, for themselves and the Earth, to open their hearts and connect with the energies of all plants and trees, in order to work together with those energies, with respect and love.

So much more can be achieved with regard to healing and the many other gifts that plants bring to humanity, such as nutrition. Imagine if you woke one morning with an ache in your belly and you could simply connect with the energy of the plant consciousness in order to know how to make that ache in your belly disappear. Imagine. That is one tiny example of the creative and constructive ways humans and plants can find solutions together without destruction, working with plants in co-operation and open to their guidance. It sounds easy but many people choose to treat plants with disrespect and take what they need without consideration for the cost upon the Earth and upon the plant and tree consciousness.

The time has come to proceed differently, the time has come for the child-like behaviour of humanity to cease, it is time to take responsibility and act with honour and respect for nature in all manner of ways.  I am Lord Vishnu Krishna.  I thank you.’

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 11

‘Greetings beloved souls of the Earth, you are with us in our hearts at all times, we are working towards your expressions, our love wraps around you.  We are forming a great alliance, working with the love of the Creator and the truth of the new Earth as she ascends towards a most wonderful new beginning, for herself and humanity.  We are the Elemental Kingdom, we come forward today to remind you we are with you.  You are not forgotten, you are always in our hearts.  We ask you to step forward now with your strength and love for us as though you are a warrior, a green warrior for nature, a champion for the energies, the invisible energies of nature. 

We wish your voice to be expressed throughout the world with the love vibration that you can bring through, for your heart is open to us.  We wish to plant a seed, a green seed inside your heart now.  We place this seed into your heart chakra in this moment and we send our energies of love and light to nurture this beautiful seed which grows within your heart and is now bringing forth your destiny as a warrior of nature and our ambassador of love and co-creation. 

Please be aware, there are many waiting for your contact and connection on the Earth, those like yourself and those who are working with our energies in the way you will begin to do.  We are ready to move forward with our plan towards your unified role of service, in the name of the Creator, and will express this through working with our energies. 

Beloved children of Mother Earth, as your future unfolds, know that the land holds you in its heart, Mother Earth expresses her eternal love for you and wishes you to feel wholly rooted, through your soul and root chakra, aligned with Mother Earth.  And we wish to remind you to activate this alignment with Mother Earth and with the Creator, keeping your energy channels open and flowing.  This is important for your ability to work with our energies. 

We are gratified that you are opening up to our purpose in connecting with humanity now.  We wish you to know that through your willing service, there is a method of expressing our message to humanity and there will come many further expressions.  Our love remains with you always.  Thank you from the Elemental Kingdom.’  

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 10

“Greetings and love we extend to you, we are the Elemental Kingdom.  We wish to talk to you about sound and gesture.  Please tune in to the sounds you are hearing through the wind in the leaves of the trees, does it sound like a conversation to you?  If you think so, you would be in understanding and your perception finely tuned, the tree speaks to you and the wind supports it.  Listen further. The wind is energising and activating, enlivening the energies.  The wind enlivens and energises all of nature, especially trees and plants.  It increases their vibration, raises their energy, supports healing and the anchoring of their energy.  The wind and air elementals are busy in supporting this process.  They oversee the interplay between air with foliage and fauna.  The wind and fauna are capable of communicating through this means. 

You are guided to take note and observe these exchanges.  Greet a favourite tree and respond to its shimmering leaves, which are the tree’s greeting to you, make a shimmering gesture and sound back to the tree.  This kind of gesturing and connecting communication is creating a stronger bond between you and our kingdom.  Nature speaks in many ways but not many humans know how to listen and yet, it is your inherent ability and inner wisdom that will guide you.  We are making good progress and your collective channel is expressing greater potential for us.  We ask you to visit a tree in the coming days to connect with our energies and be guided, we will enable further learning and growth and a deeper connection between us, as you do so.  Thank you, so be it, we leave you with love and gratitude for your presence.  The Elemental Kingdom.”   

How to approach a tree:

Allow yourself to be attracted to a tree, preferably in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Stand beneath the edge of the branches and calm your mind. Breathe deeply and ask the tree if it is willing to speak with you. Wait for an answer or positive sensation like a tingle. Then ask if you are allowed to sit against its trunk. Again, if the answer within your mind is positive, continue forth. Ask the tree if it is willing to be your special spiritual teacher, sharing its wisdom with you and teaching you the essence of meditation, stillness, harmony and healing. If the answer is positive then ask the tree to channel its energy into your being, first to heal your being, then to build a deeper connection and bond between you. The more you practice the better your results.

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 9

“Greetings beloved child of light.  You are given this gift of love today with great energy and truth, to be expressed throughout your being and shared with all.  We are here to support you, we are the Elemental Kingdom, we come forward as your loving guides to unfold your destiny as a beacon of light and love expressing our truth with clarity and purity, with love for all.  Be assured that your efforts are rewarded.  What you give, you receive.  Let your focus be to create an empty space, receiving into that space our words that will flow as you create a space for them.” 

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 7

“Greetings, we are the energies of nature.  We wish you to receive the love and light given to all from the Creator’s magnificence, we place this incredible gift into your being.  Please open to the light and love, receive it, embrace your destiny, you are here to serve through many pathways. 

We wish to awaken all your gifts and talents to be expressed.  You are becoming a bridge that spans the gap between our elemental kingdom and humanity.  We are ready to teach and open all your senses to our potential and power, all of which is an expression of our devotion and love and comes through us from the Creator.  We are here to help humanity to open eyes and ears and all senses of intuitive perception, in order to co-create the new Earth ascension blueprint with us and Mother Earth.  Humanity is waking up to love and compassion and bringing their energies into a state of unity.  As this occurs, we wish to guide humanity towards new ways of understanding and interacting with the elemental kingdom and nature, so that a beautiful relationship occurs for all, in love and light. 

This is an important time and every moment, every interaction has meaning.  We are opening the heart of Mother Earth for you, to increase our love for you and yours for us.  As the energies between us equalise and balance, we are able to support stronger connections with you all.  You are a pioneer, step forward and show your brothers and sisters of humanity how this can be done.  Be patient, beloved one, every step is supported and guided and you are on the correct path.  When we come forth to speak, our voice will be heard by many, and yet, this is the beginning.  Please continue to let your intuition guide you, do not be impatient for techniques and methods to be revealed, every moment that you are in connection and communication with us is supporting and strengthening your capacity to channel with ease.  Let not your fears be expressed as impatience, there is no pressure for progress to be made.  You are learning, as you can perceive, to remain open and let your mind step aside.  You are making progress but require practice to increase your confidence and improve the flow.  We are supporting you.  Please attempt to connect with our energies every day and focus on our existence and presence as often as possible, we are strengthening our connections with you.  We open our hearts to you in gratitude and love.  The Elemental Kingdom.”