Twin Flame Alchemy Workshop

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Twin Flame Alchemy
One to One Online Workshop

Personal Mentoring throughout your
Twin Flame Activation

You may think you know what your Twin Flame is.  You might be surprised

This enlightening and transformative workshop unpacks the TRUTH about your Twin Flame and IGNITES everything you need at a deep, energetic level, to embody your Twin Flame and immerse yourself in the many gifts it brings

For those of you who think it’s a person who exists in the world as your other half, your one true love, know that this is the BONUS that the Twin Flame can manifest, but is not the fundamental purpose of your Twin Flame

Your Twin Flame is an energy that sits at the core of your soul and requires to be activated.

Your Twin Flame is the synthesis of the divine feminine and divine masculine, it is DIVINE UNION

feedback from the course:

“I felt really held and able to open my heart during this workshop to awaken my twin flame.  It was so much more than I expected.  During the meditations, I was profoundly relaxed and I’ve never achieved such a deep feeling in my meditations before.  I have gained a sense of trust and acceptance, I feel different somehow, as though I found a kind of stillness and peace.”

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When you activate and ignite your Twin Flame, as you will on this workshop, empowering and transformative outcomes will occur

  • You completely open up to the love you express and embody for yourself.  Deep, healed unconditional love.  Unquestioning.  Expressing the totality of your worth as the divine being you are.  The truth of yourself.  Because you are a being of love.  That is your truth and your reality

  • You receive all the support you require, all the healing, transformation, fulfilment you require to become one with your divine self.  This is your purpose upon the Earth, your truth and your path

  • You recognise and receive all the healing you need to clear dissonance, illusions and attachments you may still hold.  A powerful cleansing and purification takes place and accelerated spiritual growth is activated by your Twin Flame

  • You recognise and claim your divinity, magnificence, empowerment and liberation as a multi-dimensional being and soul

  • There are many souls that feel lost and lonely upon the Earth and perhaps you do too, at times.  When you activate your Twin Flame, that feeling of being lost or lonely can dissolve away and you feel more connected, fulfilled and content.  You become aware that you are in union with all-that-is

  • When you activate your Twin Flame, it’s easier to connect with yourself, with others around you, with guides and spiritual energies.  And if you desire to experience a romantic relationship or a companion as a deep, sacred union within your reality, then your Twin Flame will ground all that is needed and heal within your being all that is required to bring this into being 

Your twin flame is like an active consciousness that, once activated, knows exactly what you need for your greatest fulfilment and completion and starts to initiate all that you need, the healing, the growth, the awareness, the love, the peace, the understanding.  All that you need to embody divine union.”

During the workshop, you will learn all you need to know about your Twin Flame

You will integrate with the full spectrum of your soul and awaken your Twin Flame at the core of your being

You will integrate with the energy of Divine Union and meet your soul family, those that carry your Twin Flame

You will energetically activate and invoke a relationship or relationships of your choosing as your Twin Flame, knowing that all the healing that needs to occur to you and anybody who is your Twin Flame will be activated and achieved 

You may activate a romantic relationship with a person you have not yet met, or with a person you know but are not in a relationship with, or with a person you are currently in a relationship with and wish to deepen that relationship.  You may initiate a sacred union with them by activating your Twin Flame

You may choose to activate a companionship or manifest many soul brothers and sisters.  You can activate your Twin Flame as your soul tribe, with as few or as many souls holding your Twin Flame as you wish, to co-create with, dream with, plan with, express with, grow with, and this you can choose

If you don’t wish to call other being(s) into your life as your Twin Flame at this point, you may choose instead to fully embody it as your love for yourself

Summer solstice sunrise at Stonehenge, Twin Flame Alchemy, Twin flame, Amenet Drago Soul Mastery,
Summer solstice sunrise at Stonehenge

This part-channelled workshop is energy work that goes deep and downloads all you need to embrace and embody your Twin Flame in every aspect of your life

Your experience takes place in a state of deep relaxation

You will travel in your energetic body to the inner planes and receive the support of Archangel Metatron who will lovingly support you throughout your soul integration and the activation of your Twin Flame

Who is it for?
You, if you feel lonely or lost;
If you are working on increasing the love you have for yourself from within you;
If you understand the importance of unifying your divine masculine and divine feminine energies to create balance, wholeness and fulfilment within your being;
If you are ready to explore your deep relationship with the divine source, your divine self and the divinity in others;
If you suspect that we are all one;
If you are ready to accelerate your spiritual journey so that healing, cleansing and purifying automatically unfolds;
If you can, or wish to, gaze in the mirror and accept that you are both your darkest and most illumined truth, and that’s okay

TWIN FLAME ALCHEMY workshop: £35

This is a personal experience, a one to one online Zoom workshop with Amenet Drago that can be booked at your convenience and takes about one and a half hours

Gift certificate available, order HERE

You will receive a confirmation email and a payment request via PayPal after booking

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