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House of Cards

What do you do when everything’s a mess?

Chaos does not create order

Chaos creates more chaos.

Sometimes, you just gotta pull the plug

Bring down your house of cards.

Let it fall

What you fear, the collapse,

It’s not going to be as bad as you think.

Let it come

Let the rubble fall

Let it fall until it settles

Then, have a good look around.

You are alive

You are still standing

It can’t get any worse

You have nothing to protect now

Nothing weighing on you

Nothing more to fear

Your worst fear has materialised

And now you are free

Now, you can choose differently

And rebuild anew.

From the ashes of destruction

Soars the phoenix of rebirth.

Sometimes, it’s about one little problem

Sometimes, it’s our entire life.

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Diving For The Light

Like many others, I’ve had the kind of life where I lived in darkness a lot of the time.  A difficult childhood that felt lonely and full of fear.  An adulthood marked by dysfunction, trauma and wounding; from my childhood, the family legacy of generational abuse and probably trauma from past lives as well.  Such a lot to process and this is a part of the reason I didn’t have children, I knew deep down I needed to clear myself of all these burdens and their disruptive patterns so that I didn’t pass them on anymore and it took way longer than my child-bearing years to do it.  For the most part, I did good.  And I learnt how to dive for the light.

We usually say ‘reach for the light’, don’t we?  Reach for the stars.  Diving for the light is different, diving for the light means going down into the dark to get to the light.

Imagine you are treading water in a deep mountain lake in the middle of a moonless night.  The only way you have any sense of where you are is because the bottom half of your body is in water and the top part is in air.  Now, imagine taking a great, deep breath and diving down. 

There was a day when I nearly watched my husband drown. He was in the sea and there were others on the beach and in the sea. The tide was coming in and there was a sand bar. The sand bar made the waves bigger and rougher, they looked playful but what was not visible was the rip tide under the surface. My husband and a young girl became caught in the rip tide, they were desperately trying to swim to shore, touch their feet on the bottom, but as much as they tried, they didn’t move an inch. I watched and saw them both get tired. I screamed to him to grab the girl and swim out to sea, to break away from the rip tide, not fight against it, but he couldn’t hear me above the sound of the waves and the noise of people playing all around. Nobody else seemed to notice them, so I screamed louder at everybody around me, I screamed out and pointed that my husband and the girl were drowning, because they were. They were both rescued but not before they each accepted that their life was going to end there and then, they had nothing left to fight with. It hadn’t occurred to my husband to swim out to sea, it seemed completely contrary to common sense, he continued striving for the shore and was going to die trying to reach it.

Sometimes, we have to do the opposite to what our instinct says in order to find what we need to survive.  And that’s what it means to dive for the light.  We dive into the darkness because that is where light is born.  It means being able to accept the darkness, being able to love the darkness.  It means we don’t get upset with the hard days of pain or sadness, we embrace them.  We don’t feel like victims but like survivors.  We don’t feed our story of trauma but allow it to unfold.  We don’t hide our wounds but celebrate them. We don’t stay in the dark, because we know how to find the light in it.   

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Message from the Council of Nine: 1

‘Beloved children, you are with our energies now.  We are the Council of Nine, we come forth to express our love and support to you.  Your loving vibration upon the Earth is truly appreciated and valued and many are stepping forward to support the Earth’s ascension and the unity of humanity, indeed, there are many beings of light surrounding the Earth who are supporting this ascension process. 

It is a beautiful time for all who are incarnated upon the Earth.  You have all chosen to be present at this time, you are ready to open to your truth.  There is much that can be accomplished by being aware of all that unfolds within your realities and your greatest resource for this unfoldment is acceptance, the energy of acceptance surrounds you now and is fully available for you to access, as and when you notice any form of resistance occurring in your being.  Allow the energy of acceptance to flow into and around your being.  Be ready to open your heart and accept all that you are and all that you experience.  There is much that will and is unfolding at this time that is difficult to accept and difficult to acknowledge.  Much is being released from the Earth and humanity and, indeed, within your own experiences.  We are always present to support your navigation through moments that are testing and you will find that embodying the energy of acceptance, even when you feel it is something difficult to accept, this is your greatest ally. 

We are strongly supportive of your personal journeys and wish to inform you that many changes are possible as every human is expanding their template of reality and truth.  This means you are growing towards a new destiny of greater love and light than could formally be envisaged and sometimes, moving towards love and light involves stepping into the shadows, for shadows are born of light, they do not exist in the dark where there is no light. 

Be brave and step forward, always with acceptance in your heart in place of fears, doubts, resistance, anxieties and worries.  Embrace even the challenges that face you, for they are teachers and they are ready to move through you and be released.  You are loved unconditionally at all times and we speak from the heart of the Creator’s soul when we say you are loved beyond your understanding.  We are the Council of Nine, we thank you.’